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  1. I did and I found no recent news, only from August as you mentioned, that's why I asked. OK, thanks.
  2. Thanks Rongor but I meant the FS Pilot Shop, not the shop of Pilot's. OK!
  3. I second that - a pleasant surprise. Especially that the scenery entries are not readjusted everytime you fire it up (as opposed to FTX Central) makes it a whole lot easier to manage my scenery library. Well done.
  4. Has anyone an idea what's going on at the FS Pilot Shop? I'm unable to access the website since weeks / months, but according to the site Down for Everyone or just me it's just me. Can you still access the shop?
  5. 65 MBit/s isn't bad at all, actually it's quite good. I had 50 till approx. september and was quite content with it. I upgraded mainly because 100 cost the same as 50 do.
  6. I have lately upgraded to a 100 MBit/s connection, that's 12,5 MB/s. I have no idea how far I come with that. Anyways, there's no point for reasoning further about this point for me because that's as fast as it gets in my corner of the world - 100 MBit/s is quite fast for Germany, actually.
  7. Wow! What an awesome surprise. The perfect supplement for ESSA and the ESNQ package! The pics look perfect. Oh wait, ... Seasons? Really? Wow! Something we're not going to see for a long time to come, right?
  8. That's an excellent question. Actually, I liked LM's study / training attitude towards the product, which did it well.
  9. I believe that MSFS 2020 is a subject that needs a (new) thread. Some might not believe it, but yes, I am quite excited by the new sim, too. Here is a video I found. Quite a cold shower: at 12:38 you can hear that there'll be no VR and no seasons - at least not on release. In other words: Ooops... sorry guys, we figured most customers would be happy to fly during summertime only Jim Joystick is back I guess.
  10. I'm sorry. Yes, of course there are people who find pleasure in the TE series. There is more than one different simming style, of course. My rant was, indeed, a rant and very much opinionated. Edit: I was dreaming with flying over OLC Asia for a long time now, which creates disappointment. "Who needs that" should be read as "I don't need that".
  11. Exactly. Not everybody can afford a new rig for MSFS. If you take a look at the ridiculous amount of calculations necessary for the weather and aerodynamical system of MSFS, which obviously won't be done by Azure, but by your computer, you'll realize where we're going at.
  12. It's difficult to imagine how OpenLC Asia could NOT become a success. Just think about all the routes that go along there, be it south east Asia, or northern Russia, Japan, India... most of the world's economic power comes from Asia. And Asia is so ugly and bare of any enhancements. Even with MSFS coming around the corner, there's still a market for it. And it sure comes at a lesser production cost than TE products - think about the aerial images that want to be licensed for a TE product.
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