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  1. I wonder about the state of the project, too. Can't wait for Asia!
  2. Thank you Eugene, I have no permission to download it because I'm a guest user there. I might have to sign up.
  3. Thank you for the preview, these are looking fantastic! P3D 5? On a side note, your clouds are looking great, too.
  4. I just hope that Brisbane will get beautiful new asphalt and ground markings (but I'm sure it will).
  5. News would be most welcome, especially since Brisbane is getting a revampment... Brisbane - Perth...
  6. That's great news, thank you @Ed Correia for the update! Also, fantastic to see the increase of the first batch to include more of the Himalayas. And yes, I'm sure Mr. @Stillwater 'commited' a typo here... Captain Lars is very pleased, dear @carlosqr.
  7. "Orient" means 'east', so technically, the region you labelled "Asia" would be east of the east...
  8. How is it going? I can't wait for Asia! A lot of freight routes there.
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