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  1. It was excellent news to learn that Orbx will developing for the new MS sim. I was wondering what sort of prices would be involved. Are we talking about a complete new purchase as with X Plane? Or will there be a more moderate, port-over price? What I was also wondering was whether it might not be possible to pay for whole batches of a/ports? To be put across. I have all but two or three products, ie, allot, and it would be great to take them all across eventually. Hanks Neil.
  2. Believe me, when you see MSFS there will be no competition. And for the standard version there is not much difference in price.
  3. Hello I was just wondering how you planned to fit into the new sim. I have been alpha testing MSFS and the scenery is already very good. I was wondering how Orbx could bring further improvements to it. Thank you Neil
  4. Ah right. Ok, that makes me feel a bit better. I imagine its something that they will therefore be working to amend. Thanks suspman, stay safe. Neil.
  5. Come to think of it I have the Yak for XP and it happened every time I tried to use it in a previous 11.50 issue.
  6. Thanks suspman, yes I am running the latest beta xp, do you think that this is the problem?
  7. Despite the number of acronyms in the title I think it speaks for itself. I haven't had this for years, I have a GTX1080Ti so I didn't really think this could be true. I used an app to see and at the time XP advised me that it was about to shut down I had 5.8 GB virtual available??. Should that have happened therefore? Hope you can help, I don't really have a clue. Thanks . Neil.
  8. I’m from Cardiff though I live in East Anglia at the moment and I have to tell you, that is my city. Beautiful shots.
  9. Well, I've no idea what you did but all this self isolating must have boosted your powers of psychic repair young man. You've no idea how much time I spent trying to get this sorted yesterday. Anyway, thank Nick and here is wishing the best to you and your family at this time. Neil.
  10. Having just said Ive tried that, I tried again just after I read your mail and it showed up this time. Just got to see if they load intoi othe sim this time. Thanks.
  11. Thanks Nick. I have tried that but it doesn't seem to work.
  12. Hello all I pray you and your families are all well. I've made a right mess of things. I cant really remember all the steps I've taken to get to this point, but basically I tried to move a library in x plane custom scenery out into a separate library external to sim, then reinstall sim and use the downloads from the new library - all went wrong and all I seem to have done since is make things worse. I am left with a situation in which Central doesn't register what is in the libraries of my TE and even with the ones I have, if I try to set up a situation on X Plane in a covered area it just crashes the sim. I have everything downloading and in the libraries but if I try to repair through reinstall Central tries to download the who things again. Can anyone give me any advice? Thanks. Neil. central.log
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