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  1. I may be able to offer some assistance. I had a similar issue. Make sure you're not using any SSAA at night, especially in 4k.
  2. With the release of TE Florida, has this made CityScene Orlando unnecessary?
  3. Thanks Nick, I'll verify, re-enable PNW and report back
  4. I'll give a try, but these 2 regions should be able to exist together
  5. P3dv4.5 HF3 Pictures are from a recent flight out of KSEA. In this area are TE US Washington, NA Pacific Northwest. In sim settings related to water - Bathemetery is enabled. Water slider - medium In the surrounding areas of KSEA that I could see (about 50 miles), there are what appears to be land textures under water. Appreciate any suggestions. thanks
  6. Folks, looking for some guidance to solve this. Have a look at the pictures. This happens in random places along coastlines where what appears to be either night textures or incorrect water textures. Obviously I can't tell this is happening at night. Usually the correct texture will finally render, but only when the plane is <1mi away. I've read through a few other threads regarding land based textures not rendering properly and have tried these steps: Verify files - Orbx base, OpenLCNA, Vector. Disable lclookup.bgl and verify Orbx library
  7. I think the better question would be, do FTX PNW & NCA add anything when TE WA/OR/NoCal are installed
  8. Just ran Orbx central, no update was installed.
  9. I don't believe there's an issue with the immersion software, yet I get a crash report generated from the Immersion manager after each flight detailing an error code and telling me to open a support ticket. Attached here is a report generated from today. Immersion_Manager_Crash_637305258088218179.txt
  10. Thanks, The issue at KPSP is first, the jetways are not animated and cannot be excluded using the GSX2 configurator. What ends up happening is each gate will have 2 jetways - the one baked into the scenery, and the animated SODE GSX jetways. They'll appear on top of each other and just destroys the immersion. I'm not sure why Orbx decided not to revisit this airport and update the jetways like they did for many of their older sceneries. This had been quite frustrating to figure out.
  11. Gents, how can I disable the default jetbridges at KPSP. I'd like to add animated jetways from GSX.
  12. I've re-enabled the files in SCA. As far as I can tell, the airport elevation appears to be correct. Are the ground textures in the attached pictures what is intended?
  13. This question is part of a bigger potential issue that Orbx regions are conflicting with Orbx airports. In the case of KBUR, the shouldn't the below 3 files be disabled? /SCA05_SCENERY/scenery/ADE_FTX_SCA_KBUR.bgl /SCA05_SCENERY/scenery/ADE_FTX_SCA_KBUR_CVX.bgl /SCA05_SCENERY/scenery/FTX_SCA_objects_KBUR_PLC.bgl I manually disabled these, but if I had to verify files they would be replaced.
  14. If that's the case, that presents a few other questions: I typically keep all my scenery on the same drive as P3d, I prefer not to use the library (xml) method, but with TE being so large, I have to keep both Washington and NoCal on a separate drive and I created a library in OC. So if the older NA NoCal is needed for Fall/Winter season textures, how do the priority of the layers work if some areas are using the direct scenery.cfg entry and others are xml?
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