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  1. Hi all, New version of Orbxlibs is available. This version contains updates for the soon to be released TrueEarth Netherlands. Available via FTXC3 now.
  2. EU Netherlands TrueEarth available now! https://orbxdirect.com/product/nld The most detailed and accurate terrain product ever seen in a flight sim. As our first TrueEarth photoreal region, Eugene and the team have pulled out all the stops to bring the best product possible. Note: the product released today is only available for Prepar3D v4. When available, you will also be able to install it into FSX, FSX:SE, P3Dv1, P3Dv2 and P3Dv3 using the same license. Please read here for more information. Heavily-edited Photoreal Textures No more boring, bland photoreal. EU Netherlands TrueEarth brings colourised, balanced and heavily edited orthoimagery. We have painstakingly removed all clouds, seamlines and waterbody reflections. Furthermore, Netherlands TrueEarth features complete five seasons and full night lighting. The imagery is also colourmatched to the Orbx Global and openLC colour palettes. Check out the tulip fields that are blossoming in spring. CityScene Technology First seen in our CityScene Gold Coast product, we're bringing this technology to 127 cities, towns and urban areas in the Netherlands! CityScene technology allows for more detail and accuracy than traditional autogen (even on buildings with unusual footprints)! All Dutch Airports All airports updated to region standard - the perfect balance between performance and detail. You'll find every listed and unlisted field has been included and perfectly matched to the photoreal underlay. Custom Landmarks and Wind Turbines As with any Orbx region, we've added hundreds of unique, detailed landmarks. These custom points of interest seamlessly integrate into the landscape in addition to our hand-placed library objects and CityScenes. The Netherlands has at least 2,500 onshore wind turbines generating more than 5% of their total energy requirement. You'll find each of these wind turbines accurately placed country-wide. Keep an eye out for traditional windmills too! Autogen Buildings and Vegetation In areas not covered with CityScene technology, we have created beautiful custom autogen textures for Netherlands types. Those buildings can be found accurately placed over the entire country. We haven't stopped there - the entire country has accurate placements of autogen vegetation from three datasets (and some hand-placed vegetation too). We think you'll love the density and variety of vegetation found throughout EU Netherlands TrueEarth. Accurate Watermasking and Bridges Throughout the whole country, we've colour-balanced and cleaned-up all of the water textures, including hand-edited water masking. No matter where you travel in the Netherlands, you will find accurate rivers, streams and waterways. Additionally, all sun glare and water vehicle footprints have been removed. Crossing all these waterways would be quite difficult without bridges. All bridges in the country have been accurately matched to the terrain and imagery. Furthermore, major bridges have been custom-modelled to give you a more detailed experience. Ultra-HD 5m Elevation Mesh Think Netherlands is flat? Look closer! Tailings dumps, dans dunes and highway on-ramps are all visible at 5m resolution. Important information! TrueEarth sceneries are large and Netherlands TrueEarth is no exception. This version is around 77.8GB in size with approximately 390 zip files. Due to the large sizes and number of files, downloading and installing will take longer to install. Although FTX Central may appear unresponsive at times, be assured its working. And be patient! If experiencing slow downloads you can elect to manually download the product as a zip file via your Orbx account. Our manual download option is fully compatible with download management software. Info on how to do this can be found here. Also, please ensure you have the latest FTX Central & Orbxlibs installed!
  3. Thanks to Wycliffe Barrett for his video review of EGCB Manchester City Airport and Heliport (Barton) recently released for XPlane 11
  4. Orbx is pleased to announce it's first original X-Plane release EGCB Manchester City Airport and Heliport (Barton)! Developed by Tony Wroblewski, a legend in the X-Plane development community for his development of World2XP. EGCB has been created in painstaking detail for X-Plane 11 with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy based on hundreds of photos and several on-site visits to the airport. The airfield is depicted as it was in late 2017 and includes a large area of photoreal imagery and our new autogen technology being developed for X-Plane. Manchester City Airport and Heliport (also known as Barton Aerodrome) is situated just 5NM from Manchester city centre and is a busy and popular airfield for GA traffic visiting the area. We welcome Tony to the Orbx family and look forward to exciting things in X-Plane! Add it to your account from here https://orbxdirect.com/product/egcb To celebrate, we are also pleased to host some of Tony's previous freeware releases to start off our Freeware X-Plane products. L52 Oceano County Airport https://orbxdirect.com/product/l52 ENHA Hamar Stafsberg https://orbxdirect.com/product/enha ENOV Ørsta-Volda Airport https://orbxdirect.com/product/enov As we do not currently have a version of FTX Central available for Linux or MacOS, you will see a CROSS-PLATFORM DOWNLOAD option in your account. This is a simple zip that you can extract into X-Plane 11 in the mean time until FTX Central is available for those other platforms.
  5. Hi all, new pack is available with another 27 airports added. John Barner K07, Rolla, MO KDUA, Eakur, Durant, OK KMLC, Mc Alaster regl, Mc Alester, OK Larry Isenor CYOJ, High Level, AB CYZS, Coral Harbour, NU MMSL, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico SDJO Sao Joaquin da Barra, Brazil (Disable AEC) TLPC, Castries, St. Lucia Neil Hill 4NY8, Harris Hill, Elmira, NY KABR, Aberdeen Regl, Aberdeen, SD KATY, Watertown Mun, Watertown, SD KDNL, Daniel Field, Augusta, GA KDRO, Durango-La Plata Co, Durango, CO (Disable AEC) KEKN, Elkins-Randolph Co-Jennings Randolph Field, Elkins, WV KELM, Elmira/Corning Regional, Elmira, NY KERI, Erie Intl, Erie, PA KFFC, Peachtree City-Falcon, Atlanta, GA KFNL, Ft Collins-Loveland Mun, Ft Collins-Loveland, CO KFWA, Fort Wayne Int, Fort Wayne, IN KGAI, Montgomery Co, Gaithersburg, MD (Disable AEC) KGWO, Greenwood-Leflore, Greenwood, MS KHDN, Yampa Valley, Yampa, CO KLUK, Lunken Mun, Cincinnati, OH N30, Cherry Ridge, Honesdale, PA Tom Campbell KAIK - Aiken Muni, Aiken, SC KAND - Anderson Regl, Anderson, SC KUZA - Rock Hill/York Co/Bryant Field, Rock Hill, SC Updates: MM15, Cabo San Lucas Intl - disables old ICAO files CYQY, Sydney, NS - Change rwy designations 8A1, Guntersville Mun-Starnes, AL - add rwy 7-25
  6. There will be similar sales but we won’t say specifically when they’ll occur.
  7. Thanks Trev, have added that and the SODE entries to the release announcement. Bill's freeware sceneries will stay at iBlueYonder.
  8. We have only made arrangements with iBlueYonder, so we won't be able to migrate those purchased elsewhere. I have edited the release announcement to reflect that.
  9. Hi all Orbxlibs 180324 has been released. This build contains updated autogen descriptions for the two Bill Womack releases - KACK & 2B2/6B6.
  10. Bill Womack rejoins the Orbx team! KACK Nantucket Memorial Airport, 2B2 Plum Island Airport/6B6 Minute Man Air Field have been released for FSX/P3D and X-Plane! KACK Nantucket Memorial Airport Nantucket sits just off the coast of the US state of Massachusetts, below the long arm of Cape Cod. It’s an island steeped in history dating back to the colonial days and is best known as the center of US whaling in the 19th century. These days, the primary industry is tourism. From a quiet, isolated enclave of around 10,000 in the winter, the population explodes to around five times that in summer. Looking for the most expensive real estate in the country? Forget Manhattan, Oahu, or San Francisco. You’ll find it right here. KACK for FSX/P3D: https://orbxdirect.com/product/kack KACK for XP11: https://orbxdirect.com/product/kack/xp11 2B2 Plum Island Airport/6B6 Minute Man Air Field Plum Island Airport lies along the far northern coast of the state. The island is a stretch of sand that’s home to a small community of year-rounders and a few summer folk. The lower three-quarters of the island comprises the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. The airport sits wedged between the Merrimack river estuary and a wide stretch of salt marsh. It's the oldest operational airport in New England, having been in services since the 1920's, and is full of its own brand of quirky charm. Why are boats and construction equipment parked on the fenced-off end of the runway? Let's just call it a neighborly feud. A leisurely GA flight from Plum Island, you'll find Minute Man Air Field, an active GA airport located in the rolling green hills just west of Boston. The area is steeped in history, including being the site of the opening battle of the American war for independence. Nowadays, the airport is home to over 60 full-time aircraft, and stays busy in the warmer months hosting guest pilots from all over. Chances are, it's not the history they're coming for, though - it's the pie at Nancy's Air Field Cafe. 2B2/6B6 for FSX/P3D: https://orbxdirect.com/product/2b2-6b6 2B2/6B6 for XP11: https://orbxdirect.com/product/2b2-6b6/xp11 Make sure you also update to Orbxlibs 180324 for FSX/P3D For existing iBlueYonder customers You can migrate your purchases for KACK Nantucket and 2B2 Plum Island Airport/6B6 Minute Man Air Field into your OrbxDirect account by clicking on the below link. Make sure you are logged into OrbxDirect first. Your email used for iBlueYonder will need to match the one used for OrbxDirect, we cannot migrate purchases from different email accounts. This is also only for purchases made directly through iBlueYonder. https://orbxdirect.com/account/migrate/iblueyonder Please use your purchase ID number (12634 as per below) and not your licence key. If you have the iBlueYonder versions installed and wish to install the Orbx version, please uninstall the iBlueYonder versions first. You will also need to remove the two xml files "iBlueYonder_2B2.xml" and "iBlueYonder_6b6.xml" from the ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml folder if you have SODE installed.
  11. We own the IP but Pilots still are contractually committed to the final patch.
  12. Yes and we are at the mercy of the Pilot's developers. They have been made well aware of concerns of the delay.
  13. ENNK Closed

    The airport functions perfectly and as designed, hence no refund. We can offer an exchange and Richard will be in touch.
  14. The Orbx venture into X-Plane begins! This release marks the start of Orbx's exploration into the world of X-Plane. Expect to see to a steady stream of releases as we look at converting some of our existing products for X-Plane 11 and some new products elusive to X-Plane 11! Buy Here If you have already purchased KCGX for FSX/P3D or AFS2, then you will automatically be eligible for the 40% Cross-Platform discount. As we do not currently have a version of FTX Central available for Linux or MacOS, you will see a CROSS-PLATFORM DOWNLOAD option in your account. This is a simple zip that you can extract into X-Plane 11 in the mean time until FTX Central is available for those other platforms.