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  1. That memory and speed will be just fine! Any memory at a faster speed will only be noticeable in benchmark testing, and not in real world gaming results. ;-)
  2. Well....not quite. Your statement can be taken out of context. If you read the entire post from JV, he also says: "Having said all that, I still believe in AFS2 as providing the best VR experience of any sim platform out there, and for this reason we still believe it is worth porting regions and airports to it in the long term. Just don't expect us to be so prolific about it because we cannot expend too much effort without any reward. I spent a day in Germany with the IPACS team about six weeks ago and they showed me some pretty exciting stuff to come in the sim, so please don't write it off just yet!" So not really moving away from it, but rather focusing on projects with more immediate ROI for right now.
  3. There's something a little off regarding the plane shadows in picture #2. But that's so minor compared to the overall beauty of the area and the developers care for the scenery! I will buy.
  4. Just one word: STUNNING! As a resident of Colorado for over 23 years, I know this area and cannot wait for this!
  5. John, - is Orbx considering selling hard drives soon....? This is my main area of home PC upgrades - SSD space for rapidly growing flight sim expansion! Note: Jarrad, You are personally responsible here... Will be first in line (along with many others) for these products. As a VR user this is only going to get better.
  6. Nowadays I fly almost exclusively in VR (Oculus), and more and more AF2 is my platform of choice. Cannot wait to experience the first payware from Orbx on this sim! I think VR and AF2 have the most potential for explosive growth in the years to come.
  7. After flying this sim in VR, I have a hard time flying on a 2D monitor anymore, and the earlier announcement of "Project A" only made me realize that this is the future!
  8. Simply amazing, - and VR will certainly be a driver for the simulation platform in 2017. I love using my Rift in FSX today - despite limitations in resolution the immersion factor more than makes up for it. I feel as though I am really flying rather than ever worrying about pixel fill LOL.
  9. Thank you for everything you have done (I recall you working days straight to recover this site once), and best of luck for the future. You gave selflessly.
  10. I'm so lucky to live in Colorado! Fantastic looking scenery - Telluride is one of our favorite mountain towns, with a stunning mountain vista view along Colorado Ave.
  11. My first product was NA Pacific Northwest, and to this day, flying out of Hope airport when the sun is setting along with a nice cloud set still ranks among my all time favorite flights. (Hint: for any of you who owns NA Pacific Northwest, try a flight out of this airport ) Cheers to the last 10 years, and to the next!
  12. Hello all, Been awhile since I've been on the forum, but I just read (with some amusement too) the long thread about Orbx running checks for illegally installed software and I have no problem with that. However, on a related note, - I have a question. Since I bought my Alienware PC a couple of years ago, I have run FSX on my C:\ drive which was a 256GB SSD drive. Not in Program Files, but in it's own directory hence: C:\FSX\. A couple of months ago, I bought a new 256 GB Samsung Evo Pro SSD exclusively for FSX. I merely copied the entire FSX directory over to this new drive, which is now D:\FSX\ I then used the publically offered utility to run a regedit fix to change the installed path of FSX: FS_Registry_Repair.exe For the most part, everything runs fine but occasionally when I start up one of my payware add-on aircrafts for the first time, I am asked to re-register certain modules, etc. So clearly I need to re-establish some registration for some files... And now on to my question: I have MANY Orbx products (and NO "try before you buy" installed) - could my next installation of Orbx libraries interpret this change from one drive to another as pirated? I am still on Win7 by the way and would like to stay that way for now, thank you! :-) PS: My order #s (sorry, just logged onto the Flightsim Store and copied them all but didn't associate names); some of these order numbers are for multiple sceneries: Order numbers added to your signature.
  13. I too live in Colorado and am looking forward to this airport and surrounding scenery. One quick question though; how will this be in terms of compatibility with the Colorado photo real scenery I have installed from Megascenery Earth? I know yours will have autogen and 3D objects throughout the landclass, but will your simply overlay on top of the other (which would be fine for me) or will there possibly be other conflicts (such as elevation, etc)? Thanks - looks amazing!
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