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  1. I am not sure if I read correct and don't seem to be able to find the comment. Did I read that Orbx is coming on board with scenery for Xplane 11 and if so are we likely to see something in the not to distant future?
  2. ENNK Narvik Airport review by Mutley's Hangar

    This is one great looking airport , one of the best if not the best in the Orbx range that I have and I have a lot , I also love the way the houses have been done , this is how all the houses in P3D V4 should be done How about Orbx you make an addon called HD houses , just like what you have done with HD trees , I believe it would be a big seller.
  3. Just a general question while it downloads , will this automatically replace Australian / NZ aircraft that come default with P3V4?
  4. Next region

    As I am from the land of down under (Australia) I would be more than happy to see more Aussie airports , such as kingsford Smith , Adelaide and Perth international airports , and some more general aviation airports ,
  5. Airport request

    OK , just gotta learn to cook that scruffy duck LOL
  6. There are still many great GA airports around southern Victoria and Tasmania , would be good to fly into King island from Say Warnambool or even Ballarat , how about some more of our local airports ORBX , I know you cant make for everyone. if you want photos I live in this area and would be more than happy to assist with that. I would build myself if I knew where to start.
  7. Suggestion for orbx

    Houses don't look this big at 8000 feet 2017-8-27_20-59-6-490.bmp
  8. I would like to see ORBX do their own version of the houses in P3DV4 , I have always found the houses in FSX and P3 to look to big at altitude and just don't look right.
  9. Yes definitely Perth international and Orbx version of YSSY , although been done by flytampa and its good its a frame rate killer , Orbx airports have much more friendly frame rates and look.great as well
  10. Thankyou ORBX for the hot august sale , I have spent some dollars , next investment will have to be a bigger ssd drive My flight sim dedicated 250 gig ssd drive is now full with P3DV4 , ORBX , PMDG and some other third party airports , I love all the ORBX scenery I have purchased and look forward to more new releases , after I pick myself up from being whipped by the lovely wife for spending so much LOL .
  11. If you read through this that I posted recently you will see a returned comment , it was stated mega size airports , well that i term as international.
  12. I read somewhere in orbx forum that orbx wont be creating international airports anymore , is this true?
  13. Just want to say a big thankyou to all the Orbx team for the V4 updates and at no cost , a lot of other big businesses would make us all pay$, I did a fresh reinstall of P3DV4 and all Orbx sceneries , I have a lot of them , and reporting back to say all running A1.......and looking awesome......................... Regards Rodney