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  1. Hm, the problem exists. Shaders were not the cause. With the pier is also the problem.
  2. Near the Valdez I have a similar the problem (water), but in my case the problem is solved by replacing the shaders.
  3. Hi, Rob! Do you use the Envshade? When I use the Envshade the coastline looks like this
  4. Hello. Near Kenai in the direction of Anchorage the simulator crashes. The crash is very similar to the one near the Steward CZST causes CTD in same location Prepar3D FTX Southern Alaska and all airports Thanks for the help.
  5. Hello, guys! Next movie about the Pago Pago.
  6. Hello, guys! I haven’t been here for a long time...
  7. OMG! Guys! You must make it compatible with Fligth Sim Jewels product. Your Honolulu and photorealistic Oahu together will be a super product!
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