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  1. I could solve the issue by disabling the experimental feature "D3D video features" in the TacPack Manager. By doing this I can still use TacPack and have no scenery issues. Thanks for your help. Regards, Uli
  2. Nick, you are right: I have Tacpac installed. And by disabling it, the problems in Cardiff are gone. Is there anything I can do to use both Cardiff and Tacpack at the same time?
  3. I have made some more screenshots. They clearly show, that the issue are not the black polygons itself, but some "see through" polygons. Everything that is placed before these ploygons is not displayed (planes, buildings, etc.). If a part of the building is affected you will see the black ground texture that is located underneath that building. The screenshots show all affected areas I have discovered so far. I found out that ORBX_EGFF_GP.bgl is releated to the problem. If I disable this BGL the problem is gone. However, this file is essential for the scenery thus disabling is not an option.
  4. So, I did some more tests: I deleted prepar3d.cfg, shader cache, terrain.cfg, scenery.cfg and SceneryIndexes_x64 I reinstalled FTX Wales by uninstalling and downloading again I reinstalled OrbX Libraries Nothing helped, the black ploygons are still there. I checked OrbX Innsbruck, Dubrovnik, Stockholm, Pula and Bilbao. In none of these sceneries I had an issue as in Cardiff. When upgrading von Prepar3d from v4.0 to v4.1 and to v4.2 I updated the client and content only. The scenery is still on 4.0. But as the changes in scenery were not significant I did not update. Could this be the issue? Regards, Uli
  5. Thanks Nick. With the knowledge that EGFF basically works in P3D 4.2 I did a little more testing. I restored the original shaders (as I am using PTA), turned off Reshade and removed all BGLs from World/Scenery from other addons. All this measures did not help. Then I moved all sliders in the P3D settings way to the left and noticed, that with a texture resolution of 256 the black polygons are gone. If I move up to 512 pixel they appear again. I noticed, that the polygons appear as soon as the ground texture is being loaded. Before that moment, the textuers on the buildings and jetways are already loaded. Regards, Uli
  6. Here is the result of the MigrationTroubleshooter: Orbx Migration Troubleshooter ==================================== REGIONS Australia NOT INSTALLED Central Rocky Mountains NOT INSTALLED England MIGRATED CORRECTLY FTX Global MIGRATED CORRECTLY Ireland MIGRATED CORRECTLY Northern California NOT INSTALLED Northern Ireland NOT INSTALLED Norway MIGRATED CORRECTLY Northern Rocky Mountains NOT INSTALLED New Zealand North Island NOT INSTALLED New Zealand South Island NOT INSTALLED FTX Global openLC Europe MIGRATED CORRECTLY Pacific Fjords NOT INSTALLED Pacific Northwest NOT INSTALLED Southern Alaska NOT INSTALLED Southern California NOT INSTALLED Scotland MIGRATED CORRECTLY Wales MIGRATED CORRECTLY ==================================== All region files exist. All files valid, MD5 hashes checked.
  7. Hi Doug, I verified, that I already set up the insertion point as suggested in the linked thread. Additionally I started Cardiff with all other scenery addons deactivated. However the black polygons are still there. Regards, Uli
  8. Hi, I recently bought EU Wales. In Cardiff I see black polygons hovering in the air and blocking parts of the scenery or AI aircraft (e.g. in the yellow circle you can see parts of the fuselage overlapped by that strange polygon). I am using P3D v4.2. Regards, Uli
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