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  1. Wow, that's great news! Really travelling to all those different countries to give us the most accurate selection of buildings of the whole world shows an amazing degree of dedication. I will instantly buy this, and I'm sure you all know that I like flying a bigger aircraft. It has absolutely nothing to do with the type of aircraft you like to fly, airliner and GA pilots alike are going to profit massively from this addon. I know no airport that's not surrounded by at least a few hundred houses on the approach path. It's the overall impression that counts.
  2. That was awesome as usual, Karl, and rowdy Roody was the highlight, thank you very much for posting!
  3. Yes, True Earth type sceneries are sure the future. They look better and more true to life. However, it's still not feasable to have a larger chunk of the world covered in TE. The workload will be inmense, and it will cost a fortune. Nobody is going to buy TE Nebraska for 50$, not even for 15, and sure nobody's going to buy TE Burkina Faso. The only reasonable way to give big chunks of the world a reasonably lifelike look is by LC products, and that's what makes OpenLC so valuable.
  4. Look at this impressive landscape. Now will your brother fly to Cape Cod instead of driving?
  5. Wow, I just saw this, too! boing, boing, boing.... Happy Birthday to Australia, Martyn! boing, boing, boing...
  6. I hate it to pour water in your wine but I don't think that aircraft and runways are gleaming so much in reality. They just look a tad very polished, imho.
  7. Wow, these clouds look a lot more detailed than mine... amazing the number of ships that's parked there off the shores. They modelled these in *beep*sim's WSSS. When I took a first look, I thought this was an error... but it wasn't! Well, for me it's still Mont Blanc. It depends on where you put the border between Europe and Asia...
  8. I almost skipped over this. I never saw the Crimea so far! Great. I'll have to do a No-Fly-Zones-Hopping one day...
  9. Yes, we all want photos of a real Singapore approach!
  10. How interesting. I landed in WSSS with BA11 with date june 5th, on the same runway. Singapore seems to be the most thunderstorm infested area of the planet. Never had I to fly through such a "shit" before on descent. I'll take B16 now to get back there from YSSY, btw!
  11. A couple of very good shots. Especially the first one is excellent.
  12. Thank you Jean Marc. Yes, it's really an improvement.
  13. Corrrrrect! Sorry, I think it was YEDA. I can't even remember it properly. Thanks Iain. Good guess, but it's Lake Eyre. Thank you Jack, but patful was right with Lake Eyre in South Australia. Thank you for the information!
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