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  1. Hello again, how's the progress of our beloved and much requested OpenLC products for Africa and Asia? Are we nearing the Beta phase finally? I would be very grateful for any news, and especially, pictures! Could you share some new pictures with us? That would be very awesome, Thank you Lars
  2. Hello, how's the progress on this project? Are there any previewable pics you could share with us? I'm very much interested in this airport and I'm thinking of buying another developers product, but of course I'd rather buy a lot nicer Orbx product. Any news are appreciated, Thanks Lars
  3. That's a great idea, seriously. Especially since Dave's comment is not totally unjustified given the fact that they had allowed for putting OpenLC Africa on hold for over a year or so and effectively concealing this from us. JV we count on you.
  4. Thank you very much for joining us and for your comment!
  5. That's another cool flight and even longer, I did some trans-pacific, too... I have to repeat that soon. I had 13kn of tailwind according to the plan. I believe Munich could be half an hour less, that's about right. So you weren't that slow. There are no big Jetstreams along the way. It is. Berliners are more proficient in colonial studies, gender studies etc. I mean, the important stuff.
  6. Thanks a lot for coming along and commenting, olderndirt.
  7. Thank you Gerold, what can an airline hope for more than delivering a fantastic flight? OK, I had to look that up. An interesting, alternative explanation to the obvious... You're completely wrong, Düsseldorf doesn't have any attractions at all. Seriously, I don't know why anybody would leave Wuppertal for Düsseldorf. But Hannover is OK, good! The people of Berlin never stop to make the world laughing, what a precious city that is.
  8. You're welcome and thank you for joining us today.
  9. Thank you for all the compliments, Jack. It took me "just" 12 h 18 min to complete this flight.
  10. And without the stench not to forget. But not all passengers have equal faith. Thank you Rodger for joining us on the flight!
  11. Very impressive shots! A very enjoyable voyage.
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