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  1. Well, not every runway has to get sloped. No real need to "slope" every possible runway. I'm really excited for the news and what will be Orbx' say on the matter.
  2. The new skies look fantastic! And almost everything will be compatible from the get-go... I think Orbx should reconsider doing OpenLC Asia...
  3. Wow! Terrific shots, especially the ones on the ground.
  4. Really good, atmospheric bad weather shots.
  5. Beautiful shots. I wonder if in XP11 the lights are on upon arrival, too.
  6. Nice shots, Jack, delivering fresh mangos, I suppose. If it's Dublin, I might help you I think.
  7. These shots look very good. Nice journey!
  8. Bei Kommentatoren gibt es so einige, die man nur schwer ertragen kann...
  9. Sadly, there are no English (or Spanish) subtitles. Edit: All languages are equally difficult, it just depends on what's your native tongue and which languages you learnt prior.
  10. In the meantime we can all explore the very nice rendition of Cape Town by FSDG. Here's a very good documentary about the whereabouts of implementing a new long haul route at the example of AUA to FACT. Quite a sophisticated task! And lots of 777-footage, too. The only "downside" (one's upside is another one's downside) is that it's in German language.
  11. If only the guy from Southworld Scenery would finally release his rendition of Johannesburg.
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