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  1. That folder is not installed with P3Dv5, I'll make a change to the config so it's not written to the addon.xml.
  2. We submit all scenery to the Marketplace and usually the main reason for delay is localisation. This is where they translate the product text to numerous languages. With regards to Sydney, the issue is with the large ortho file size as their ingestion system cannot handle files larger than 4GB. A workaround is being tested.
  3. We do expect our partners here to take customer feedback seriously and the majority of them do. Thanks for bringing this particular issue to my attention.
  4. I spoke with Lars (Contrail developer) and he confirmed that it does validate based on assumptions of the product being installed by MSMP. As to updates he did mention that they are disabled as MS have DRM on those products and there’s a possibility that if overwritten by non-DRM files issue may arise. Unless the validated purchase is re-installed from Contrail into the Community folder. We will consider if it’s something worthwhile doing with OC.
  5. I'll defer to Greg, but as far as I know there are no landable helipads included nor advertised with the scenery.
  6. Just to set expectations, we plan to announce the roadmap specifically to openLC Asia. There won’t be previews etc. but our plan on it’s rollout over the next 12 months.
  7. Hi all, it’s not possible to transfer purchases from Simmarket as they’re a reseller just like us. Providing advance notice is something we do try to do so customers can make those purchasing decisions.
  8. Please set your texture resolution to 7cm, yours looks like its set to 60cm. ` 60cm 7cm
  9. Here's how it looks here, Germany South & North installed and no 3rd party shaders/other products. EA on EA off Maybe delete your shader folder and let them rebuild? Do you have Black Marble or other products installed in the area?
  10. My last update from Tore was that it was put on hold so as to see the uptake of MSFS products. I believe he will restart the project with MSFS in mind.
  11. What's your Saturation level under Graphics>Lighting? Any shader mods being used?
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