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  1. I can't locate a manual for Immersion Manager..... Phil Reynolds
  2. Operating system: Windows 10 Pro Simulator: P3D V4.5 Screenshot: Issue: There is no option to move Global Base to the new library I have set up. Is this for a reason or is it an oversight? I can move my OpenLC products. Regards, Phil Reynolds
  3. I have exactly the same issue with Wales. I also have two invalid files:- ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAU16_SHORES\Scenery\cvx_Orbx_Australia_hydro_SC-SF_55_Cairns.BGL ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAU18_CUSTOM\Scenery\500_LC_8637_Cooktown.bgl Regards, Phil Reynolds FTX Global Base FSS0341940
  4. Just bought Orbx LOWI and then tried to run Global Vector Airport Elevation Corrections but I get an error message and it won't run. The error is "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application..... " then "Cannot create file when that file already exists". I click continue but it won't run. Help! Screen shot attached. 0 Quote
  5. I have just installed VECTOR under P3D V3 and I am getting an error on the following folder not existing:- ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_FixedAPT. I note that I do have this folder in my FSX install which does have entries in it. I have started the migration to P3D V3 from FSX. Thanks, Phil Reynolds
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