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  1. That's a funny, Jack. Well done :-) cheers Thorsten
  2. Superb series, Jack, and a lovely new bird in the hangar... cheers Thorsten
  3. Unbelievable real looking set of shots, Adam, well done! Cheers Thorsten
  4. Very nice set of shots, Jose... Cheers Thorsten
  5. Hi Dan, welcome to the forums. CNK4 will be compatible with P3D4, like all other ORBX sceneries. Currently you may use it with open beta, as per my experience it is stable, I do not have any problems and I use P3D4 only.... See here for reference. cheers# Thorsten
  6. Same here, this guy did something incredible.
  7. Hehe, but a long way to the Moscow...
  8. Thanks for the preview, Iain, the next must have on my list... cheers Thorsten
  9. What a sundowner, Dolf. Simply perfect!
  10. Very nice low and slow one, Jack. To go that low in Germany like flying under the bridges, it is important to stay low as long as possible, so ATC may not trace you on the radar.... and squawk standby...
  11. Nice trip with lots of likely shots, Stewart. Thanks for sharing. cheers Thorsten
  12. The new night lights look great!
  13. Dolf, still a master of screeshots, for sure... cheers Thorsten
  14. Hehe, I guess it must not be yellow, but at least 'gear up' to be Jack.... very nice set of shots. Cheers Thorsten
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