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  1. Please tell us which additional Orbx scenery packs are probably activated in this area, e.g. Orbx PAJN Juneau airport scenery, Orbx vector, Orbx NA OpenLC North America, region FTX SAK Southern Alaska. BTW PAJN airport scenery requires the region pack FTX SAK acc. to the Prerequisites in the store.
  2. Hi there, the new updated KSAN version number v2.2.1 is smaller than the previous one v4.2.2 acc. to the ORBXCentral available update information. Intended or roll back? Nevertheless update or not? Please advise. Wulf
  3. I can not say if this effect was already in an older LOWI version. Sorry.
  4. Hi there, there are darkened squares near the apron and below each blue taxiway light, if the aircraft landing lights are "on" during dawn or night, please see the pic set based on the sim FSX SP2 in DX9. There is no visual anomaly during day and during dawn/night with landing lights "off". This visual effect is checked with FSX default B737 too. Note: FSX scenery ground shadows are unswitched. DX10 & latest fixer 5.4 shows the same visual effect. Any idea to correct this issue?
  5. Thanks, so I simply duplicated 2 textures with a "similar" FTXNA building name to avoid texture alerts in the future.
  6. There is an indication of a missing texture, when flying in FTX PNW southwest from Seattle: FTXNABLDM2.BMP and FTXNABLDM2LM.BMP Can someone provide these textures, please. (I´m aware how to unswitch the texture alert in the FSX.cfg)
  7. I would appreciate an answer from the dev. Here again the situation from my FSX SP2 scenery library.
  8. Central update 4.0.38 --> 4.0.39 for FSX SP2: Too my surprise both previous insertion point settings are gone and must be redefined again. Uncomfortable, but managable. The insertion point, where "Orbx Global openLC" should reside below, is not set on the selected location. One Orbx section "...Title=ORBX!OPENLC_!SAMERICA_LIGHTS..." in the scenery.cfg still remains in a higher prio (above ! the chosen insertion point). All other ...ORBX\FTX_OLC\...entries are located in a lower priority as expected. Intended? is this ok?
  9. Just checked KSBA 1.10 on my end with FSX SP2 and the DX10 fixer. The airport is illuminated and the runway and taxiway lights are well visible from the distance , please see the pic. I wonder if there are other conflicts to be sorted out. Maybe the FSX support forum would be the better place to get it solved.
  10. Thanks Nick, so I guess that this is a stock sim issue and not curable. If so this topic could be closed. Wulf
  11. Hi there, there is a strange half-visible building next to St. Louis´ Gateway Arch. Any idea to solve this? No further visual hickups in this area. I´m using OpenLC North America and Global Vector. Wulf
  12. The current debate moves more and more to download principles and FTXC which might be not the primary intention of this thread.... I suggest that ORBX provides an TE Olympic mountains demo with Option 2 (similar to the available FTX PNW demo). Then the user has a "limited terrain extension" but a full view of the seasonal impact of an outstanding and varying landscape.
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