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  1. Ok it seems that I disabled the vector BGL file and the runway is back to normal. I don’t know if that will cause abnormalities around the airport or not I’ll have to check it out.
  2. Good day, anyone know what is causing this runway issue at NZQN? Please see attached pic thanks
  3. Ok thanks Nick I’ll check it out
  4. If anyone knows of a fix for the double jetways let me know will ya and thanks. I’ve tried everything above and nothing works I still got double jetways
  5. I got the same issue just installed via ORBX Central and I got double jetways
  6. You mean that the autogen that was missing is working again right? Just to verify
  7. Well there ya go quite the situation going there then. Thanks Nick
  8. Yeah until a fix comes out I’ll stay where I’m at for now
  9. In all honesty I will go back to ORBX Central it’s just that it don’t seem like all the scenery is getting activated when you launch it. When I load FTX Central it says ORBX scenery activated.
  10. No problem Nick have a great day or evening wherever you are
  11. Ok ORBX team I moved back to FTX Central after doing a complete clean install of all my ORBX sceneries my autogen is back and everything’s back to normal. So hopefully this thread will help the other simmers out there. I want to say thanks to you the ORBX team for helping me out it’s greatly appreciated. ORBX central needs to be fixed before I move ahead thanks again
  12. Think what I’m going to do is completely uninstall all my ORBX products then do a fresh install using FTX Central 3 so I can actually rule out ORBX Central as the culprit
  13. Ok I’ll give a go see what happens. I flew around England this morning with just Europe open LC and again no houses or buildings just some sky scrapers. I went ahead and installed the England region and everything’s there. This is one puzzling problem that’s for sure.
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