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  1. Operating system: Win 10 Simulator: P3Dv4 Screenshot: Issue: Backuo file Hello. I have only recently found a huge backup file that has gone to one of my external drives. I must have directed it there at some point but I don’t really remember. I would just like to ask whether it might be possible to delete it without problems. I have files of everything already elsewhere (I think), so it seems like I should be able. Is a backup a duplication? Perhaps you need my log file to help me here in which case I apologise but I’m away from my PC and sending this via IPad. I can of course send another message with file attached later if it is really required. thanks Neil.
  2. Please, think not that I write to complain: heaven forbid. And it has been really impressive of late the rate at which products have been released. So, no complaints. I bought a Florida and it’s great but I was quite looking forward to finishing off California and that was originally the module coming next. So I’m just wondering what the word might be on its progress.
  3. Would it be possible to transfer my Milviz licences to my ORBX central please? Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  4. I’ve enjoyed the other LC’s but this looks better than any of them so far. My impression is that some of the new technologies for increasing the realistic look in other new releases has been used in this. Am I right?
  5. I'm sure this has been said before but I cant find it - If we have the old England, Wales, Scot - etc, installed, when we purchase GBTE, should we uninstall the old sceneries or leave them before we install the TE? Thanks all Neil.
  6. As a Church of England Vicar and a flight simulation obsessive may I wish all my fellow obsessives a very happy Christmas, whatever your faith and if you have none. May I wish Mr Venema and all the staff at ORBX and all you out there every blessing and a wonderful New Year. The Rev'd Dr Neil G
  7. Thanks for all the replies everyone. It’s clear that some people have a very good experience of aPrepar and that makes me think that I may need to sort out my setup. I have an enormous number of add ons. But my computer, just over a year old, was my retirement present to myself at £3500 - I could only do that because I got a bit of a payoff - and it’s still pretty powerful. But it does seem to me that things are sometimes a bit hit and miss and you can’t always plot the reasons why something isn’t running as you think it ought to. However, your replies have enthused me to keep fiddling to find the smooth sweet spot we all look for and I’m going to take up some of your suggestions. thanks Neil.
  8. Over the years I've invested a ridiculous amount of money in P3Dv4. In particular I've bought virtually everything that ORBX brought out from the time they stopped being Voz. Now, there is the new Micr't Flight Sim that doesn't seem far away and all that investment seems for nothing. That is galling but if I make the leap that is just something Ill have to accept - don't even get me on the gazillions of aircraft models I've bought that could be redundant in one foul swoop. I am looking forward to the new sim but at the same time it make me cry a little bit. But even while we continue to used P3Dv4 I find myself becoming increasingly fed up with its behaviour and I wondered if anyone else felt the same. These days the three sims I use are Prepar, X Plane 11 and DCS and the latter two just about always start up properly, when you load the scenario you find that - despite the apparently low FPS on X Plane - they are both 90% as smooth as silk. DCS has beautiful military aircraft models with amazing detail, pretty good scenery and very smooth - I fantasise about ORBX doing some scenery for them. Of course there are problems from time to time - that is just the nature of flight sim: 30% flying, 70% fiddling, tinkering, and generally buggering it up. But P3Dv4 takes an eternity to load, when it loads there is a good 30-40% chance that the bloody thing will hang or crash and if yet everything else goes right it still stutters, God it stutters. It stutters on high settings, it stutters here and there on low settings. You get rid of the stutters for a while - praise the Lord! - only to find them coming back after a time. Heaven help you if you find the tweak of all tweaks since once you use it and it seems to make everything great for a bit, in the long run it invariably causes all kinds of problems that lead eventually to a complete break-down and necessity of re-install. Then there are areas of scenery that don't load or the whole thing grinds down to a slow crawl so that there is just no point in carrying on. Don't get me wrong, with ORBX, it can often appear really spectacularly beautiful, but I only ever use TE in X Plane now because in that it is really still very smooth on high settings whereas with P3D - well, fly over an urban area and find out. So, wondered what everyone else feels. All comments and advice are welcome. Thanks Neil.
  9. Hello, As the title says: please can you tell me if it is worth waiting for an Alderney for x Plane 11? Thank you Neil,
  10. I went to my first flight sim convention today at RAF Cosford. Really enjoyed it. Thanks to all the guys involved in making it happen, I’ve put something on Just Flights forum as well. It was well worth the visit. Tye only thing I regret is not being able to take in every s8ngle thing that was going on. Anyway, great convention, loved the presentation, lots to look forward to, and it was nice to meet some of you. Thanks again Neil
  11. Aah, good suggestion. I’ve got so used to using SSD’s and being told I should not defrag, I’d forgotten to do that to tye HDD. RIGHT! I’m going to do that straight away. Thanks.
  12. Thanks Jon I'm an old codger as well so maybe it is worth using SD. So you say you notice much difference?
  13. I've just moved my Washington and Or HD to a HDD when previously it had been on a SSD. This was for the usual 'space' reasons. Now the loading times are vastly more than before, Id say it takes over 10 minutes. The HDD in question is a fast one so I'm wondering if something is wrong or that everyone else experiences the same thing. Thanks Neil.
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