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  1. This is for simulating aerial archeology. I bet it's a Celtic Oppidum, probably leftovers of the Australo-Celts?
  2. Serene shot and nice weather!
  3. I do like my beer, it just wasn't the time. I had two nice coffees on all of you. Cheers and thanks to all that thought on my birthday!
  4. Thank you, too. I had a nice birthday on a warm and cozy summer evening. Thank you all for your good wishes!
  5. Thank you guys! I'll do my best to have a good birthday and drink on you!
  6. This is so that the conductor can lean out and see where he's going while he operates the steam valves. The windows in the front are for the first class lounge.
  7. Do you use the fan that comes with the CPU? They are pretty loud and don't cool much. If so, consider this one, for example: https://www.alpenfoehn.de/en/products/cpu-cooler/matterhorn-pure. Often the stock CPU cooling fans don't get too much thermal paste between the heatsink and the cpu, which is another issue that further deteriorates their cooling abilities.
  8. Very very nice screenshots. The usual limitations of Global. Still pretty good pictures. I like the second-to-last one especially. From time to time I love it to dive between the mountains in fast fighter plane.
  9. Thanks M110A2. Indeed, Koblenz is derived from the latin term for confluence, but you cannot say Koblenz in German and expect anyone to understand "confluence". That wouldn't work. So it's just the city's name. Thank you very much for your comment! Thank you much, Martyn! Lufthansa ordered the -9 as a launch customer and I thought, why not take the -300ER and accelerate it a bit... Thank you Jack, yes it was a long flight, but you know me, the long haul doesn't shy me away when you can do other things in the meantime.
  10. This is from the Lufthansa flight DLH518 from Frankfurt to San José, Costa Rica, where our friend @carlosqr lives. I uploaded a video of the approach a little while ago. Anyway, this flight also yielded some very nice views that I thought I could share with you: Take-off runway 07C in Frankfurt. Beneath lies Koblenz ("Confluentes") where Rhine and Mosel meet. EDDK / Cologne ahead. Over Cologne. EDDK. Wuppertal (to the upper right of the quarries / bright spots) and Essen (in the distance, left of the lake). EDDL / Düsseldorf and the Lower Rhine. Going ETOPS later over the Atlantic Ocean. Eleuthera / Bahamas. Nassau / Bahamas. Andros / Bahamas. Over the Caribbean Sea. Nicaragua / Honduras finally. Lake Cocibolca / Lake Nicaragua. Passing the lagoon of the volcano El Arenal. The Arenal is to the lower right of the lake. It's getting evening. Approaching the capital of Costa Rica, San José. This approach (RNAV W Rwy 25) requires a 180° turn on final with mountains on three sides and therefore full concentration. Done! (Passengers had to jump). Thanks, I hope you liked it!
  11. Worst accommodation ever. I couldn't get a minute of sleep there.
  12. Thanks for mentioning the Richat structure, I had never heard of it before. I'd certainly second your desire.
  13. Indeed, outstanding series!
  14. Two absolutely deserved and worthy winners, congratulations mates!
  15. These are surprising news indeed. Of course I am really pleased to read that we could have two new OpenLCs on our "shelves" by Xmas. OK, you could have given the reasons for the delay earlier. But let's see now, I really hope to see Africa by the forecast season this time. This time it's true, right? And yes, Asia is a surprise of the pleasant kind. Regarding photoscenically enhanced hot spots, besides the honorable Fuji: Mt. Everest and surroundings Kilimandjaro everything that looks like a beautiful Volcano Thank you for the update.
  16. "buest-guess" is what makes me sceptical here. About 2 PB from what I've heard. They want to stream the appropiate chunks live onto your machine. Personally, I can live perfecty without so far. This will also change the addon industry as you're going to pay the addon companies for unlocking something on MS's servers. You won't see a single KB of the actual data.
  17. I remember that about 15 years ago, the German flightsim magazine FlightXPress speculated about the future of flightsimming and that we would be soon using technology based on Google Earth to have the perfect simulation of the earth where anyone would be able to find his own house accurately represented. The result would be a photo-earth with very few objects in it. A lot like FS 2002, perhaps. The question is, why has this not yet arrived? Because using satellite imagery (aka photoreal scenery) comes at a high data cost and doesn't yield consistently convincing results. Think of the aircraft you can see parked on the aprons of the world's airports and cars on the roads. These are non-static objects that you have to hand-edit out of material. That's why Orbx invented the TE series, which is based on satellite or aerial imagery, but manually processed to give us the stunning results it does. After all, buildings and trees have to be handplaced to the appropriate locations. Well, maybe an algorithm is invented that does that for you, but still, these aren't perfect and would require hand-editing. You don't have this problems with landclass sceneries that consist of repeating tiles, which make them look less real, but also much easier to produce.
  18. A better planetar-arrival-celebration-postcard is difficult to conceive. May I join the line of well-wishing aviconductors? Have a nice one, John!
  19. It's amazing how you make the avatar appear in the situation and it looks so real! A great story. This made my day! Thanks!
  20. That was a nice flight, who would have thought it would be getting foggy so quickly after the sunshine at the beginning? I'm sure it was a nice ride for you.
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