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  1. I remember back when I use to play Flight sims such as Fly and FS 2000 and all my friends were into shoot em up games and they laughed and called me the nerd. Well how things have changed , some of those friends have now built new PC just for flight sims . Just cant begin to imagine what flight sims are going to like in another 5 to 10 years.
  2. Would be a dream career , the amount of pride one would feel from being part of a team that bings to life scenery .
  3. Great answer, Thanks Nick
  4. Looking forward to True Earth , the question I ask is , are we going to need mega computers to run this ? are the current high end systems up to this ?
  5. I have P3D4 dedicated to a 500 gid SSD and with all the ORBX and other airports I have installed its about300 gig used . so maybe add two true earth to that and its about full.
  6. Thankyou for reply John, At this stage where I live in Australia I don't have High speed broadband , though its coming soonish I have been told , so I guess I will wait till then. Cheers Rodney
  7. Yea though 77 gig for many I believe is a long time download and that's just one region , wait till we want just more than one region , and that may deter from purchase. Only my two cents worth
  8. Hi Orbx , From what I have read so far it seems that the true earth areas are going to be huge downloads, the Netherlands I read is 77 gig download , at present I live in an area that doesn't have super fast downloads and I am sure there are many like me in that situation ( Suggestion ) how about orbx make the option for purchase on a dvd package
  9. Wow once a few of these True earth areas are released its going to need a big HD if I are to keep all the other addons such as airports etc, Looks like a TB sized HD is on the next to get. Might just look at a standard HD as I think the multiple TB ssd are not cheap. Would be good if we could purchase these True Earth areas from Orbx on a USB rather than try to downloads huge files, Where I live we don't have super fast downloads as yet.
  10. Did I read somewhere that its a 77 gig download?
  11. Try the following firstly go to control panel in windows 10 and look for icon that says file explorer options , within that you will have an option up the top change to view then scroll down to see show hidden folders and drives and then tick that option , Go back to C: drive or what ever driver letter your windows is installed on. Look for Program Data and open that folder. look for Lockheed Martin and open that folder. Prepar 3D v4 open that folder. you will then see a DAT file titled stars.dat. open that using notepad. Part the way down you will see star settings and number of stars. I think it reads 9068 I changed mine to 0 as I don't like the star displays in P3D , they look false. (Maybe ORBX could design a star scenery pack) Enter what ever number you require and save. there is also options to change intensity of stars and display constellations if you decide to keep all stars or some. Let me know how you go. PS: do remember to make a back up copy of that star.dat file just in case.
  12. Looking great and cant wait , one question compared to current orbx scenery what performance impact will this new true earth have ?
  13. Thankyou John ......
  14. As was mentioned By Ed Correia, March 4 in OrbxDirect Release Announcements Expect to see to a steady stream of releases as we look at converting some of our existing products for X-Plane 11 and some new products elusive to X-Plane 11! Would this include YMML ?
  15. I am not sure if I read correct and don't seem to be able to find the comment. Did I read that Orbx is coming on board with scenery for Xplane 11 and if so are we likely to see something in the not to distant future?