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  1. Thanks for the clarification I was curious as the assets we're not seeing seem to be included in the downloaded files.
  2. There's some fun going on with the trains north of the airport too, John mentioned a patch in the future to update where the Ford factory is - it would be cool if they could update the trains to SWR as the trains they have there are outdated now and should really be grey now but there's something fuky going on with some static trains clipping into a railway bridge there.
  3. I'm tempted to go with the idea they didn't make it into the final cut - as I'm seeing more grass in some areas like along the inside at the holding point for runway 02.
  4. I think I'm getting much the same as yourself: I get the grass but not the flowers for example. Perhaps they didn't make it into the final product.
  5. Glad to hear it, I wonder if the grass is due to object slider settings.
  6. This is probably too simple to be influencial but, as I'm not seeing any issues here, did you also install the library package advised on the product page or the TrueEarth product as well?
  7. Did you guys with errors download the library or TrueEarth GB as well?
  8. Ha! Fair answer, I was wondering if you're employing it as artistic license until something new gets built there.
  9. Looking forward to this, but have to ask why you've included the demolished Ford factory?
  10. Hi Nick, A few posts have raised the issue regarding Regions but the BM developer doesn't seem to have taken this into consideration. Chris is evidently a developer with some talent, however planning and communication don't seem to be strong points.
  11. Yeah, I meant that before it was released, but since the fastlane install LOWI, and some other airports including Shoteham, seem to be showing a mismatch of ground textures and default. I'm also seeing strange shadow issues in FTX Eng.
  12. I just landed there in v4 too - albeit in default
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