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  1. @OrbxCan you please tell if this airport is going to be available for MSFS as well? Thanks!
  2. Great news and fine shots! Any chance this airport will make it to MSFS???
  3. Yes, update is already available on Orbx Central. If you bought it directly in the sim, you will have to wait until Microsoft publish the update.
  4. Hi Orbx, noticed some double windsocks when I departed from runway 30R. Can this please be fixed?
  5. Since a while it is not working for all airports anymore. Think it is a sim issue...
  6. On the 25th of March, the runway numbers of Graz Airport will change to 16/34. Source: https://ww1.jeppesen.com/download/bottlang/vtn_eur.pdf (CTRL F on '34' and you find the NOTAM). Will the Orbx rendition be updated accordingly?
  7. I have the same issue with EGLC, hope there will be a patch soon!
  8. Pretty soon is indeed a little vague, but @Raz Goeta will probably tell us when he knows more
  9. I found some YT video's of a Brussels Airlines A319 flying into Bromma. So if I can land on London City with my A320neo, will do it also on Bromma
  10. Nice surprise Marcus! And very nice that you will also include POI's from Stockholm in the scenery! Looking forward to it!
  11. @Matteo Veneziani I did another landing at Bastia today and the same issue unfortunately. Is there any progress regarding this issue?
  12. I experienced the same. I guess a manual is in most cases obsolete, since installation in MSFS is much more straightforward than in P3D or X-Plane. Since there are also no configurations/options possible, this part also does not need an explanation. But a document with some charts etc. would be nice...
  13. I did a few flights in and out of Torp, latest one being on gate 2. It is not possible to ask for a stairs (ramp connection) or catering. Also pushback is only available after asking for IFR clearance. See screenshot. Can this please be fixed?
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