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  1. I for one would love to see this implemented. More to California the better.
  2. I have both and have not noticed any conflicts of any kind.
  3. I am running ULTRA and 4K and have not noticed any FPS issues. To be honest not much out there besides the lovely little airport to render. hope your issue gets fix. ... life is to short for low FPS.
  4. Thanks so much for the time in answering. No doubt that the area around KBUR is robust with objects with the city of Los Angeles and KLAX tons of things load up in the area. I have a high end computer ( I think ) running with ULTRA settings and in 4K. Flying around the Los Angeles basin takes it’s toll on even high end computers. Throw into the mix a High End airport and it’s no wonder things get squeezed up. The interesting thing you said is that it can be random... always something with this hobby. I will probably take the dive anyway and see what happens.
  5. I am aware of the issues that pilots are having with KBUR. My question: are their pilots NOT having issues. It’s still for sale with no disclaimer about issues. I would very much like to purchase the airport is why I am asking. ... thanks
  6. For what it’s worth I flew to KORS to 1S2 and back to KORS with no problems except for Fog drifting over the water on approach to KORS which was simply brilliant... I LOVE MSFS 2020! I flew the Bonanza with no ATC... I do not love the ATC at this stage of the Sim.
  7. Well,MSFS team hopes that one of the first place’s you to once installed over your place of dwelling and see it standing in true form... maybe TE does the same ?
  8. GREAT NEWS!! looking forward to seeing a Roadmap for MSFS 2020... This hobby just keeps getting better and better!
  9. John, I purchased a Dell UltraSharp 32 4K monitor ( U3219Q ) along with some other hardware in preparation to run for MSFS 2020 at ideal plus Specs. Which have arrived ( yay ) will be waiting for the 3080ti to come out and snatch that up once it hits the market. In the meantime I will use my trusty 1080 GTX. I will post the same type of video with the 4K and the new hardware and see if any visual differences can be noticed... might be interesting. Of course I first need to built everything into my computer case... blah will take time and hopping the FSGods are with me.
  10. Hej Jack, I sure will. I am heading to work now but I will get them to you after. Hope allis well on your end and you and yours are staying Healthy, Here in Stockholm all is well and Healthy for us during these interesting times we are living in...
  11. I installed the HF1 as to Nicks clear and precise instructions.... thank you Nick, Visually I saw the improvement with the enhanced atmospheric weather. I have everything checked here and set to max except cloud draw distance which is set to the middle mark. Cloud quality is looking Fab and really a improvement in fact never seen a better flight environment in V4 .5 even with REX Enhancements and PTA in my opinion. The environment has more depth Using the real sky feature ( I guess it’s called ) on my setup anyway in comparison than with V4.5 and my Orbx products.
  12. Correct Dawid, it’s the Orbx KAVX scenery. Kent answered my post and said he also have noticed lower resolution textures here and there. I am sure everything will fall into place but, time is needed. I am impressed with the amount of time and energy happening with the dedicated developers here working on the fly correcting issues. the P3D V5 team has a few issues to work out in V5.
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