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  1. Are you looking for an opportunity to join Orbx as a developer? We are wanting to expand our team of talented developers as well as find specialists to port many of our published airports for XPlane 11. There will also be opportunities to team up with established developers on current projects. This will be paid contract work. Developer/assistant developers - proven work published either payware or freeware - advanced 3D modelling skills and experience with FSX/P3D SDK tools XP specific - proven experience with the use of porting tools from FSX/P3D to XP Please send covering details, relevant skills and experience to jobs@orbxsystems.com Links to published works/reviews will be advantageous.
  2. Hi all, The Aerofly FS2 version of KCGX Meigs Field has been updated to add the autogen buildings and trees to the Chicago area. This version (1.2) is now available through FTX Central 3. KCGX purchased via Steam DLC for AFS2 will be updated by IPACS shortly. ***New update - 1.21*** Street lights now added!
  3. Many thanks to Patrick for his very in-depth review of Germany South. http://www.simflight.de/2017/11/07/review-orbx-ftx-germany-south-fsxp3d/
  4. Thanks to Friendly Flusi for its review of LDPL Pula. http://review.friendlyflusi.de/2017/10/30/review-orbx-ftx-pula-airport/
  5. Hi all, Update for CAG8 is now available with the following changes: Added Merry Island lighthouse with helipad, custom rocky islets as 3D models and custom lighthouse effect Added nearby Smugglers cove Added Secret Cove with large model of the docks and boathouses, a few custom buildings and a custom mesh Added the POI Stillwater Bay with log booms as part of the PR for performance reasons
  6. ORBX DVD Products

    You have a DVD that installs into FSX and updates that we host here on the forums to bring it up to date. Not sure what you expect from a “contract”. I would have thought the EULA is clear. Transfer of licence is not allowed and I thought Amazon is a reseller of used goods.
  7. GES review - with a difference

    Worked OK for me in Chrome, took a while to load though.
  8. Title say is all, a different take on reviews, very nicely done. https://www.forum.eulenandfriends.de/forum/index.php?thread/15469-ftx-germany-south-klickbare-rezension/
  9. Seaside sun and Roman ruins! Pula is a spectacular location on the Adriatic sea, and a popular summer tourist destination. The area is served by Pula Airport, which is well equipped to handle aircraft up to the size of a 747, serving nearly 30 airlines during the summer,and is equally suitable for general aviation ops. We have created a very accurate rendition of the airport from on-site photography, as well as a unique multi-elevation airport model. The surroundings of the airport have been fully covered, and we have included a very detailed Pula city scape, complete with the Roman amphitheater, the docks, Kaštel castle, and much more. This is the second project from Rasha Tucakov, who has once again partnered with Misha Cajic for another beautiful coastal Balkan destination! Key Features Ground imagery at 60cm per pixel 50sq km+ of photoreal terrain Dynamic lighting in P3Dv4! Multi-elevation airport model Optimized for NGX and airliners Bonus airports - LDPM and LDPV Advanced AO and night rendering FULL Pula cityscape included Custom vegetation at airport Large area of custom LC & vector ONLY FTX Global required! By Rasha Tucakov and Misha Cajic https://orbxdirect.com/product/ldpl
  10. Thanks to Brian and Joe of Mutley's for this review of LEBB Bilboa. I'm sure guys will be very happy with the Silver Award! http://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews/bri/bs-lebb/bs-lebb.htm
  11. Graham Eccleston has updated the popular Australia & NZ AI Traffic for P3Dv4 and is now available for you. All included aircraft have been individually compiled for this new flight sim platform and have been specifically coded to fully utilise Dynamic Lighting and the new LUA coding system. Please note this version is for P3Dv4 ONLY. Please use the other AI pack that is designed for the other sim platforms. Using the aircraft models included in this version for other sim platforms is PROHIBITED. Key features of this package All AI aircraft models compiled specifically for P3D V4. Dynamic lighting features added to all AI aircraft models. Steering nose wheels now added to most of the AI aircraft models. Conditional cabin lighting for small and medium GA aircraft managed by LUA scripting. Cabin lights for airliners on all the time. It was felt this was more realistic than having aircraft at the stand in darkness during normal operating periods. Appropriate HTAI Single Engine Cessna models now used in place of the one size fits all Cessna C177 from prior AI Traffic packages. Many thanks to Henry Tomkiewicz for this. Flaps now deploy for take off on all models. Sea plane bases with a limited number of AI aircraft are included for Rose Bay (YRSB) Palm Beach (YPMB) and Cabarita Lake (YBCL). I will attempt to expand this in a future update. An optional ATC Sound file is included with additional call signs, aircraft types and airports not included in the default ATC sound file. https://orbxdirect.com/product/aitraffic-aunz-p3dv4
  12. Hi all, Small update for ESSA that brings in Dynamic Lighting for P3Dv4. New Control Panel allows for the enabling/disabling of the feature dependant on your system handles it.
  13. GEN Price 50% off if you have GES

    You have nominated yourself as a Commercial customer when signing up. Is that correct?
  14. Germany North Discount

    Thanks for all the feedback. I don't think we need to justify or explain our sales policies as we have learnt that one can never please all of the people all of the time.
  15. G'day All, We've just released LOWI Innsbruck Airport version 1.20. Changes: Full compatibility with FTX Germany South Updated control panel to allow FTX GES mode or FTX Global mode Important: for customers who have purchased FTX Germany South, you will need to change your FTX LOWI Control Panel to "FTX Germany South Mode"