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  1. We have commenced development on Brisbane v2 which will be a complete rework of the original and with its new layout. There will be an upgrade fee (to be determined still) and at this point will only be available for P3D v4 & 5.
  2. Waiting still on fixes and updates to EGPH.
  3. Hi Adam whilst I can appreciate the enthusiasm for realism there does need to be compromises made. With 8,9 & 30 being an option for selection at the same time, this will result in aircraft overlapping each other which is unacceptable. So it’s either 8&9 or 30.
  4. Please set your mesh to 5m, I can replicate that when its set to 19m or higher.
  5. Missing taxi lines are being fixed. We are making stand 30 as the permanent gate so 8&9 will not be selectable. We think many uses will make use of that stand with the 777 and there’s plenty of other start positions.
  6. I cannot replicate this with the default F35 and a ENG & openLC EU installation. Can you attach the scenario file here of where you can replicate the problem?
  7. The issue is related to how the nightlights of openLC Europe work with the England region. Will investigate on to disable the particular files when installing England. This is how it looks without openLC EU installed.
  8. I've added those missing files to the current build now, a verify files will install them now.
  9. Hi Ibrahim, You have signed up as a Commercial customer, I assume that is not the case and have changed it to a non-commercial one now. You should see the discounts as normal.
  10. Thanks Andy, will have a chat with the developers on your feedback.
  11. You can use it with openLC Europe but there will be some months of the year where the season blending will not match.
  12. You can but the blending of seasons won’t quite be correct
  13. Hi all, we are pleased to announce EGNT Newcastle has been released for P3Dv4+! Designed to blend with TrueEarth Great Britain Central (with summer season only) or EU England with all "5" seasons, Newcastle is a great addition to the UK set of airports. The airport features: Detailed and stunning PBR rendition of Newcastle International Airport Ultra-high quality texture work throughout Stunning 3D modelling 30cm per pixel photoreal with seasons Great challenging runway for heavy jets Highly detailed PBR Ground Service Equipment SODE animated jetways & VGDS support $34.95 AUD US$24.26 | €21,58 | £19.43 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only
  14. It should work openLC EU as that's a landclass product similar to England.
  15. TrueEarth US Oregon is out now for P3D v4+ Sensational sights await in Oregon. Get ready to have your breath taken away by inspirational national parks, vibrant cities and divine areas of natural beauty. Discover all new mountains, canyons, forests and more on your journey to bring North America to life in P3D v4+. Being the first of July, we are happy to announce that TrueEarth US Oregon will enjoy a FlyJuly launch special discount! Enjoy 20% off! Discounted price $43.96 AUD US$30.34 | €27,01 | £24.49 Normally $54.95 AUD US$37.81 | €33,62 | £30.73 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only Don't miss out, launch discount ends July 7th 1am UTC Celebrating all things flight sim!
  16. KSJC in testing...official announcement to come.
  17. We need to allocate some resources to an XP version, some of the team are on holidays at the moment and others have commenced work on 4 new projects. So at this point we do intend to make an XP version but can not commit to timeframes.
  18. Please confirm that you are running at least P3D version 4.4 as required by the scenery.
  19. Have passed on the feedback but it appears there may be an error with my installation!
  20. Hi all, A hotfix is now available to address layering issues with the apron markings. Available now on Orbx Central.
  21. At this point, the pack will not be made available for P3Dv5.
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