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  1. I suggest adding to the FTX FAQ: For flying in Australia (specifically AU Blue and Gold), disable the Global Vector scenery entries as explained in this topic. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Holger The error message is: I have seen no anomalies in the NA and AU regions. Everything looks great, and it works fine if I switch to "Default FSX" before switching from one region to the other. Ken
  3. When I switch directly between the NA & AU regions, I typically get an FTX Central error; but when I switch to "Default FSX" as an intermediate step, there is no problem. I have not seen this reported previously, and my search of your forums found no similar reports. It has always behaved this way on my system. Is this unusual? Thanks, Ken
  4. Hi, Tim. Downloaded and installed. Everything is now as it should be. Thanks for the help! Ken
  5. Hello, I just encountered this gable roof issue in Europe. Tim's reply above references an attached default "Roofdescriptions.spb" file. That's what I need, but I don't see the attachment. Thanks, Ken
  6. Hi, Helmut. PM sent. Please let me know if you don't receive it. Thanks! Ken
  7. Does anyone have a copy of the mission that came with the original AU Blue release (following Jane in the ultralight)? I have found the file AUBLUE.spb here on the forums, but not the mission folder that contains the associated files (FLT, WX, etc.). I do not have a backup copy of the original release, and the mission was removed from the later versions. I enjoyed flying this intro to Australia when AU Blue first came out, and I would very much like to fly it again. Thanks for your help! Ken
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