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  1. Is the 11:30 beta version stable ? framerates any different?
  2. try putting your voltage back to normal and in the bios there is a setting that lets you either have Hyperthreading on of off , it worked for me and all runs stable.
  3. Looks nice and smooth , only way I could get my 8700k to 5 gighz was to turn of hyperthreading.
  4. Though I do think it would take months and months of intense work and probably terra bytes of downloads and installation. That's if we are talking true earth scenery.
  5. Orbx have ever thought about making a Xplane 11 global base , much like the one available for prepar 3d?
  6. Are we looking at a release soon ?
  7. As I already own these two from Turbulent will they be discounted ?
  8. Thinking of trying True earth for P3D , what detailed major airports are available to go with it?
  9. Looks Awesome , Any idea of a possible release time?
  10. Rodneyprice

    Sightseeing around Milford Sound NZ

    Thankyou , Loving this Helicopter business ...
  11. Any planned XP11 airports in the near future orbx such as YMML and or current P3 ported to XP11?
  12. Wonder if Orbx would ever consider some scenery from the Soviet region?