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  1. Have just discovered that activating scenery after a reinstall of P3Dv5.1 is done in Orbx Central\Configuration\Help and selecting Resync Simulator. The compatibility question remains though I do not seem to have any problems. John McWilliam
  2. I have just installed P3D v5.1 under Windows 10 and note that whilst all my sceneries (e.g. Global plus a number of airports) have green ticks in Orbx Central (installed) they are not visible in my sim. I have stored them outside the sim in a seperate folder. 1. Are all my sceneries compatible with P3D v5.1. Gothenburgh has a P3D v4 tag for example. 2. How do I activate my sceneries so they become visible in the sim. None of them are listed under sceneries in the sim. John McWilliam
  3. I run P3Dv4.5 with Orbx Global and Navgraph. I find when flying into EGCC that the gates and taxiways do not match the instructions given by the ATC. Reading about the update to P3Dv5 I note that it includes a scenery update. Now I am uncertain as to whether this update would solve my problem. What is the relationship between the P3D scenery and Orbx Global. Does Orbx Global dictate how the airport scenery is depicted overriding the P3D scenery. If that is so then I must either buy more up to date scenery for EGCC or hope that Orbx will update their scenery files. John
  4. I enclose two takes on landing Runway 26 ESSA and on the taxiway. The speckling doesn't look to bad on a stationary shot but in motion it gives the appearance of rain drops bouncing off the tarmac. It is much better when the underlying surface is concrete. John
  5. I run P3D v4.5 under Windows 10 and with Orbx Global and ESSA scenery. I recently reinstall all my Orbx files into an external library (outside P3D). My first flight EKCH-ESSA seemed to confirm that the new installation was fine, however, when I landed on runway 26 Årlanda (evening flight) the runway and taxiways were speckled, like heavy rain bouncing off the tarmac. I reinstalled ESSA and tried a day flight from Gate 17. The speckled tarmac was still there. I also noted that the upper surface of the pushback vehicle was speckled. GSX is being used here as well as REX Worldwide Airports. Can
  6. I run P3Dv4.5 under Windows 10 along with Orbx Global, base, LC and Vector. I recently developed a problem following an attempt to integrate my own photo scenery for EMSE and I decided to remove the new scenery and reinstall Orbx Global because I suspected that some of my files had been corrupted. At the same time I wanted to install the new Orbx Central which would allow me to install my scenery in a Library separate from my simulator drive (D:). I started with the lOrbx Central and was able to create the new library folder. I then started to uninstalled my Orbx files but when I
  7. Thanks for a fully comprehensive reply. Lockheed were not so obliging! John
  8. I think we understand each other. From the start there were three runways: 07L/25R 07R/25L 18/36 In 2011 a fourth runway was introduced and 07L/25/R was renamed 07C/25C. The new runway became 07L/25R. 1. Are you saying that Orbx Global does not recognise the new runway and uses the old designations. Furthermore, if I want to resolve this I must buy Germany South? The thing is, my Navigraph data is up to date so programs like PFPX, PMDG 738ngx, FSiPanel, VoxATC etc. all expect a full complement of runways: 07L/25R 07C/25C 07R/25L 18/36
  9. I run Orbx global - base, vector and landclass under P3DV4 and have recently noted that runway 07L/25R is missing. Do you have any plans to remedy this. The runway was introduced in 2011!! John
  10. Hi Nick, You were right about the virus solftware. When I turn it off everything is OK. Previously, I only turned of the firewall, however, I realise now that there is a new function call "Anti- ransomeware engine" If I turn this off then all is well. John McWilliam
  11. I tried the above but this did not help. I manually deleted the ORBX package including FTXCentral and reinstalled the latter. I ran P3DV4 with the default scenery and it worked. With my antivirus turned off I was able to download and install my ORBX files again, however when I subsequently started P3DV4 the old problem returned and I still got errors: 1. D:\Prepar3D\Orbx\FTX_Au\FTXAA_OrbxLibs\Scenery\OF_config.xml not found 2. "Living World Settings in LWcfg.xml are invalid" 3. Ran FTXCentral and got the old error there also asking for the log file ftxc3.log to be sent to suppor
  12. Sounds difficult for an amateur to solve this one. Do you think making this path an anti an anti virus exception would help. I will try that and see if I can find the log file tomorrow. Thanks for your input but I may be back again. John
  13. Hi! I have running my P3DV4 sim with FTX Global (base, openLC, trees, vector, lib) and ESSA without problem. My remote setup is attached. Today I upgraded my virus pgm (Advanced SysyteCare Ultimate 11) and then tried to start the sim. I got an error, "Living World Settings in LWcfg.xml are invalid. Please delete file from %APPDATA%/Roaming/LockheedMartin/P3DV4/" I did this and tried to start the sim again. I got a new error, "D:/Prepar3Dv4\Orbx\FTX_AU\FTXAA_Orbxlibs\Scenery\OF_config.xml" not found. I considered reinstalling my Orbxlibs but starting the Orbx Central v3 resultat in yet ano
  14. This happened to me after installing the Majestic Q400 Pro V4. Subsequent attempts to start P3DV4 resulted in th sim crashing - I think while loading the scenery. I decided to uninstall my Orbx scenery and got the error attached below when the Global LC was to be uninstalled. What should I do to resolve this situation?? John McWilliam ftxc3.log
  15. 1. I Windows 10 and run PD3V4 along with a V4 PMDG 737. This is a recent upgrade. Parked at Gate B3 I wonder if the jetway can be activated to line up at the aircraft door. I have tried the old FSX cmd, Ctr-J but his did not work. 2. I notice when running the Aivlasoft Electonic Flight Bag that their graphic presentation of the aircraft on the taxiway and at the gate is offset a little so it looks like I am on the grass sometimes. Is this a known problem and can it be solved. John McWilliam
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