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  1. This is looking very good. Any information on the exact coverage of the product, i. e., how far does it extend into Asia?
  2. Fantastic shots, especially the first one with the glow of the city lights in the background... very nice. Also, the A350 looks good, how is it from the inside? They can when I come.
  3. Actually I didn't know it was that sacred to them.
  4. A great trip report. I'm totally shocked how inaccurate the painting of the airplane ist. And I believe the destination is Sydney (the tower is a landmark).
  5. Wonderful collection of photos! You must have had an awesome trip! Thank you for sharing these.
  6. Simply outstanding trip report, Gerold! Nothing beats the real life feeling when you look out of the window, along the wing or over the engine... I always try to think of where my views would be best already before booking a seat, but you cannot tell how the wind will blow months in advance... And why did Virgin Australia fly so low? To offer better sightseeing? Wow.
  7. Super interesting tour, Gerold. Did you go up Ayers Rock? I heard they closed it for tourists last week or so.
  8. Wow!! The screenshots are really good, but the real life photos are overwhelming. It's such a beautiful landscape. And Kudos for staying on the wrong side of the road for so long...
  9. Thanks for posting something that actually makes me feel YOUNG. Northwest DC-10, Pacific Southwest 737-200, 727? Sorry I've never heard of Wien Alaska!
  10. Very nice shots from a scenery I'm looking forward to, I'm just too lazy at the moment to switch to Orbx Central. There was a bridge though and you didn't challenge it?
  11. There's some freeware that's better than payware, and there's payware that's much worse than freeware, and then there's even freeware where there is no payware. Also, a reason why not to sell it could be the following: there's simply no market for every backwater aerodrome in the Caucasus Range.
  12. You're missing half of the fun, although I do understand how frustrating scenery problems can become. Even with payware you get problems here and there.
  13. Beautiful scenery. I notice that the PAPIs for rwy 05 are correctly aligned.
  14. Very nice journey, Jack. A beautiful airport this is. Btw, there's also a freeware LIEE Cagliari (in the south of the island) out there, very nice.
  15. It's V2. VR is around 177kn. Yeah that's the speed you need with a fully loaded 777 in these weather conditions, and with a derated take-off thrust setting.
  16. That's very nice and surprising news. In fact, I noticed that I have only one decently modelled airport in Great Britain and that is Heathrow. Edinburgh has very good real world routing options: Longhaul: Dubai (Emirates) Doha (Qatar) Boston (Delta) JFK (Delta) Philly (AA) Newark (United) O'Hare (United) Dulles (United) Cancún (TUIfly) Toronto (Air Canada Rouge) ...and from Orbx: Stockholm ARN (SAS, Norwegian) Dubrovnik (Jet2, Easyjet) Pula (Jet2) East Midlands (Flybe) London City (Flybe, BA) Southhampton (Flybe) Bilbao (Easyjet) Innsbruck (TUIfly, Austrian) I'll be picking this up in the next sale.
  17. Thank you Aussie! Thank you for your comment, Jean Marc! Paul Atreides would sure like to ride one of those. Thank you Gerold. You have slept in the outback and you are still alive? Wow! As we speak of Singapore, in case you didn't notice it yet, I found this quite amazing 4K-video of a 777 take-off in Singapore (Air France though). Notice that V2 is at 181kn. Enjoy.
  18. Thanks Jack and I have no idea, but they do look extremely scary to me. Thank you very much, John! Yes I've heard that before, that's why this came to my mind. I hope that these creatures are not that widespread there and the nickname thus actually unjustified.
  19. Thank you very much JV. This looks very good. Great to hear that it is going to be in Beta in no time.
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