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  1. I noticed that Gaya Sim has released Tegel but did find no release thread here. Are there any plans to release EDDT for P3D4? I most likely can't go there on november 7th to do one of the farewell flights, so I need a decent replacement. I was never really satisfied with the competing product.
  2. These pics look stunning indeed. Make you want to drive our even walk through your sim.
  3. Thank you for all the support guys. In the meantime, 248 people cast 370 votes. It seems that the hype is slowly fading away and people are realizing what @dave302 stated: it is going to take years until we have MSFS on par with our trusted P3D. If they want me to switch, they'll have to offer at least the standard I already have in P3D. They'll have reasons not to declare themselves on the matter and I'm not pressing them. Edit: not yet.
  4. I think MSFS is less the problem than THE HYPE. I have the impression people have become, let's say, 'reluctant thinkers', if at all. The industry has to run for the masses, which in turn leaves more useful, coherent yet costly projects orphaned. I'm waiting for HiFi to switch off AS because of MSFS... than my simming is rendered impossible and I can thank the brainless masses for this. Something similar goes for the big C. People seem to feel quite comfortable in the situation we're in, as if it would give them a break from their lives, giving some sort of meaning to it. They can
  5. You're compelety right. I had another scenery there which I thought uninstalled long time ago. Now everything works as expected. Thank you for your attention which brought me on the right track.
  6. I admit I didn't take your suggestion seriously. What are you here for?
  7. You are right. A lot of people care enough for expressing their opinion here by voting. But that's just the die hards! My guess is that we can multiply this number by 5 at least.
  8. As long as there are people who fly P3D, XPlane or even FSX, there's a market for these products. This market likely may be gradually giving way to MSFS. TE, Regions and OpenLC will have no future in MSFS. The somewhat limited future in the field of scenery is airports and POI collections. While landclass technology is of no use for MSFS, it is already there. So, while it is a "past technology", it doesn't need invention first, and we can safely assume that people will buy it for their P3D, just as they will buy airports. There's no difference between the two products from a custom
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