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  1. Thank you Nick. Sorry I thank you late; was very busy. I have not yet installed Orbx Central, as I knew had to install Win 10 anyway: will it detect all Orbx addons as FTX Central did?
  2. Well, I may have to. But my question is: Will I be able to install FSX-SE again, followed by all my add ons, ie if I do not first uninstall FSX SE and all addons before installing Win 10, as it will still be on the D: drive? Will Steam allow to install? Because the FSX folder will still be on D: What about addons? OK for ORBX , but those from exe installers: can I just re-run the installers and put the key when one is needed? No need to uninstall them first? Then I won't be able to uninstall them, as C: will have been just wiped and Win 10 installed...
  3. Hi Nick, Thank you Nick. So it should work for Orbx, but what about other addons, via .exe installer? The uninstaller would be gone (in case of clean Win 10 install), and the registry would not have the values from the installer... Should I just run the installers over for these ones? Also, in Steam, it seems you need to uninstall first to be able to re-install How do I reinstall FSX SE again to exactly the same location as it is in now? There is no Install option... I guess I am not the only one at the moment having th
  4. Hi, I am soon to upgrade from Win 7 pro to Win 10 Pro. I have only FSX Steam, and several Orbx and other developers' addons. Say I do the upgrade, but there are problems... Chillblast, where I got my PC, say in this case a clean install of Win 10 is best. I have the OS on C: and FSX Steam on D: Say I do a clean Win 10 pro install, C: will be wiped , but D: will remain, however, all FS programs on C: will have been deleted. FSX will remain on D: perhaps as a zombie. In this case, I would not have uninstalled addons, then FSX SE. F
  5. Hi JS41Flyer, Yes, it would make it more difficult for sure, and dangerous. Reasons are obvious: at nearly 20%, we have to land almost climbing, so the speed would need to be maintained with enough power, and the flare is even steeper to avoid touching the nose wheel first! That is why in real life they have a long enough flat part first.
  6. Definitely fun, except for your attitude indicator...
  7. Hi Dom, It could be an autogen problem, like with France VFR but this time with Aerosoft Lukla..?? I had trees gone after installing France VFR, and vice versa. See post #10. I hope it helps.
  8. Just start the plane when zombies are close to the engine, and do NOT say "clear prop!" !
  9. I FINALLY understand why children are scared of Father Christmas !
  10. Hi JS41Flyer, Not really... In reality, the less steep bottom part is much much longer than in this Orbx scenery. In this scenery there is an almost flat bottom that is far shorter than in real life, and too short to touch down on it. Thus, you have to touch down on the steep bit further up, almost 19%, but then this is far too steep for this... That is why in real life, they have a long bottom part that is not so steep, where they can touch down, then the steeper part helps the plane to slow down. They had good reasons to build it this way. I don't know why in the Orbx scenery th
  11. Notice that his plane doesn't stall even when he is well below the white arc! There is no miracle: he did a video where he explains he uses micro vortex generators. I can't find his video just right now, but here is a video that explains micro vortex generators: they allow lift at higher aoa. I found his video about VGs:
  12. My plan is to give the impression I am going to plant myself into something, only for a quick exit just in time, and why not in negative Gs? These poor, hated negative Gs need a bit more respect, if not love. To get you worried is exactly what I want to achieve. Sure you would love flying with me! Boredom and depression are not on my menu; soiled pants maybe be... I flew for about 90 minutes doing one display after the other yesterday, and didn't crash once. I just kept the nicest one. To render 19:25 it took 90 minutes: I only do a tiny amount of videos from raw footage. I flew with the
  13. There are bridges in Narvik! Yep! A big one, and a low one... Bridges in Narvik...
  14. Nice. But the bottom of the runway where it is less steep is not long enough, unlike in real life: watch this video, and compare from 00:20 seconds with your X Plane addon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGN3XA2Mxfs and here from 04:35: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I18EWPVvjM4 We can see that in real life the less steep area goes beyond the 2 "piano keys". Below, I am flying in the FSX addon by a French addon company, and look from 12:10 when I land: same as in real life : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBeT37kdMvc Raymond
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