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  1. Hello, I'm having an issue with both of my RWY26 P3D V4 sceneries within P3D V5. I do not believe this is an Orbx issue, however for someone who is able to determine which APX files potentially to disable I'd appreciate their help. The issue is rectified when disabling the following from the P3D Scenery Library: 0303 Base (However default AFCAD then displays textures, minor other issues become present) Is there a specific file that may need to be disabled here? The Airports in question are MKJP, MKJS they both have excludes but it seems a default
  2. This is my exact issue, you cannot exclude the lights.
  3. Hello, In my quest to solve an issue with road lights at KMCO I replaced the two files below using a link on this forum, however it was for the default scenery and has resulted in T2G KMCO Bridges being elevated. Could someome please send me the two files below (standard ones installed by Orbx Vector) to save me from having to install Vector again. The files are located in Global VECTOR\Orbx\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_FixedAPT\scenery: ABP_KMCO.bgl APT_KMCO.bgl Many thanks! Cathal
  4. Hi Nick, This is Taxi2Gate KMCO It's essentially all bridges display vector lights through them, no other issues at all with Vector. Regards
  5. Hello, Is it possible to create an exclude for road lights at KMCO? The issue is it all four bridges in the attached images MCO 1 - Bridge's on Taxiway's E and F MCO 2 - Bridge (Taxiway F) MCO 3 - Bridge (Taxiway J - Between 17L and 17R) MCO 4 - Bridge (Taxiway J - Between 17R and 18L) I tried creating an exclude in the ADE and it didn't remove the lights. Any help appreciated!
  6. Hello all, For some reason I've odd black textures around the city of Dubrovnik - Some sparadic buildings closer to the airport are also black however the airport itself is displaying fully. Any ideas? Scenery configuration is ORBX LIB and Airports top with ORBC Vector and LC below all other addons.
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