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  1. Very elegant shots. What kind of weather/ cloud / sky program(s) do you use?
  2. It is interesting to see that some of you have had lag issues with 4k tv. I have had a 49" 4K tv for more than a year, and have experienced very little lag when flying. I followed the advices from rtings.com and bought a tv that support 4K@60hz@4:4:4. I have no technical knowledge to explain why it is important, but so far I am very satisfied whit the bigger display. The flying experience has been much greater after I got the 4k tv, and I now also love flying VFR. I have experienced lag at big airports like EHAM flying PMDG 737 and with AI trafic and AS for P3d activ, but usually lag is no problem for me. Some weeks ago I got a new G force 1080 TI, and that was also a big step foreward for the simulator. Tor Arild Danielsen
  3. I have now had my 49" Samsung curved 4K tv as monitor for a year, and I am very satisfied with it and the way you feel you are flying in the landscape. I have 3860x2180 resolution.My former spec was with 3 monitors, and I was concerned when I bought the 4k tv that the refreshrate was to slow for flightsim, but it has not been an issue at all. With P3d v4 things has been even better, with higher framerate, and sharper display.
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