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  1. Thank you very much, John. I'm glad you found it cool, thanks. Wouldn't you like a better scenery even more? Thank you, Jean Marc! You're right, the one you mention is almost acceptable, though I I have the feeling the autogen didn't turn up. Also, you can urge the Chinese government to issue a better landscape in the next 5 years plan by taking part in the poll - which I believe you already did. Thank you amigo. The 6th part is already in the making, so I'm really confident on the 7th part. Also, by my own rules I couldn't start the next tour in a less ugly area before completing the current one. Thanks Brad, I'm glad you like it despite the uglyness.
  2. Thank you very much, Jean Marc, I'm glad that you're fine with the dose of uglyness. Thank you, I'll forward Adam the good news!
  3. Kudos to your piloting skills! Staying calm with four burning engines and landing as if it was just your everyday's job... Seriously, perfect shots. I'd say coal for the four steam engines.
  4. Another awesome batch, mi amigo. The last picture is so attractive, I almost kissed my screen. But no. 5 and 6 is fake. Aerolíneas Argentinas could never afford a 747.
  5. No. 3 is China!!! The Serbs stole our agriculture!!!
  6. "Randomly" awesome, Carlos. Especially no. 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10... well all of them.
  7. Welcome aboard and thank you for continuing your journey with China Eastern Airlines! Our dispatchers did their best to find the optimal routing for our flight to Xi'an. Xi'an is a historically important city in China's Shaanxi province (please never confuse with Shanxi province, which lies east of Shaanxi) and is most famous for these guys: The army of his Majesty, Qin Shihuandi, the first emperor of China. He wasn't the nicest of all guys, but this may come with his profession. Cool hat anyway! Let's line up on runway 17L: Please note the Chinese habit of having a very clear delimitation between city and countryside, exemplified by the case of Shanghai: Please also note the other Chinese habit of building cities with a very homogenous building structure. Note how our skyscrapers tower above the other buildings! Also, please note the third Chinese habit of building lots of roads to nowhere to fake a city on the map. Please close the window blinds now. China Eastern cannot assume responsibility for any damage to your eyes. Sir, watching the landscape is at your own risk! As we approach Xi'an, we cross a city... A big shoutout to the clouds! They really saved the scenery here. OK, I cheated here: This picture actually shows Orbx FTX Idaho 2004. Sorry! We approach the plain of Xi'an. A few turns more... Sir!! ... and touch-down! Applause for the pilot who worked really hard to hit the aiming point. Now get off the plane, please, and mind the gap. Heave your grandmas into the jetway or use the rear exit. You can try the restaurant in the tower. They offer excellent pangolin, bat-soufflé and snake liquor. Don't forget to don your face masks to protect against any viruses. Thank you for choosing China Eastern! Next stop Hong Kong! Please don't forget to leave a like on our website.
  8. Thank you, Adam, Master of Screenshots! I'm glad you found some splendidness in them. Thanks for your report, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks, John! Thanks for your comment, amigo! China has very beautiful landscapes indeed. Thank you, Jack. Rather sooner than later but I guess we'll have to wait out MSFS first. Thank you for your uplifting comment, Gerold! The views were indeed surprisingly good on all my flights. Well, thank you for commenting, Bernd. So there's help around the corner? Have you seen the afterlife? So guys, if you're fine with the pics and think that the landscape is pretty much OK, China Eastern expresses its gratitude. If you think that the landscape during our flight was not OK, please fill out the form for complaints here. We will then urge the Chinese Government to build a better landscape.
  9. Fantastic shots - impressive what can be done with a high quality landclass scenery.
  10. Splendid shots indeed. I really expected the plane to roll into the swamp!
  11. Dear passengers, welcome aboard our seven-flight-rotation across China, Hong Kong and Tibet. For Chinese customers: across China. China Eastern Airlines shuns no cost to offer their passengers the most interesting flights across this vast country. So let's get started. Our first flight of this series is going to take us from Beijing Capital Airport (ZBAA) to Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD). The last time we checked, the landscape approximately looked like this: At the gate at the China Eastern Terminal (Terminal 2). As you can see, the livery of our plane is quite dull, if not outright ugly. Mountains in the distance when crossing runway 18L/36R on our way to the threshold. The "impressive" capital city of Beijing during climb. The mountains help to render the sight just semi-ugly. Uglyness galore. Even uglier. A few wooded hills come to the rescue of the inconsolable eye. Quite ugly, but at least this lake's shape strangely resembles Antarctica. See the Antarctic Peninsula? The fact that China is going fully digital is something you can observe even on their lake shorelines! So 80s' style! The clouds do help a lot to mitigate the uglyness. The "impressive" city of Shanghai. Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (ZSSS) at our 2 o'clock. It got a bit wet when we descended for runway 17R at Pudong. Close to FAF. Gear down. Interesting how the AI planes manage to land on the runway, while the airport is actually misplaced by a few hundred feet, so that ILS 17R actually leads into the grass close to 17L. Remember to check "use P3D navaids" or something like this in the aircraft options. Thankfully the seasoned pilot single handedly performed a side step to the right and managed to land on the concrete. I hope you liked our modest domestic service. Remember to use the window blinds, they can also help with the landscape. The good news is that this was already - almost - the bottom of uglyness that we came across during our service - as far as I know. Next stop: the famous Terracotta army at Xi'an (entry not included in the ticket). Stay tuned! Disclaimer: Of course, China is *not* an ugly country - it's just suboptimally depicted. This post is not poking fun at anyone.
  12. There are two possibilities: either MSFS 2020 is as good as the YT commenters and everyone seem to believe and no one's ever going to need a scenery addon product anymore. The second possibility is that the new sim's landscape is surprisingly dull and does need scenery revampments. In this case we could have all sticked with P3D.
  13. 220 voters / 329 votes. I'm afraid I can't really answer this question, you would have to ask Orbx. My take on it is that MSFS 2020 ruined OpenLC, since everyone seems to believe that the new one is going to be the solution to absolutely everything. People rejoice at the sight of a (quite dull) default airport and think that they are not going to need any scenery addon products anymore (well, according to YT comments). Has anyone ever raised the question to which ends you're going to need a TE product in MSFS 2020, a sim that's based on photogrammetry on a world wide scale? I'm never going to understand why people want the same regions done over and over again.
  14. Malmö looks like the perfect addition to every Scandinavian collection. Well done.
  15. This sounds intriguing indeed... BUT... there's a detail that's almost more intriguing. Just carefully look at every Orbx airport indicated in this map: I want to believe that Jarrad gave an unvoluntary leak here!
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