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  1. Well yeah I like flying to CYMM, CYVQ and so forth with Orbx’s added touch
  2. Alright guys I just looked on Google earth and these are there so I guess this is solved it’s part of the scenery. Cheers
  3. And I got no add on scenery installed that would cause this with that.
  4. Yeah I don't know what they are I've tried everything, I'll consider them part of the scenery or something they're even in Ireland see pics
  5. Yeah I'll do that and let you know. Thanks
  6. Can someone tell me if these black patches are normal? P3D v4.5. See attached pics
  7. Don’t mean to bring this up again but the developer at Sim Add ons is releasing a fix for this issue in case anyone is beta testing for him. Thanks
  8. And yes of course I should have mentioned sim add ons from the start. Sorry about that guys keep up the awesome work
  9. Right on yeah it’s Sim addons that’s causing the issue thanks for your response Nick and have a great day
  10. Thanks Doug I had my mesh resolution set to 1 maybe that’s too much. Plus I’m using a 3rd party airport CYYC from Sim Addons for V5 and he’s got his sceneries in beta. I sent him an e mail with the same pics of the hole but he said it’s not an issue on his end. I’ll try disabling his scenery and try just default CYYC
  11. I got the Sim Add ons CYYC but support there said it’s not on his end. I’ll disable buddy’s scenery and get back to you
  12. I’ve tried everything and I can’t get rid of it. Library insertions are correct, sync simulator, verify files and it’s still there. Not that it’s bothersome, but it’s there you know
  13. Good day, I got Northern Rocky Mountains in V5 installed and I took off from CYYC and as you can see with the attached pics there’s an issue after takeoff from runway 35L. A big old hole, sink hole
  14. Well I set my insertion points with Orbx Central works fine for me. I just use Sim Starter to look at my scenery CFG. I haven’t had any issues with Sim Starter it’s a great piece of software
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