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  1. I am flying with unlimited fps. I have been using locked at 30 fps for a long time, but changed it some days ago after I got very low fps on a couple of flights.
  2. I have recently bought TE GB North and EGPH scenery. I have had a couple of flights to EGPH, and on my descend and landing I see that the texture on ground is blurry and roads and vegetation is missing. I can see buildings and cars ,but some of the buildings are also flying up in the air. When I enter the airport area everything seems to be ok. My autogen setting in P3Dv5,1 HF1 is dense. Today I have tested flying to airports and areas without detailed Orbx sceneries, and the textures are sharp, and I see roads and vegetation. Is it possible that my computer is getting old, and cannot manage s
  3. Yesterday I was flying form ESNQ to ESGG. The weather was bad so it was an IFR flight all the way. On final I saw that it was no visible trees at the ground outside the airport, and when landing I saw the same within the airport scenery. My Autogen Vegetation setting was very dense. After landing I took a picture, paused the sim and reduced the setting to Dense. Then the trees showed up as you see at the other picture. I did a new flight with the reduced setting, but with the same result. I also experienced the same when I was flying into EGPH earlier last week. Can anyone tell me if it is a w
  4. I had to reinstall all sceneries after a P3Dv4.3 crash last week. At ENNO I have got som weird runway lights, that was not there before. I have ORBX FTX Global base, Vector, EU Europe and EU Norway installed. I hope some one can give me advice on how to get normal lights. Tor Arild
  5. Thank you Doug!! Your advice and the new file solved my problems.
  6. Thank you for your reply. The textfile is not in my Versions folder. When I start FTXC3 I see this picture with the numbers 6450%, then come the errormessage shown in my first post. When I click OK the numbers change to 100%. When I go to the download page I see this picture :
  7. I have used Global treesHD for a long period, but the last months the trees does not load when I start P3Dv4.3. To load the trees I have to go to Options and change the Autogen setting either up or down, and when I go back to the sim the trees show up.Last night I decided to uninstall the package, and reinstall it, but it will not be installed. I get an error which I dont understand. I hope someone can give med advice how to solve it. Tor Arild
  8. Very elegant shots. What kind of weather/ cloud / sky program(s) do you use?
  9. Hi. You are west of the town Ålesund. The island in front with the mountain is Sula. To the north you will find ENAL Ålesund airport on the island Vigra. Tor Arild
  10. Hi. I have followed your advices, and it seems that my problems are gone. I will test more tomorrow, but so far it seem to be very good. Thank you for your help. Tor Arild
  11. Hi. I first updated Client and then content. I did not update scenery. As normal I first deleted the old ones before installing the New files. Tor Arild
  12. After updating the sim I have got problems with autogen vegetation and buildings at my home airport ENSN in Norway. At startup I miss autogen threes, and fences around the airport. If I change autogen vegetation from very dense to dense, they come back. Next time I start up with very dense setting they are still missing.Changing back to dence make the threes show up again. When I take off at RW 01 I pass over some building north of the airport. During takeoff the building are solid placed on the ground, but when I return to the airport after some minutes flying, the building are up in the air
  13. I have downloaded and installed the file, but the buildings are still missing. I have also tried different scenery setting but nothing helps. Tor Arild I looked into the file and there was an off. file with the same name. When I removed it the buildings showed up. Thank you.
  14. I bought both Germany sceneries some days ago, and was looking forward to some nice hours with VFR flying. In GS areas everything seems to be OK, but when I was having a flight over Berlin, I didn´t see the historic buildings that I have seen on the Screenshots from the Scenery. The buildings at Tempelhof is missing, Brandenburger Tor, the old Parliament building (The new ones are visible)and the radio tower near Alexanderplatz is missing. I have tried different graphic and autogen settings but to no help. I have P3D v.4. I have deleted and installed GN a second time, but it didn't´t help eit
  15. It is interesting to see that some of you have had lag issues with 4k tv. I have had a 49" 4K tv for more than a year, and have experienced very little lag when flying. I followed the advices from rtings.com and bought a tv that support 4K@60hz@4:4:4. I have no technical knowledge to explain why it is important, but so far I am very satisfied whit the bigger display. The flying experience has been much greater after I got the 4k tv, and I now also love flying VFR. I have experienced lag at big airports like EHAM flying PMDG 737 and with AI trafic and AS for P3d activ, but usually lag is no pr
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