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  1. I was wondering if anyone has a updated Kpdx airport that works with ORBX Scenery. About a year ago Kpdx had a runway and taxi change on RWY 10L and 21. 10L length was increased and A taxiway (K and K1) and Runup area was added west of Rwy 21. Maybe a update to fix this could be added in the Portland Cityscape or NA Pacific Northwest addons. I use Pilotedge asked to taxi no a taxi way that doesnt exist is problematic... any help would be greatly appreciated. Paul
  2. Holger Sandmann suggested that I set the terrain mess to 5M. that seemed to have fixed the problem....
  3. No doubt the same problem.... hope I can figure it out... Paul
  4. it certainly seems to be the same issue.....
  5. I recently just purchased the NA Southern California scenery. When was taxing on B taxiway at the Q intersection there is a building blocking the taxiway. Not sure why...but I dont think its suppose to be there... any ideas? thanks in advance Paul
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