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  1. Hello Marcus, thanks for sharing this great news! By the way ... in the FTX Central Control Panel for ESSA it says Prepar3D 3.4.9 or newer ... My actual version of Prepar3D is ... Do you know more? ^^
  2. I have downloaded 3.26 GB via the MANUAL DOWNLOAD from the ORBX website option, not via FTX Central. When installing now via FTX Central and the already downloaded ZIP file the download starts again, showing now again 1,73 GB and counting. WHY?
  3. No problem at all, I misunderstood "The South Island is now complete", I thought it is ready! Paitient and waitin ...
  4. Just to clarify (I know, posting in forums is generally a perfect way to be misunderstood): My quote "I have flown around my house but I cannot see my pool or garage" was an intentional exaggeration to ironize some postings which were overblown from my point of view. That is why I have put them in "quotation marks". I just wanted to express, that a project like this, covering the whole planet, is unable to be tested all around the world in advance. So, please give the developers some time to get the glitches out. They have a hard time now already. Enjoy the 95% where it is working (see my screens) and wait patiently for the remaing 5% to be patched soon. (And no, I am not sure, that 95/5 is the correct correlation, this is also only a paraphrase of my feelings!)
  5. Gents, reading these chatters and complaints I have the impression that many of you have not realized the core content of this product! Posts like "I have flown around my house but I cannot see my pool or garage" would be obsolete if you have red the description of the product: Coastlines, roads, lakes, rivers and so on, but not a photoreal scenery of the whole world. And you can count that the support team takes every mistake seriously and implement patch after patch. I bought it yesterday, installed it without a flaw and made my first flight along the east coast. Check the pictures and decide, if it was worth to invest $62.95 Aussie grands: South Carolina, Charleston: Myrtle Beach: Portsmouth: Abeam New York: Long Island: The Hamptons: Cheers and enjoy your holidays René
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