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  1. Hi , Hope someone can advise me on what maybe causing the black squares in XP11 true earth GB. I have done verify files and all ok, computer hasn't run out of memory.
  2. Is Xplane 11 Washington and Oregon true earth SD the same resolution etc as Great Britain true earth?
  3. Just wondering how much computer demanding is the GB True earth than the standard GB mesh addon?
  4. Some time ago ORBX released service packs for the Australian airports , are they still required to be installed ? if so where do I find them?
  5. Just wondering Orbx , wasn't there a plan to port Australian airports such as YMML that are for P3D over to XP11?
  6. Thankyou Orbx for Terra Flora , its addons like these that make Xplane even better. Highly recommend it. Now if you could make a weather and season engine that wasn't hard on frame rates you would sell squillions ...
  7. I have EU mesh for Prepar 3D , if i go with the GB South TE would i expect to see much difference in framerate between the two?
  8. As I have Xplane TE Oregon installed what Orbx airports are for that area?
  9. Hi , I seen a forum recently in relation to Australia V2 and airports updates , not sure where I seen that post , so hope someone can guide me .
  10. Hi Just wondering what the Airports that come with TE Washington and Oregon , I have both but not sure where to start flying from.
  11. Hi Nick , I have looked at page 7 of AU2 and it mentioned about Global vector, I don't have Global vector installed. Sorry but I am I overlooking something on page 7 ?
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