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  1. I have received a completely incomprehensible email from GAYA that my free KOS scenery can be migrated to Orbx and then work in P3DV5. All at a cost of 8 euros. In the email I fine a code but no instructions on how a migration is done. /Thomas
  2. Update Fixed with run Sync Simulator. /Thomas
  3. Installed a clean P3DV5 HF 1 but there are no airport buildings at ESSD. I have tried reinstall the airport package with no success /Thomas.
  4. Fsaerodata installed? In that case try to deactivate Fsaerodata. /Thomas
  5. I do not want to appear contradictory but nothing new in almost a month? /Thomas
  6. Hi Greg! I´m using AI-Manager. I´ts about the hold short in the att image. The one I moved closer to the runway. /Thomas
  7. Since there seems to be no interest from the developer, I have adjusted EGJA myself with the help of ADE. I have moved the hold-short point closer to the runway. Of course, this is not the case with the airport sceneryas the plan continues past the hold-short sign , but now the AI aircraft continues to the runway for start. The hold-short point is too long from the runway.
  8. Thanks Nick. Russ White visited the forum last time in October 2014. Not much to hope for. /Thomas
  9. Am I alone in experiencing this problem. Anyone have a suggested solution? /Thomas
  10. There seems to bee a problem with AI aircraft starting att Aldernay airport EGJA. The aircraft and stop at runway hold short at runway 08/26, turn om the strobes. It never line up on the the runway for start. After a while the aircraft disappear. As far as I understand there must be something wrong with AFCAD for the airport /Thomas
  11. Hi Nick I use P3Dv4 now and the the windsock you attached work well. Thank you! /Thomas
  12. And I am still waiting for an answer, perhaps 2020! /Thomas
  13. I have elevation problems with EGJA. I have no conflicting scenery. There are no conflicting ALT files in P3D v 5 / Scenery / World / Scenery. The only EGJA file that is there is ADE_FTX_ENG_EGJA_elevation_adjustment.bgl. I don't use Global vector.
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