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  1. Correct, this is only for direct purchases from AUscene.
  2. You should be able to as they provided their customers with keys to redeem. Please check with them as I have seen a number being redeemed already.
  3. That is the latest version, there has been no updates required since June 2017.
  4. It will be available on MSMP next week Thursday/Friday.
  5. No uninstall is required, just perform a normal update and the changed files are overwritten.
  6. Where the option to transfer licenses has been agreed to and arranged with the Partner, we explicitly make mention of this or the Partner will provide instructions to you on how to do so. This has been the case for a few Partners thus far. Without these arrangements in place, there is no other way to verify purchases to place into your OrbxDirect account.
  7. Not sure about it being promised, I said I will look into with our developers who are working on other priorities at this point in time. If there is availability and time, then we will most likely create one and announce the intention then.
  8. Correct, they are the default ground textures. We did add custom ortho to the blurred out military areas that has practically indistinguishable low-res ortho textures.
  9. Sure, send an email to info(at)orbxsystems.com
  10. Some sneak previews from our initial beta about to go into testing
  11. Not really something we consider in scenery design, sorry. To be honest, this is the first time we have heard of this.
  12. As the subject line states, REX Weather Force 2020 – Technical Update 1.4 is now available on Orbx Central. This addresses compatibility with this week's Microsoft Flight Simulator update.
  13. Hope that’s a typo in point b) being an awful (awesome?) flying experience!
  14. The issue has been narrowed to autogen types being used in the airport area, Greg will be working on patch with redoing the building autogen that is shipped with KSJC.
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