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  1. LPMA from Orbx not shown in Xplane correct install correct Custom Scenery.
  2. I have everything that Orbx has shown beautiful landscapes and ships. If you can't install, that's not the developer's problem. Or build your own orthophotos as you have already said. And is good
  3. But you must have very serious problems if you accuse the developer of such little things. Incredible
  4. And further? The one who can read is in advantage
  5. I bought something at Orbx central and paid with Sofortüberweisung (PayPal, KLARNA) and did not receive the download after the payment? Please help 4CV1CLF PAYPAL Orbx SIMULAT, ION SYSTEMS PTY LTD here my Transaction number 68568-641925-5FB2A258-F9D6 greetings Jürgen
  6. Perfectly my Friend thats work:) now i can no see other aircraft perfekt thanks a lot
  7. Hello everybody, I bought Orbx LOWI and although I switched off Static Aircraft in the settings, in Orbx Central via the settings in the airport. do they appear anyway? Where is the problem. Thanks
  8. Thanks thats it:) sorry my mistake
  9. In ChasePlane, navigate to: Settings> General> Einstellungsbibliothek (bottom right where find it?
  10. Hello everybody, I have a new gamer pc. I have installed my chaseplane. But all my presets are gone and I can't get them back. Does anyone know where I can get or insert all the presets. Thanks in advance Jürgen
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