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  1. When flying into ENOV from outside, the gas station at the head of runway 24, a fence, a 3D grass field, many vehicles, and items in the hangar within the airport, and fire trucks, all floated in mid-air.
  2. Not only to delete aboso's LOWI, but also to delete a LOWI challenge mission in windy weather.
  3. On LOWI aerodrome, static aircraft and vehicles plunged into part of the ground. I have uninstalled aboso's LOWI
  4. This forum, reflecting problems, has never been ignored. Do you use P3D V4 or V5? One monitor or two monitors?
  5. Since a long time ago, I dare not fly to New Zealand. Because after installing Orbx NZ SI&NI, many airports have become very low FPS. NZAA, the neighboring city caused a sharp drop in NZAA's FPS. NZCH, even if the "patched" program is installed, will still cause a drop. NZQN, after installing Orbx software, the texture becomes blurred and FPS is also greatly affected. ... I wonder if Orbx's NZ project has any plans to continue to update? I like this area very much, and there are many worlds that can be explored. But still hope to get better performance in P3DV5. After all, it
  6. Thank you Teo Gerovski !It is a great work ! I took a short flight from LDDU to LWSK. Regarding the approach procedure of LWSK in the navigation data of fslabs, the mandatory height of the last few points seems to be incorrect, which makes it impossible to display the T/D correctly. After flying over the airport VOR, manual flight is required. The production of the airport conforms to the usual Orbx style, but there are some problems. 1. In the normal GS approch, the indication of PAPI light is high (3 white and 1 red) 2. There is no configuration tool in the airport, 3D gras
  7. The PAPI lights of LYBE's 3d modeling does not work, only the papi lamp on one side works. It has been updated to version 1.0.2, and no problems were found when checking the files.
  8. Not only does he not turn on the light, but the position of the PAPI light is also wrong
  9. This is where the stuttering occurs. The interval is very short, but the picture is completely stuck. I deleted aboso LOWI in the content manager, and the intermittent stuttering is still very obvious. @Jarrad Marshall
  10. Thank you, I am not worried about the ups and downs, but the short-term stuttering that occurs regularly. This will not appear in any other Orbx airport. But he also appeared in aboso NZQN. So I am worried that some aboso airports are doing evil in the background.
  11. I think so too, so I want to ask if it must be deleted. If you can open the content manager and close it, it will be the most convenient way. Thank you!
  12. I didn't see any problems either, but there would be periodic FSP stuttering problems. Each stutter lasts for 0.3-0.5 seconds, and the screen is completely stuck before continuing. I try to delete the default version. Thank you!
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