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  1. Looking Forward to this as much as any other release for P3D , Question , Will Framerates will be impacted much due to resolution?
  2. looking forward to this , Reading the specs and even a 11 gig ram or more 1080 and 4.6 GHZ CPU is the basics , the hardware has always been behind the software.
  3. Looks good , If it really is this kind of graphics etc in flight and just not a tweaked up trailer then how much hard drive space and CPU /GPU power that is going to require, Laminar research are probably watching very closely as this could be a game changer , sorry simulator changer , hopefully Orbx are onboard already and currently looking at options. Then again does it require 3rd party addons? So lets wait and see what Back to the future as I call it brings.
  4. thanks Ian , looks great , hard on framerates?
  5. I am more interested in what addon you have used for the sky ?
  6. Nice , What clouds / what sky textures are you using?
  7. Hi Orbx , I did read somewhere that you are planning on porting P3d Australian airports to xp 11 , did I read correct ?
  8. I did read an announcement somewhere that Orbx plan to port all 170 airports to XP.
  9. Looking forward to more TE for XP11 , I am sure Laminar research is also ,
  10. Is the 11:30 beta version stable ? framerates any different?
  11. try putting your voltage back to normal and in the bios there is a setting that lets you either have Hyperthreading on of off , it worked for me and all runs stable.
  12. Looks nice and smooth , only way I could get my 8700k to 5 gighz was to turn of hyperthreading.
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