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  1. Thank you for your comment and welcome to the forums. Since the East Asian region seems to be the most complicated to build, I think it's a very clever move to release the other regions during the process. In other words: releasing region 3 before the other ones would only lead to a longer waiting for all regions as a whole. You only profit from region 3 being the 'icing to the cake'. While I understand that many people are much interested in region 3, keep in mind that there are a lot of people interested in regions 2 and 1. Keep also in mind that it's not only about the region wh
  2. This is a map I posted in the poll thread. Credits go to @carlosqr as this repartition was his idea. As you can see, it's not that different from the 'official' map above in the opening post. Could it be a viable option to enlarge the blue part (part 1) for 'Greater Tibet' to have the Himalaya / Tibet region together in one?
  3. Of course I rejoice at the decision to take up OpenLC Asia again and cover the whole world in great landclass. This is truly amazing news in a time where we are announced two new airports for MSFS a week.
  4. Thank you, Wolfgang, for pointing this thread out to us – I was totally unaware of it. The media should do its job and cover this! Seriously, this is so awesome. I'll take advantage of any of the early releases of parts one and two, for sure. Fantastic times ahead! It seems that PMDG will release the long anticipated 777-update in December, and the 200ER will come with an EFB for the whole lineup. And now guess... they're gathering data for the 777X!
  5. It's cool to see that you're finally developing Asia. I'm very content with the roadmap you laid out here, it corresponds a lot to what we "talked about" in the other thread. I find it particularly great that you're splitting the product in three parts and even want to grant discounts on it. Thank you and now go to work.
  6. What does "rollout over the next 12 months" mean? Very curious for the roadmap! My thoughts!
  7. Just as often as I monitored the thread to keep it alive, others were doing the same. It seems there is a lot of genuine interest in a landclass solution for Asia!
  8. Because the graphics above is misleading: As of today, 272 people voted, 406 votes were cast. Each participant cast 1,5 votes on average. 9,6 % of participants voted for an OpenLC 'light' 21,0 % of participants voted for 'Mini OpenLCs' 56,6 % of participants voted for multiple OpenLCs to cover Asia 62,1 % of participants voted for a single OpenLC Asia Thank you all for taking part.
  9. It includes parts of the Middle East, Iran and the Levant are not included. You may want to check out this thread – apparently, news will be coming in next week – keep fingers crossed!
  10. This was what I had in mind when I typed the question. I thought it obvious, but apparently, it wasn't.
  11. Thank you, Wolfgang. Let's wait first what Orbx will have to say on the matter before we start the celebration!
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