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  1. The current debate moves more and more to download principles and FTXC which might be not the primary intention of this thread.... I suggest that ORBX provides an TE Olympic mountains demo with Option 2 (similar to the available FTX PNW demo). Then the user has a "limited terrain extension" but a full view of the seasonal impact of an outstanding and varying landscape.
  2. I´m flying mostly in real time, real season and real weather conditions. This ensures realistic and varied scenery and flight conditions. Option 2 is preferred.
  3. a local thunderstorm near the airport during descent (above SA Open LC).
  4. Approaching Homer via HOM VOR to RWY22 LOC BC.
  5. Two pics from San Diego after take off....
  6. I prefer to test at first the announced PNW PR which hopefully includes the 4 seasons. PNW has many different terrains and landscapes embedded in one region and this should represent the PR visual quality.
  7. I hope to hear something about the airport sceneries Santa Barbara .... and perhaps Auckland.
  8. Enclosed two pics approaching PAKT from the north under real weather....it is raining and the wipers are working in the PA A320 Cockpit. Wulf
  9. KPSP is listed in the "FTX Global Range" section, not in NA.
  10. Raining during Seattle approach RWY34C. Moving raindrops now visible in the VC for the Project Airbus A320, still under development.
  11. As I´m not familiar with P3D I recommend to open a request for help in the ORBX P3D V3 support forum. Sorry.
  12. I recommend to search for any additional scenery in the sim which includes *KABQ* in the .bgl file. Years ago I had a similar prob on another airports. The culprit was an old (not ORBX) library which automatically "improved" some airport parking places with additional cars.
  13. Here one pic from KABQ for comparison in FSX DX10, clear weather, OpenLC NA, no Vector, no add. shader. #Jack, the cars in the (undesigned) parking zone next to the terminal indicates that there might be an interference with another scenery.... Wulf
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