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  1. Any word on this issue? Still having the problem at both KIDA and KGPI
  2. Any chance to get some support on this issue?
  3. I've posted this issue earlier this year to which I recall seeing a post that a fix was on the way. Yet on arrival to KGPI and KIDA at night, the airports are in complete darkness. If I spawn at the airports, the lights are working.
  4. Maybe I'm missing something, but wouldn't it make more sense to develop City Scene areas in regions that have an airport for P3d? I get that Charleston is a pretty area, but who's made KCHS for P3d? I'd love a City Scene for New Orleans, or maybe Toronto, there's so many areas that already have an airport for P3d that City Scene would work well for. Just my .02.
  5. I'll see what I can find out, thanks I've tried to remove the gsx jetways, but after I do, the gate doesn't allow the orbx jetway to be used. I'll report back once it's fixed.
  6. Digging deeper, I think I see what's going on. Prior to KGPI being released with moving jetways, I think I added GSX jetways some time ago. I tried to remove the GSX jetways, but that's having an issue restoring the orbx jetways. If I deleted the scenery and reinstalled via ftx, would that restore the orbx jetways and remove any previous GSX modifications?
  7. I've found another post related to the same issue, but I'm unable to fix using the discussed solution. At KGPI, I have 3 sets of jetbridges at each gate. One that is connected to the building, but that jetway is stationary, and 2 others stacked together, but those are about 50' away from the building. I do have GSX, but have not made any changes to the airport. I do also have KFCA disabled in NRM. Appreciate a fix, thanks
  8. Does the order matter? Meaning can I add this at the bottom?
  9. Think you found the issue. This entry was not in this add-ons.cfg. I'm adding it now, and will report back. Appreciate the help.
  10. I misspoke earlier, my user account is the admin on my system.
  11. Gents, fabulous job on Orlando. I'd like to ask for some assistance integrating KMCO from T2G. I realize this isn't yours, but perhaps some know how to fix the issues I'm experiencing: 1. Random disappearance of taxiway lines. This is very strange. As I'm taxiing around, the taxi lines randomly disappear. If I pan the camera around a bit, I can get them to reappear, but not always. 2. Taxiway Bridges (2) missing on the Northeast side of the airport. I believe this was fixed in an update from T2G a while back, but since I installed Cityscene Orlando, these bridges are now missing again. 3. Rendering of grass very close to the aircraft on approach Not sure if this is an autogen setting, but again, after Cityscene Orlando was installed, as I'm about 1000ft AGL about to touchdown, the grass begins to render on the sides of the runway. Not a huge deal, just looks strange. I've looked through a lot of the posts dealing with KMCO and Orlando, and have made the suggested changes. The notes above are what I'm still experiencing. Appreciate any help. Thanks
  12. My user account is the admin. Tried launched FTX again, still no OF menu in P3d addons
  13. UAC is off. I'm not logged in as admin nor do I run P3d or FTX as admin either.
  14. Thanks - removed the previous add-on.xml and had FTX create a new by verifying LIbs. Still not getting the OF menu in Add ons. Just another thought - I was having a lot of issues with FTX in that I was not able to download any scenery from FTX. I had to always download the zip file from the website, and then use FTX to install. Suddenly, that is now working, but I'm curious if these issues are related. Perhaps some files are missing?
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