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  1. Sorry for beeing late... According to "Airport Inspector" made by Hervé Sors the NDB UR is inside KBUR_ADEP4_ADE_WITH_STATIC_AIRPLANES.BGL. The Outer Marker is inside ...\Scenery\0202\APX16190.BGL. Will have to contact Hervé whether this comes from his NavData. Thanks - take care! Bert
  2. Hi B77X! Good idea - I will have a look on this and come back tomorrow... Take care! Bert
  3. Thanks Matteo - sounds good... Concerning the "unnormal" centerlights - it's all about the information I found provided by Jeppesen - see above :-) Stay healthy! Bert
  4. Hi all here! Thanks to Matteo Veneziani for making KBUR - a wonderful piece of software in a stunning surrounding. Some findings: 1. Is it possible to get flashing lights for the MALSR typed approach light system (ALS) for runway 8? Normally the first 900 meters before the beginning of the steady burning lights should be equipped with flashers here. 2. I suggest to light up the ALS and the white runway edge lights of runway 8/26 as they seem to be much to dark. Reported are Hight Intensitiy Runway Lights (HIRL) by charts. 3. Is there a blue centerline lighting for taxiway D as mentioned with the charts? 4. On the P3D map I see a Middle Marker (MM) with the colocated NDB UR 253 kHz at the approach for runway 8. Concerning to charts there are neither a NDB or a MM. Are there P3D "originals" to be removed somehow? 5. The Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) for runways 15, 26 and 33 are missing. Any chance to get them with an update? Thanks a whole lot in advance and kind regards - stay healthy! Bert Transaction ID for KBUR is 5eef44011c03f
  5. Just an idea: Which zoom level are you using? There are reported hints that this "effect" has to do with levels < 50 percent... Thanks a lot! Bert
  6. I've no Problem with that, John... Just a question what's the current real status :-) IMHO the airport looks (much) better without a "wrecked" runway. Stay healthy! Bert
  7. Hi Jordan! Thanks for this nice airport... You may know this better: Runway 14/32 is closed due to Airnav.com, Jeppesen and Google Earth. The screenshots are showing it open. Take care and keep healthy! Bert transaction ID 5ea957977cfb7
  8. Hello Ken! Very kind - thanks a lot in advance. Stay healthy! Bert
  9. Hello Ken! I forgot another issue/proposal: Will it be possible to get the (Doppler-)VOR/DME-TACAN BOULDER CITY BLD 116,70 MHz as a 3D model? I remember this was a very prominent landmark on a hill nearby visible while leaving and approaching the airport. Thanks again! Bert Transaction ID: 5e98506883087
  10. Gentlemen, good day! Hope you're safe from any viruses. Thanks to Ken Hall for making KBVU. As I was young guy I flew from here into the Grand Canyon - with a very bumby C152 after a "full stack" pancakes for breakfast... The airport has been made great in a fantastic surrounding. Is there any chance to get the missing VASI for runway 33 and the flashes for the REIL's at runways 9/27 and 15/33? The 3D models are present but they're dark. Thanks a lot - stay healthy! Bert
  11. Gentlemen! I've checked the situation. Indeed the NDB ABSAM 313 kHz has been changed into RUM 320 kHz (seen that with current charts and after the installation of Hervès before mentioned current Navdata) which Orbx should update. But I see that the LOCALIZER OEV 111.10 MHz at 255° with an offset of 3° to the runway at 258° for the 26 is still at the right place - south of runway 08. I could not find any reports that it's positon or direction has been changed in the nearer past. A test flight (to me) prooved that this is correct. If I failed here somehow please tell me. Have a good time! Bert
  12. Happy new year everyone here! Hervé Sors has just released v3.10 of his BGL Nav Editor: https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids.html He impelemteed the option to delete standard scenery objects (SSO) like NDBs without deleting the transmitter "behind". This was the case with Alderney NDB before. With his new AIRAC 2001 Alderney NDB has already been deleted as a SSO. Kind regards and thanks to Hervé! Bert
  13. ....I've NavData from Hervé Sors in use, I will ask him about. Thanks for the hint! Bert
  14. Hello everyone here! Can anyone have a look on the NDB ALDERNEY ALD 383 kHz please? I see them "double"... One one on the map but two scenery objects. Thanks a lot! Bert
  15. Understand: Perspectives are very important... Take your time! Bert
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