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  1. If I am not mistaken this should be adressed in the upcoming v1.1 Update, also including P3Dv3 compatibility.
  2. If I am not mistaken this should be adressed in the upcoming v1.1 Update, also including P3Dv3 compatibility.
  3. Hello everyone, the picture you see is an image from my P3Dv3.2 over the carribean sea about to cross the coast of Venezuela / Colombia (South America). I took off from Grand Cayman Island (MWCR) and everything was fine then (as is with all the scenery in the rest of my flightsim world). It seems that my flightsim forgot how to load scenery. I got nothing installed in the region except what you see in my signature. I checked my scenery.CFG (ProgramData folder) and the files in the /Prepar3D v3/scenery/xxxx/ folders but everything seems to be fine. Do you know what causes this? I am pretty much lost...
  4. Alaska: Barrow, PABR Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, PADU McGrath, PAMC Nome, PAOM Canada: Alert, Nunavut, CYLT Iqualuit, Nunavut, CYFB Gander, Newfoundland & Labrador, CYQX Thanks!
  5. Very nice project. I am glad you support exotic projects like this one. Looking forward to refuel here on my transatlantic crossings and to fly supply runs in the Catalina or PMDGs upcoming DC-6 Maybe Svalbard/Longyearbyen Airport (ENSB) is also an option for the developer after this one
  6. Great! It will be compatible to Aerosoft's Nice Airport I guess? Or will you include your own version? regards Jan
  7. Hi Jarrad, Thanks. Actually, we already found a solution. With the help of the german subforum here and especially the work of "Kaeptn" / Frank, who was able to find it even though he doesn't even own the scenery by himself, we found the solution. The issue seems to occur only when FTX Vector is also installed. Here's the solution: Just re-enable the file 1619_WTR_Waterbodies.OFF found in in \Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_CVX\scenery by re-naming the ending to .bgl. Now the sea is back in LAX. Also on the first look no resulting issues were found when checking KPSP again. Thank you for this outstanding scenery! Best regards Jan
  8. Hi. I just opened both UTX USA and Canada programs but they seem fine. I only use them for display of their LC data, everything else is deactivated. Just installed latest libs again but no change. Last time I flew into KLAX a month ago everything was fine. There's no other scenery active in the area except the ones mentioned above plus Global Base and Vector. I just had another look at it and it seems that only a square region immediately west of KLAX is affected, everything else is fine.
  9. Hello there, I noticed that the sea west of KLAX Los Angeles International became land in FSX. I recently installed KPSP but I am not sure if this had any influence since deactivation of KPSP in the scenery library didn't change anything, neither did switching of FTX Central. Scenery lib seems to be OK. Anything to solve this? Thanks.
  10. Thanks, the lock is removed now. But the issue remains the same. To me, it looks like something got messed up in the backup process while I was switching FTX Central due to insufficient permissions or similar. Is there a way to reset FTX Central manually to make sure that all files are in the correct places before Central moves them, other than a complete reinstall? (I tried reinstalling latest Orbxlibs though without success).
  11. Hi Tim, thanks again. Meanwhile I was able to figure out that my issue with trees and houses in AU isn't really an issue (YSCB product page shows the same objects for instance) and PAJN and CZST are fine now after selecting different control panel options for winter season. But the issue with the tickbox for Hybrid Mode remains unclear. I also noticed some problems with trees on taxi- and runways on default airports around the world. I reinstalled FTX Global and Vector with recent Orbxlibs last and AV/UAC off but no change. Some weeks ago I installed OZx 3.4, Holgermesh for AU and the Flight1 UTX Vector Lights tool on top of my Orbx installation. It's not very likely that any of those might have caused this, right? However, there's another thing I noticed. Some time ago I did some testing with enabling a scenery folder under FSX' Addon Scenery folder for access via a network. After testing I revoke those access rights. Since then I have a lock symbol on the FSX main folder although I checked that all users have full access to it as you suggested: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qelcppmxssd6c0r/FSX-Ordner%20Schloss.jpg For now, I am unable to get the lock removed.
  12. Hi Tim, thanks. I checked all your options, but I still have those problems. Anything else I can do? Regards, Nick
  13. Here's an example of an exceptional error message I got when I switched from Global to Oceania (without Orbx trees and Vector Lights ticked). First line says "acces ... restricted":
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