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  1. Dear God, the rate at which these are being released is truly impressive. For years I’ve prided myself on trying to keep up with each release. I hope I can maintain that until at least California, but I’ve been bloody well pensioned off so thereafter I just don’t know. Still, this is by no means a complaint, I love that your output is so in excess of what it was. When I think of that Voz freeware for FSX that I picked up back in 2010 - I think, - and back then that was considered something of a leap forward in scenery quality. Then the colour coded regions for Aus and so in. And then I consider the quality of what is released now. You’ve done wonderfully and I would say that you have to have been one of the.most important influences in revolutionising desktop simulation for ordinary bods like me. Thanks guys, while I have the cash I’ll keep on keeping up. Neil.
  2. Thanks for that. I got it in the end on sale. It'll be worth bearing what you said in mind when I go to use it.
  3. I was looking at that. It is really very beautifully modelled but I'm never quite sure what kind of depth Alabeo models go into. Do you like it so far?
  4. Just some brief feedback from me - its wonderful. I have distributed files to places where I can afford space and now can take more TrueEarth when it arrives. Neil
  5. This looks beautiful. Forgive the question as a vulgar money enquiry but given that the new area is so much bigger than the the P3D and FSX one, does the usual cost reduction for owners of the latter still count? I’m a pensioner now and sadly I am always having to consider these things?
  6. That sounds excellent, thank you. I would like to add quickly that the TE regions are a wonderful achievement, you must be proud of you and your teams work - and rightly so. I wish you every success with this and a continuing stream of clever young people to come and work for you. I've been a user since Voz and this is the sort of quality of scenery that many of us dreamt of right back in FS2002. Well done. Neil
  7. Would you mind giving me an idea of how your testers are getting on re: performance. One of the most attractive things about TE for me is how well it runs and it is beautiful as it is. I'd love to get the Enhancement pack, and obviously it wont run as easily as at present, but I would need it to run not that much slower than I have now or otherwise sadly it wont be an improvement for me so much as a frustration. Thank you
  8. Hope your right. I’m hoping I can get all of England and PNW - on True Earth, especially the latter because I suspect that that will be truely awesome.
  9. Sorry if this is a truly stupid question. There is no reason why the next two releases for True Earth GB should not be the same size as that of GB South, but having little technical understanding of these things I just wondered if the other two might be, for whatever reason, smaller? - I ask, of course, because I'm running out of space.
  10. Lol, thank God someone was prepared to do the maths for me. Well, all I can say is that a little less than 25 years ago my mum bought me a brand new state of the art PC. It was an Atari ST1040 and the really big deal about it was that it had a whole 1MB of memory. Those figures that we’ve mentioned may look big now but one day.......
  11. Hello all Out of interest, has anyone ever tried to work out how many GBs it would take to cover the whole world in True Earth? even an estimation would be interesting. Take care Neil G.
  12. I’ve obviously missed something, does the new scenery use FTX England then - sorry if the question is stupid, I’ve long suffered from Nob’ead syndrome.
  13. It’s looking good. I have the x plane version and that’s lovely and I’m not sure whether to continue investing in the x plane version or wait to start to buy the P3D. The big problem is, of course, space. I would love to have all the Orbx regions redone in this way but even if you did do that the hard drives would not have enough space to store them. I guess that this ideal future must await another hard drive revolution in which we have moved on to humdreds or even thousands of terabytes. Well done anyway. You undoubtably lead the feild in flight sim scenery.
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