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    Our Sheltie. Lucy. Ceaser Milan is my Dog God.

    My Guitars and The Beatles.

    Cooking is a Passion and
    Chef Gordon Ramsey is my Food God.

    I also have a addiction for Flght Simming...P3D 3.1 of course.

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  1. great Scott! That is what Doc said in “ Back The Future” Clouds Rule... nice shots.
  2. Well edited video with outside and cockpit views...creative Jukka!
  3. I was in Milford Sound this past January. It was simply a great three days in my life. Stayed in fancy hotel ate great food saw amazing nature took a boat ride into the sound saw dolphins and seals amazing waterfalls. During the daytime my entire stay the sound of aircraft was ever present Saw Cessna Caravans Pipers of many sorts and helicopters but not a one T-6 Harvard sorry to say it would have been awesome though. Nice video.
  4. Awesome shots here it’s been along time since I fired up AFS2... maybe a KAVX hop to KPSP will be nice Sunday flight, thanks for the inspiration.
  5. Really appreciate all the comments guys... cheers and gotta love this hobby.
  6. Are you saying you can not see the screenshots jean marc ?
  7. A little hop over to Yes Bay from C.I.R.P office supply depot in Ketchikan ( PAKT )
  8. Epic Iain. That SkyView is yummy.
  9. Dramatic video Benny. It’s been awhile since you posted a video, nice to see you back.
  10. Stunning VC action!
  11. A little Fishing hop over to Yes Bay from C.I.R.P office supply depot in Ketchikan ( PAKT )
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