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  1. Title says it all... Some fresh screenshots from the developer, enjoy.
  2. A 10 out of 10 from FlightSim.com for Leeds Bradford! https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?20206-Review-Orbx-Leeds-Bradford-Airport/view/1
  3. The plan is to release OLC Africa, once our outsourced developer is happy with it and we don't have an ETA. OLC Asia is on hold indefinitely.
  4. Complete the TrueEarth Great Britain set now! We are pleased to announce the release of TrueEarth Great Britain South Version 2, Central and North. The update to South has focused on optimisation and improving performance as well as using new techniques for the autogen. Central and North have taken on these improvements as well so you will have a seamless simulator experience across all 3 regions. For a limited time we have 2 offers for you: Take advantage of our current 2019 End of Year Sale for Great Britain South which is currently at 50% off and bundle it with Central and North to receive 33% off the total - you will get one region for free practically. This is valid till the sale ends 5 January 2020 01:00 UTC If you happen to miss the sale or have already purchased Great Britain South prior to the sale, you will still save 25% of both Central and North when you purchase them. This bundle offer ends 31 January 2020 23:00 UTC. https://orbxdirect.com/bundle/trueearth-great-britain-p3dv4-bundle Please note the following important information: You will need Orbx Central for installing TrueEarth Great Britain Orbx Central is required to update Great Britain South to Version 2 - the update will not be available on FTX Central The South Version 2 update will delete the old V1 folders for you during installation Please ensure Orbx Central is updated to Version 4.0.33 Please ensure your Orbxlibs is updated to 19.6.2 Additional libraries (Great Britain Libraries) will also be downloaded for you automatically - this is 12Gb in size
  5. Hi all, We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing this week the complete TrueEarth Great Britain series for P3Dv4 - Great Britain Central, Great Britain North as well as the much anticipated Version 2 for Great Britain South. This all-new version for Great Britain South adjusts other areas of the product to represent the region in higher detail. TrueEarth Great Britain South v2 also extends the original coverage area to now include an additional 3000 km2 of high-definition imagery. This brings the total coverage area to 195,064 km² of stunning British landscape. This update focuses significantly on performance, ensuring that you have the same stunning visual appearance whilst enhancing usability. New techniques have been discovered to improve the autogen, along with giving users the choice to use the simulator's settings to adjust scenery density depending on their personal system. These techniques have been carried over to Great Britain Central and North. Version 2 for Great Britain South will be a free update to existing customers and we plan to have an exciting offer to complete the whole package. Keep an eye out for the release announcement for more details! This product set is perfect for those looking for an exciting VFR flying experience around one of the most stunning places in the world. From rich golden coasts and lush green fields to urban cities and towering complexes, you won’t find a more comprehensive and up-to-date British flying experience anywhere! Features for all 3 regions Hand corrected, crisp, color-matched aerial imagery *New* Configurable options for those looking for additional performance gains Accurate building shapes to precisely match the ortho imagery footprints Millions of trees at the correct height and location Buildings at the correct height and location VFR landmarks such as masts, windfarms, churches, power-lines, castles, stadiums and lighthouses Hundreds of custom-modelled 3D POIs Hand-placed and custom modelled landmarks Sharp and detailed 10-meter mesh for South & Central and 20-meter mesh for North Superb watermasking along the entire coastline Summer season only with full night-lighting supported Coverage area Enjoy these screenshots! Southampton Edinburgh Leeds Manchester Lake District
  6. The Earth Simulations classic is available again. This version includes a brand new airport made by the Turbulent Aviation team including a new and updated airport terminal by Russ White. Everything inside the airport fence is at an incredible 7cm/pixel resolution and has been hand-painted for accuracy. PLEASE NOTE: Whilst every attempt has been made to port the original Earth Simulations product over to FSX/P3D, there are some features missing due to the inefficiency of the original 3D models and how they were implemented originally. Also many of the source materials were not organised in source folders correctly and files were missing meaning some features may be absent. Finally, the imagery we have licensed is from a different supplier, as we were not able to to transfer the original imagery license that was purchased by ES for their version. This means the imagery is not as crisp as the original, but still quite sufficient. To compensate for these issues with the porting, we have decided to release this as an ultra affordable budget destination at only AU$14.95 (approx £7.74, €9.22, USD$10.16) Furthermore, as an early xmas present for you all, the product is now available in the end-of-year sale at a further 50% off! (AUD$7.48, £3.87, €4.61 and USD$5.13)!!
  7. Our latest release from Marcus Nyberg, Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, has been released! An airport scenery built to the highest standards, ESGG combines the latest P3Dv4 tech alongside best-practice optimization to ensure the perfect balance between stunningly high-fidelity visuals and excellent performance, perfect for all your Scandinavian flying adventures! Purchase it from OrbxDirect here. $39.95 AUD US$27.67 | €24,76 | £20.55 (USD, EUR, GBP estimates only)
  8. The City of Destiny released! We are pleased to announce the release of Tacoma Narrows for both P3Dv4 and X-Plane 11. This is the exciting debut airport from our new UK in-house team of young developers, with many of them recent graduates from various universities in Great Britain and Europe. We look forward to their next piece of work. And for a limited time you can take advantage of the multi-platform bundle discount deal that will run until 3rd January 2020 - save 25% on both when you purchase KTIW for P3Dv4 and X-Plane 11! Available for $34.95 AUD each (Approx. US$23.88 | €21,55 | £18.38)
  9. An airport for the true bush flyer - Quatam River Airport is now available on OrbxDirect! Developed by PropStrike Studio, this airport features exquisite hand-crafted textures and realistic 3D vegetation. With 2 airfields, 10+ helipads and 10+ bush plane landing spots there is plenty to explore and test your skills with this scenery. $30.95 AUD US$20.99 | €19,06 | £16.28 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only
  10. The latest in our advanced CityScene products, the city of Charleston in South Carolina, has been released! As the oldest and largest city in the state is also one of the prettiest with its fantastic array of traditional looking townhouses, historical sites and huge plantations. With over 1150km2 of coverage included, get ready for an exciting trip across one of the most cultural cities in the US. FEATURES Large 1150 sq km scenery coverage area with full seasonal satellite imagery. 5 airports in coverage area (1 international, 2 regional, 2 private) 41 custom POI buildings/objects created for Charleston Scenery Area No Autogen buildings used Over 340,000 custom commercial and residential buildings with appropriate regional textures. Over 3,500 library objects placed from FSX, P3D and Orbx Libraries. Over 25,000 railroad boxcars and shipping containers. Over 80,000 night lights. Over 4,000,000 accurately placed autogen trees. $29.95 AUD Approx. US$20.33 | €18,38 | £15.74
  11. Fly around Northern California like never before. Journey up the coast of Northern California or take a trip through the world-famous Yosemite National Park. TrueEarth US Northern California can put you right in the heart of the tech cities of San Jose or you can test your skills flying under the Golden Gate Bridge before watching the city of San Francisco come to life at night. Whatever you choose to do in the 212,000 square kilometres of high-quality orthoimagery, you can travel far and wide in search of the 100s of points of interest scattered around the diverse region. TrueEarth US Northern California HD vs SD Exactly as we have done with TrueEarth US Washington and TrueEarth US Oregon, Northern California will be available in two versions - high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD). The only difference between these two products is the ground texture resolution. If disk space is a concern, check out the SD version of TrueEarth US NorCal, which provides the same regional coverage, but at just a a quarter of the disk space. The slightly reduced texture resolution still provides incredible detail but enables smoother performance for those with older graphics cards. If you prefer the full fidelity, we recommend the HD version for best resolution. Customers who buy the HD version get the SD version for free. Customers who buy the SD version will pay a $11AUD for the HD version $69.95 AUD Approx. US$47.64 | €43,11 | £36.92 $58.95 AUD Approx. US$40.15 | €36,33 | £31.11 You will require Orbx Central to download and install TrueEarth Northern California.
  12. We are working on a map solution that will be integrated into Orbx Central. With the number of releases and platforms, that product map is no longer the best way to provide information. Hence us creating our own map design. No ETA as yet.
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