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  1. Captain Lars

    My Valentine’s picked up

    Carlos, these are fantastic shots! The PanAm and the Alaskan bird are real marvels. Congratulations on your purchases!
  2. Captain Lars

    Got a ride with RFDS

    Good to hear and thanks for the info.
  3. Captain Lars

    Got a ride with RFDS

    Is this the PC-12 by Carenado and did you find the RFDS livery at Avsim? I hope you are recovering.
  4. Captain Lars

    United 363 - Aloha Honolulu!

    Thank you very much Don, I appreciate your comment much!
  5. Captain Lars

    Airbus near me in Douglasville

    Two good pictures, Jack. Is this a fictional livery or are they really getting Airbuses now?
  6. Captain Lars

    United 363 - Aloha Honolulu!

    Thank you very much, Karl! Carlos, muchísimas gracias por el comentario tuyo tan detallado. I'm happy that you enjoyed your flight with United. It's a wondeful livery for sure. I did a flight with the long John, but it didn't yield so much worthy pics. Great to hear you like the Sunny Heart Livery, it's very attractive, indeed. This was the first time it happened to me, too. Thank you very much, Jack! That means a lot to me. After all you are a kind of a real pro! Thank you very much, Stewart, I'm happy when you say you liked them all. Thank you much, great to hear! Thank you Mikee, I'm glad that you like my shots! Thank you John! Thank you a lot for your kind words, they're much appreciated. Thanks Gerold - indeed, you can reach most places on earth within 24 hours by now. Regarding the King of the Skies: I think that the 777 is really the King of the Skies. Analogous to the Queen 747. Yes! It's a very masculine plane. Thank you, merci Jean Marc!
  7. Captain Lars

    United 69 - Crossing the Pond

    Thank you very much for your comment, Martyn. Thank you Captain Karl! Moonshine is a good idea, so passengers can accept more easily when they get thrown out of the plane. Btw, I believe having seen Hildas old personnel file here a the UAL dispatch. Looks like she lost the job here for not acting "vigorously" enough towards passengers. Thank you a lot, Carlos, I appreciate your comment very much! I'm delighted that you like my shots that much.
  8. Captain Lars

    United 363 - Aloha Honolulu!

    That was fast! Thank you very much for your comment, Martyn. That's nice to hear. Take a look at my last flight from snowy Stockholm to snowy Newark, in case you are still suffering from the scorching OZ heat:
  9. Departing aircraft are a good proof that we're actually at an airport. The first passengers take their seats... ...while their baggage and freight for Honolulu is being loaded. Climbout to the northwest, direction Toronto. Westbound traffic below. Wonderful clouds. I love them. Nearing the Rockies. FTX Northern California here. King of the Skies. Lake Davis. Beautiful weather as we cross the snow border... ... that is soon replaced by a thick cloud cover as we approach the Pacific Ocean. Ship traffic. Perfect horizon. We reach Oahu eventually - Bellows Air Force Station can be seen on the north coast. We circumnavigate the east end of the island close to Koko Crater. A residential area named "Hawaii Kai". We begin the LDA approach on runway 26L alongside Waikiki - abeam Diamond Head here. The approach involves a handflown curve on short final. We have a METAR: PHNL 112253Z 19008KT 10SM FEW025 FEW040 28/18 A3000 Cockpit view! Speed pegged to VApp, sinkrate is -800'. This approach looks stable as a rock. Gear view! Tail view! Touchdown! On the center line with an 8K crosswind from the left. (Instant replay, that's why there are no spoilers visible) One of the more interesting taxiways. The abnormally inclined horizontal stab trim is due to Chaseplane's replay mode, I found out. So we arrived at the gate. Aloha! We're there and mighty proud. That's it, I hope you appreciate my flight and - especially! - my landing as much as I did.
  10. Captain Lars

    From where the sun never shines.

    Absolutely wonderful shot. I love the mist.
  11. Captain Lars

    High Noon...

    Since they didn't include Spitzbergen / Svalbard in OLC Europe, I doubt they're going to include Novaya Zemlya in OLC Asia. It's already mid-february though and still no news from OLC Africa!
  12. Captain Lars

    Some "RL" shots above Germany North

    Fantastic and very impressive shots. What cloud addon do you use? Forgive me please if I have already asked that before, I just forgot.
  13. Captain Lars

    Friedan to Boise

    That sounds great. I hope you can find the means to move back to your favourite place!
  14. Captain Lars

    Friedan to Boise

    That's thrilling and weird at the same time, and cool... I remember having seen a documentary where people went into the wood in search for bigfoot, and beat a tree trunk with a club at night, and some seconds later they say someone answered in the same way... that was spooky for sure. And the story with the Vietnam veterans living there in caves isn't dull either! So basically you can run into a big hairy ape or into John Rambo there.
  15. Captain Lars

    An Improved Arlanda

    A super collection of winter shots, very well done!