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  1. Still worthwhile collecting the info and seeing what can be done with it and the entire Global product line for the future.
  2. Which other developer has 170+ products to check for compatibility We have been involved and are happy with the number that working as is without too much required in updates.
  3. Vector since it release in December 2013 has seen 10 service packs with 100's of changes and improvements based on customer feedback and reports. There are no plans for updating Vector, if anything there may be sprucing up textures used for roads etc.
  4. Getting there, not in testing yet but planning on the end of this month for a beta.
  5. Yeh, in hindsight we could have labelled it with the AA as its all sorted alphabetically. But as is, it's all good.
  6. That's fine as it sits above openLC entries, there is no region coming into play there.
  7. We will be making our position on this after v5's release. We have supported 4 versions of P3D, and we see that continuing for v5.
  8. The Discover feature in Orbx Central is now our map feature. The website will have that link removed in due course.
  9. Gaya Simulations are thrilled to introduce you to Vienna! Available now for P3Dv4 and XP11 on OrbxDirect with a simple purchase and install experience. Receive a 25% bundle discount if you purchase both versions in the same transaction before 14 April 2020 9pm UTC. Vienna Launch Bundle Bundled price: $74.92 AUD (Normal price $49.95 AUD each) Approx. US$47 €43 £38 Offer ends 14th of April 2020 at 09:00 PM UTC. Located in the heart of Europe, LOWW International Airport offers an enticing variety of short flight destinations. Get to your pilot’s seat and set a 1 to 4 hour flight plan to land in some of the most popular cities in Europe, including Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Stockholm, Athens, Dublin, Madrid, Lisbon and more. It is also only a 40 minute flight to LOWI airport, for one of the best short flights to enjoy! Being one of Europe’s “Mega Airports”, Vienna is equipped with the infrastructure to cater to all levels of general aviation, from single engine charter planes, to the largest of international jet airliners. All the buildings have been reproduced with an exquisite level of detail. With photos, experience and guidance from staff at Vienna airport itself, this product features the current ground layout including the new Bravo cargo parking stands. As the seasons change in P3Dv4, so does the airport environment. From the hard winter of Central Europe to the colourful spring, Vienna is a destination for year-long travel, offering rich views on all the arrivals and departures. This airport is simply a must have for any casual or serious flight sim enthusiast - Visit Vienna today!
  10. One would have thought that Visa, Mastercard and American Express were acceptable forms of payment for international transactions, regardless if debit or credit? Sounds very draconian that a bank will not permit international transactions, obviously they do so to limit their exposure or fees. I would take my banking elsewhere if I was restricted that way. Anyways, we are looking at re-introducing other payment methods soon. Bit of work happening in the background so expect some news later this month.
  11. Hi all, an update for KSBA has now been made available on Orbx Central This update adds over 700 square kilometers of new coverage to KSBA, more than doubling the original coverage area. It also adds 3 lite airstrips for you to land at. These airstrips are super fun and challenging to fly into, and are a nice short flight away from KSBA. Alternatively, you can load your flight at CA97 Cristy Airstrip, but the other two, you'll have to go and find them! For all that have purchased KSBA already, hope this gives you something new and interesting to explore! For those that haven't, KSBA is still on discount until the 12th April, so make sure you don't miss out and pick up a copy here: orbxdirect.com/product/ksba COVERAGE MAP
  12. Hello again, The crash boxed being experienced have been addressed in 1.1.2 which available now.
  13. I'm estimating another 6 weeks based on initial beta testing. Performance optimisation in the heavily populated areas is the main focus and that will take time.
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