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  1. Have checked my update and it says i have the latest 1909 , Dont know why it wont find the new update.
  2. Very Natural looking photos.
  3. ok thanks , Yes my runs fine , just thinking about others .. Cheers
  4. Hi Orbx , Great to see all these True earth products coming out. As everybody's computer is different on how well it can run these addons what would be good is if Orbx released a small downloadable demo for of each region for all to try. That way we could all see if our computers are up to running this software at an enjoyable level before we spend up .... A try before you buy...
  5. Just wondering is there an airport that comes with the XP Washington enhancement pack ? I see one in the screen shots , not sure what it is .
  6. Probably a silly question , Is YMML for p3dv5 on the cards ?
  7. Also isn't it advised to in the scenery library to move any airport etc rather than Orbx to the top of the list ?
  8. I have done a complete reinstall of P3d v5 that includes the new hotfix , still getting that pixelating tree line if clouds are in the background of the trees , be it Stock trees and or Orbx trees . I guess this is a P3D issue and not Orbx , Might contact LM and see what they say , anyone else notice it ? it only seems to happen in the true sky option .
  9. I get the same thing with this , how do you mean inactive ? do you mean untick the flytampa yssy option in the the scenery library in P3D ?
  10. tonyshros glad it worked for you , Makes all the difference to flying..
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