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  1. I don't remember what my first Orbx product was but I do remember debating with myself and being very unsure of that first purchase. "Too expensive" I thought to myself when looking at their stuff online. Now, I couldn't imagine using ANY flight simulator without Orbx products. So glad to see this AMAZING team already showcasing their talent in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. All the best Orbx, keep up the FANTASTIC work. Anthony P.S. C A R I B B E A N I S L A N D S
  2. Well I survived hurricane Maria here on the Commonwealth of Dominica but lost my home and almost everything in it. The island is totally destroyed. Luckily my family and pet are alive and well. This will be my last post for a while as my PC is gone...no flight sim for a long while. Love this community so just had to say hi. Gonna miss posting screen shots. Best Regards Anthony aka CLANK
  3. HUH? This is very interesting. I hope LM solves this issue soon. @Holy Cheese I really appreciate you pointing out this bug. I will give this a try and see if it solves my problems. Regards, Anthony Moise
  4. Purchased and installed Aerosoft La Palma Pro and now the sim is crashing again. If I disable OpenLC Europe, the sim loads fine. I think the issue must be with my installation of OpenLC Europe as this has issue only started when I installed the product.
  5. Thanks for the compliment...glad you enjoyed them Oh yes...long live 64bit. Glad you liked the shots.
  6. UPDATE Well I have not found any useful info on the T2G forums. Still same issue. If I have LFPG and OpenLC Europe enabled the sim crashes when trying to load a scenario. If I have either on of them disabled, the sim loads just fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. For now, I am running the sim (P3Dv4) with Taxi2Gate's LFPG disabled. Regards, Anthony A Moise
  7. Glad you like them John Thanks Jack...I really like the first one too.
  8. This was the last long haul flight I ran in FSX:Steam Edition if I am not mistaken. Sadly, I was unable to complete the flight due to the dreaded OOM error. With the switch to P3Dv4, this worry of running out of memory is a thing of the past. Hope you guys and gals enjoy these images captured from this flight. Taxiing to Rwy 30L Departing Dubai Descent, Approach, Landing Stockholm, Arlanda
  9. Looks like it was a great flight with some fantastic views. I haven't fired up FSX since I got P3Dv4...actually uninstalled it last month.
  10. All these are great. The last one is my favorite shot.
  11. These are fantastic. The third one is my favorite.
  12. Some great shots Jack. I will be sure to pick up this Orbx product when I can.
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