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  1. hello gentlemen, (First post here) Like Roger, I am flying with crash detection on (stress on, collision vehicles off ) - it adds to the realism, but it's not the point here. I have also crashes to a hidden object in "about" the same region in south America and I could also narrowing it down to the OpenLC SA. I had the (object) incident not on a specific VOR, but enroute, following Airway UN721, coming form Fix ISALA down to PAPIX, 40000ft/PMDG 748. I also think there is something hidden in the region causing the crash - general speaking in Uruguay, since Roger mentioned MCS VOR. I had the crash with P3D v4 and 5 and could reproduce it. The first and the oddest one was, as i tried my long haul EDDF-SAEZ..., 12+ hrs flight and just prior the descent.. boom! I first thought it was the airplane, but I recreated the flight again - boom. I then tried from SBGR to SAEZ - going down the line through UN721 airway - boom, 34000ft, FSLabs A320. Curious, I wanted to find out the cause. I set myself up on a flight going from SUMO to SAEZ, going ISALA, UN721 down to SAEZ. Any aircraft crashed as long as i flew a planned route (FMC or Garmin). To my surprise, taking the F22 and flying to the spot hand flown, nothing happened, even if i followed the route. Removed OpenLC SA and I could fly the the planned route on autopilot with the all the ac. So, for what is worth, here another report of invisible object crash in OpenLC SA. I have all OpenLC's, and never had this on the other one and I've flown almost "everwhere" - big jet, small.. whatsoever. Attached - my point of crash, and the distance form I believe Roger's point. Best regards Pascal
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