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  1. I am using FlyTampa Sydney, which has the IKEA modelled near runway 16R. When using Orbx CityScape Sydney also, a building is placed over the IKEA making it partly disappear. Can this please be fixed?
  2. Very nice! Cannot wait to fly there. Hopefully there is some snow then
  3. I understand, but if you look at the Orbx forum you will notice a lot of people don't
  4. Only thing that concerns me is support... All third party support is handled in a different way. But how does a customer know? It buys product a b and c, and goes to Orbx Support. Support then says, go to the dev. Case a means sending a mail case b is opening a topic on a forum and case c is contact via Facebook.... Confusing and not really customer friendly.
  5. This is indeed great news! Combine the quality of FlyTampa with the ease of use of Orbx Central and you have a winning team! Hope the other MSFS sceneries (Copenhagen, Las Vegas) will become available as well!
  6. To add on that, it depends where you buy the scenery. If you buy from Orbx Direct, the scenery is indeed placed in the community folder. If you buy from the in-game Marketplace, the scenery goes into the Official\OneStore folder...
  7. Wow Raz and team, looking very, very good! Hope it will be ready before the winter ends
  8. Orbx Central just installed an update for Southend Airport. Can you please tell we what is changed?
  9. MSFS has a drone camera, which allows you to do the same as with Bob
  10. Sorry for the crappy screenshot, but forum did not allow me to add more than 122kb.
  11. Just made it into Bastia, from RWY 16. Nice approach! When vacating the runway, there are no options to choose from regarding parking... Are all parkings too small to cater the A320?
  12. Wow! Looks great. Hoping for good performance as well with 2 large airports in the vincinity...
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