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  1. FSX-SP2 with Orbx Southern Alaska and RealityXP GNS 530 - 80% stutters and freezes. After removing Orbx Southern Alaska from the FSX Scenery Library, the problem resolves completely. Any ideas? Win7 i7-2600 machine @ 3.4 Ghz with 12 Gb RAM & 1 Tb hard drive (50% free). Nvidia Quadro 600, 2 monitors. diagnostic reporter: ota2645c2e14268dc70d4fabd443887081 Order Number: FSS0457365 Order Date: 2016-01-30
  2. This is a reply to my own post - in case any one else has the same issue. I solved the issue by reordering the scenery in the FSX library. Orbx had placed itself #1, and I just put the ADE add-on scenery a #1. ISSUE CLOSED
  3. After installing Southern Alaska (my first and only Orbx product), the 20-30 modern instrument approaches that I had created using Airport Design Editor, and compiled into FSX, are missing from FSX. FSX appears to have reverted to the stale approaches that are built into FSX. For example, the 06R missed approach at PANC holds at NAPTO, but it should be JUKEP. Order No FSS0457365. FSX SP1&2, Win7, Nvidia Quadro600.
  4. Reapplied North America in FTX, and all is well. Thanks.
  5. Same issue with me - lakes and ocean missing from Southern Alaska package, shown as trees instead. FSX SP1&2, Win7, Nvidia Quadro600. Order No FSS0457365.
  6. Same issue with me - yesterday I just purchased my first orbx product ever, the Southern Alaska package, and the Lynn Canal (longest fjord in North America) and Taiya inlet are both represented by forests. Lakes are also missing. Order No FSS0457365. FSX SP1&2, Win7, Nvidia Quadro600.
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