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  1. Im with you. Was meant to be released in Feb and they have been very quiet about it (unlike other airports were there are alot of preview shots on their facebook page etc) There has been none so im thinking its in early stages.
  2. Can Orbx please add a title of the version number that they currently have for a file? Had to download an update from the company rather than through Orbx because it was outdated and no update was available through central. Having the information on the page stating what version number Orbx currently has would be beneficial.
  3. Currently there are numerous people who own the King Air 350i from Milvz who are experiencing the below issue: When loading the KA350i it appears it is underwater as per the picture attached. Now we have spoken to the devs at Melvz and they confirm there is an issue between the plane and chase plane that causes the water to be shown. No other aircraft has the issue. Is it a chase plane issue or a MIlvz KA350i issue please? Everything is confirmed updated. If you have access to Milvz KA350i forum here is the link - https://milviz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=105
  4. Good Morning, I have been requested by Milvz to get in contact with you to request the registration key for my King Air 350i due to issues with the aircraft that was purchased through Orbx Central. I have attached a snapshot of their forums of the request. Its stated that I couldn't email Orbx (as per your support tab) but don't want to put my details here. Can someone please PM or email me with how I can get this serial key as per their request? Thank you.
  5. This airport is way out of date and really bad on FPS. Probably the worst in the Orbx library. Needs a serious update.
  6. Nice work and good to see Australia getting some new attention well done. Would be great to see the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) get some recognition as well. They are the back bone of the Aussie outback and transporting sick people to were they need to go. They are a huge imprint of the Australian way and would love to see an AI for them with the PC-12 included please?
  7. HI a330driver. I rolled back to driver # 384.76 for the 1080. The 384.94 is the one causing the issue. Havent had an issue since.
  8. Okay we are resolved, not because of the link. Has nothing to do with orbx or scenery libraries. Its the latest nvidia driver. It was leaking memory and thus couldnt handle the reloads. Many others have reported same in the last few days. Rolled back to previous driver and now all ok. Tested same routes without a hiccup.
  9. Okay I'm about to cry. I did the above test flight again with orbxaus enabled this time as well as orbx trees. I noticed it did a terrain detail load as I was about to come into the top of Australia. Once completed P3DV4 became non responsive and CTD. Could be an Aus ORBX issue?
  10. okay so same flight and success! :-) Things I did for other people's info: Remove ORBX australia and HD treets so just left Orbx global Removed nvidia drivers completely restrted and let it load them automatically back in Removed SPAI V7.1 traffic
  11. This will be interesting as I did the same thing yesterday i.e. removing the driver and then let it install after reboot. Im doing the same flight today so hopefully third time a charm. This post has been very helpful so far so thanks. Ill post here with results I also remove all orbx products apart from global.
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