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  1. Carlos, thanks you so much! More fuel for my flights.
  2. Wow, amazing shots! And such a beautiful livery, I might add. Did you find it on Avsim? It's nice with the crown, it gives the Iberia livery a whole new taste. Without it the Iberia livery is too dull for my taste.
  3. Ah, Alitalia... belle illustrazioni amico Carlo!! It means something like "Look at this beauty, the queen in Naples" (I had to do some research, too).
  4. I'd think that I'd be especially keen to visit a place called "Jaws of Death" or "Fountain of Great Black Spiders", but sure I am very special in this regard... There was once a place called "Snake Island" in Lake Wörtersee in Austria that was renamed to "Flower Island" just because the tourists thougt there would be snakes dwelling on that island, although the name was just because of the shape of the island. I just noticed that most of the smilies are gone...
  5. Very good shots, Gerold, but there's one thing that I don't understand and that's why they are not called "Jaws of Death" anymore. I mean, come on, that's a really cool name!
  6. Can only be #54 by digital896, even though it's XPlane, it's an exceptionally good, very dynamic shot.
  7. Smashing set, Jack! Great plane, great landscape, great pilot skills.
  8. In World War 11, ze Germans are featuring the dreaded, CO2-neutral, unicorn mounted rainbow cavalry.
  9. You're welcome and nice pictures you have there. Totally worth it and amazingly, the framerate seems actually better than before.
  10. Great perspectives, Adam, really fine shots. Infamous.
  11. At Buenos Aires Aeroparque SABE you should see it right from the runway threshold by looking at the apartment buildings to the side.
  12. You can tell better in a place like South America or Africa.
  13. Hey, there's always something that doesn't work as expected, don't worry. A great bunch of perspectives you got nonetheless! A pity that the rooftops didn't work for landing.
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