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  1. Taxiing out for take off from Dillingham airport Climbing out from Dillingham Leaving Dillingham Headed to Kanohe Bay
  2. Very nice set of shots. Thinking #3 is the grand prize winner though.
  3. You bring up some very good points. Like you for me Chase plane is the deal breaker for XP. Plus since I use FSX I think I would have to repurchase a bunch of airplanes.
  4. Makes sense. Since Microsoft is supposedly coming out with a new Flight Sim, do you think they will fix the VAS issue?
  5. Would be nice if they could come out with some for FSX
  6. Just out of curiosity, is this true earth going to be for XP only or will it make it to FSX/P3D?
  7. Great way to tour Seattle....Nice ones.
  8. Outstanding, lifelike images....
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