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  1. Hi all, the team are working as quick as they can with this patch so I please ask for a bit of patience. We had hit a stumbling block with CTDs with some of changes and have determined the reason, so that unfortunately put a snag in things.
  2. Hi all, An update for EGNM Leeds Bradford for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog Flattened lumps in some taxiways Apron edge guard rail added Redone general terraforming around the airport Animated the rotation of the radar Added custom taxiway edge lighting Converted apron number markings to projected meshes This update will be available on the MS Marketplace in due course.
  3. Time to call this a day. We are wrapping an extensive patch that has addressed most of the issues.
  4. I have had a look at the ticket and without commenting on how you presented the issue, I can see that the staff were trying to look at what had occurred with the information that they had. Apologies if that was seen as claims of you not purchasing the scenery. As the issue is resolved, I shall lock this topic.
  5. Hello, I have responded to your Paypal dispute and have processed a refund. It appears that the transaction did not complete successfully on the OrbxDirect side for some technical reason. Accusation of theft is unfounded and insulting.
  6. We are very excited to have NZA Simulations join as a new Partner on OrbxDirect! Released today on OrbxDirect are their critically acclaimed YMHB Hobart and YCBG Cambridge Airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator. NZA Simulation’s Proline™ branding represents a new era of flight sim scenery development. Utilising the latest 2D and 3D design techniques allows the NZA inhouse team to recreate scenery projects accurately and faithfully both inside and out. Using a physically based rendering workflow, you can be sure NZA Proline™ products will look brilliant now and into the
  7. We have released an hotfix (1.0.1) now to address minor elevations issues introduced with the new DEM data with the World Update.
  8. This update is now also available on the MS Marketplace.
  9. This update is now also available on the MS Marketplace.
  10. When we do have the arrangement in place we make mention of that in our forum post upon release. I also trust that the Partners also inform their customers of that as well. Like you, I also would love to have all previous purchases being recognised in OrbxDirect, but there are usually exclusivity/commercial considerations that need to be considered.
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