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  1. Thanks. I had to do the same for Innsbruck. Not ideal.
  2. I have the London City airport add on. If I try to land any aircraft from the east, at around 100 feet, the flight freezes, goes to a side picture of the plane and kicks back to my default flight. Is there a fix please? Win 10 with plenty of everything.
  3. John548. I wasn't seeking support, only trying to find out if it was an Orbx or a Prepar3d one. I apologise for my lack of technical understanding.
  4. I have the Edinburgh add on airport and when I approach from the east, I am often directed by ATC to "runway northeast water". The airport has one present runway 6-24. The old runway is mostly a car park. Is this an Orbx or a prepar3d issue?
  5. Did as you suggested and it works thank you. If and when a fix is made will it be applied automatically?
  6. Thanks. Is that the case even without moving the aircraft? I've tried loading a built in plane but as soon as the scenario loads, it crashes. Two seconds visible at most. J
  7. Hello If I aim to depart or land at Innsbruck add on airport, my Sim crashes to default flight. If I unload the airport, the default scenery works fine for T/O and landing. Other add on Airport OK (Edinburgh). Is this a known issue? Win 10 (build 19042). Intel Core i5-9600K. 16G mem. GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER 8MB
  8. Thanks Scott that's really useful and I think that's the best bet for me. Can I take it that if items such as Global Base need to be on the SSD they will go there and others will offer the Library option if it's available?
  9. Thanks guys that's very helpful. I'm now thinking it might be better having Orbx and Prepar3d on the HDD as I suspect my SSD is too small for the Orbx stuff.
  10. If my Prepar3d v4.5 is installed on my SSD (C:), can I install all my Orbx stuff on my Hard Disc (D:)? If so do I need to take any steps to make it work? Sorry if I missed this on my forum search or it's in the wrong place.
  11. Thanks folks. I'll try the shadow sliders first than think of a new card. Any suggestions for a reasonably priced 8 GB card?
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