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  1. Hope your right. I’m hoping I can get all of England and PNW - on True Earth, especially the latter because I suspect that that will be truely awesome.
  2. Sorry if this is a truly stupid question. There is no reason why the next two releases for True Earth GB should not be the same size as that of GB South, but having little technical understanding of these things I just wondered if the other two might be, for whatever reason, smaller? - I ask, of course, because I'm running out of space.
  3. Lol, thank God someone was prepared to do the maths for me. Well, all I can say is that a little less than 25 years ago my mum bought me a brand new state of the art PC. It was an Atari ST1040 and the really big deal about it was that it had a whole 1MB of memory. Those figures that we’ve mentioned may look big now but one day.......
  4. Hello all Out of interest, has anyone ever tried to work out how many GBs it would take to cover the whole world in True Earth? even an estimation would be interesting. Take care Neil G.
  5. I’ve obviously missed something, does the new scenery use FTX England then - sorry if the question is stupid, I’ve long suffered from Nob’ead syndrome.
  6. It’s looking good. I have the x plane version and that’s lovely and I’m not sure whether to continue investing in the x plane version or wait to start to buy the P3D. The big problem is, of course, space. I would love to have all the Orbx regions redone in this way but even if you did do that the hard drives would not have enough space to store them. I guess that this ideal future must await another hard drive revolution in which we have moved on to humdreds or even thousands of terabytes. Well done anyway. You undoubtably lead the feild in flight sim scenery.
  7. With the technologies that ORBX are employing at the moment it is becoming possible to pass over large concentrated urban areas with decent, smooth performance. I wonder if these technologies are possibly able to be employed, say, in redoing LA, a city Ive always enjoyed flying out of but as good looking as the SCA Los Angeles is at the moment it’s a real resource hogger.
  8. Lovely, thanks Iain. Your right, smoothness in the key.
  9. Hello Iain Very nice shots. I see there is an airliner in one or two, can you tell me how that was in terms of performance please? thanks Neil
  10. TrueEarth is the step forward in technological innovation that many of us have dreamt of since the time when we first entered this hobby. It started with FS2002 for me in the sense that for the first time I began to see what might be possible in scenery rendering. FSX was the next leap, there were times when you could really believe that you were flying over a real landscape. But of course with time there comes a certain amount contempt, or at least a critical vision that begins to perceive a products faults. TrueEarth is a giant step it seems to me, it is a felicitous coming together of aesthetic beauty and technological skill, and I am looking forward to more and more releases which are like it though where the hell we are going to put them all is anyone’s guess. What would the whole earth come to The future must depend upon hardware developments that allow for the storage of hundreds, if not thousands of Terabytes. In addition to that I would look toward future developments in VR. The sort of VR that could render something like a TrueEarth in good resolution and smoothly would be the very apex of home simulation. Then it would truly become ‘as real as it gets’. Neil
  11. Excuse me asking the boring questions but I had good performance in Holland on P3Dv4, what is the performance like on this? Over the years I ve purchased a number of city scapes that have looked wonderful until performance have reduced performance to a slide show.
  12. I went out in a flight around Rotterdam and although I’ve had this scenery a while now I just wanted to encourage anyone relatively new to flight sim to realise just how far we have come with this wonderful piece of work. This scenery is absolutely magnificent, it makes me want to go get a 2TB SSD. to put as many asuch sceneries as I can in there. Back in FS2004 we considered FS9 to be a great achievement, and it was. It was leagues ahead of what had gone before and there are still people who are loyal to that platform even if they generally modify with various add ons. When FSX appeared it constituted another leap forward though we all suffered stutters and blurries and God knows what else in getting it to work. But when I am able to fly over TrueEarth Netherlands now I am awestruck at this incredible piece of work. It is a technical accomplishment but also an aesthetic one, it is frankly beautiful and I think it wouldnt hurt any of us to stand back and appreciate the healthy state our hobby has emerged into. Long may it continue. Neil.
  13. How old is that photo? I'm 52 and I look like Margaret Rutherford in her later years compared with you. There are very few things good about getting older but I suppose an ORBX discount might be one of them.. Good luck Neil
  14. Its good to hear that ORBX is in fine form into the future. Its an interesting question that Hayden asked though, even if I have backed everything up. I probably wouldn't have asked it, but to be honest it is something that has crossed my mind on a number of occasions. I also have spent a huge amount of time and money building my set up. But I guess the truth is that nothing lasts for ever, even me. The good developers will hopefully outlast me though, as I'm a bit of a codger.
  15. Sorry if this has already been asked, couldn't find it.
  16. After much waiting on downloads (20 hours in my case), everything nevertheless installed properly and I took my first flight. First reaction: this is mind-blowing! the detail in phenomenal, better than anything else anywhere! My second reaction: Right! I want this for all my orbx countries. Third Reaction: Bugger me! How many GB's, TB's would that take up? So my question is, is there to be a policy of re-doing all with true Earth?
  17. Ive been avoiding asking this question because I suspect that it is a question that everyone else knows the answer to and I don't. Please put this down to my legendary ignorance of programming and coding. With many products that we obtain we also download Microsoft Visual C++ etc. That means in my case that I've got about 20 installed now. Now logically I would have thought that the only one to keep installed would be the latest but I cant say that I understand what they are so don't really know. Can someone tell me, do I need all of them or can I uninstall some?
  18. I'm from Cardiff but now live in Cambridgeshire, so I appreciated that as a little bit of nostalga. Neil G
  19. I been checking out some Photo real scenery of places like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi and Dubai. There are massive stretches of endlessly various shapes, textures, shades and shadows. Richard is right, the standard FSX offering is pretty boring and there is a tendency to think, if like me you don't know any better, that wilderness in such areas of the world are like that. But they are very much not. Neil
  20. I would like to make a suggestion. To my surprise I find that some of the most fascinating landscapes are desert, and I loved the job that Orbx has done with the Mojave region, and the Australian deserts though I would love higher detailed sections of some of the national parks. One of the best things about them is that though they are interesting, even in fairly high def one can achieve some high FPS. ORBX do cityscapes of course, and in the form of the French Riviera there is a wonderful looking one coming up. I would just like to suggest that desertscapes could be something worth looking at. Aerosoft did one on the Sahara which I loved. Anyway, just a suggestion. Neil
  21. Thanks for the replies chaps
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