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  1. Thanks Ed, and Nick, this helps for now. Cheers, Warren
  2. I have a similar issue. In FTX Central, my YMML v2 has disappeared and now only shows YMML v3 and indicates that an Update is available. If I click on Update, it says I don't have a licence (I only own v2), but I can't purchase V3 as there is no option available there. Cheers, Warren
  3. Thanks Wakashi, found the "other settings". Looking at My Profile, Overview, I notice that all of the info seems correct but the Password looks a bit strange. It had one less * symbol than the number of characters in my password. So, I tried to change my password (twice) but ended up with a "Account Locked, wait another 15 mins" message each time. In the end, I tried the lost password process and got my password reset. So far it seems like it may have worked, fingers crossed.
  4. I'm in the same boat, every time I leave and return, I have to sign in again. Unusually I have to sign in to two separate pages each time. I just assumed it was normal for everyone but probably not then? I've looked everywhere in my Profile, but can't see anywhere to change my Forum settings except for just a couple of Email, password settings. I did have to have the Admins activate my Account (didn't get the activation Email) don't know if that is related. It's not a biggie, just a wee inconvenience, but it has had me puzzled. Warren
  5. Hi Nick, I have the same problem. I'm returning to FSX after a few years break, now that I have a more suitable PC spec. When I followed the process to transfer all of my FSS downloaded products, all seemed to transfer ok except for my YMML V2. It still shows up in my FSS Account but for some reason it doesn't show as transferred to Orbx Direct. It also doesn't show in my list of available products after opening FTX Central 3, not even as a greyed out item as shown in the screenshots above. My FSS Order Number is FSS0086393 and purchase date 2010-11-21. I thought I might be able to run the Transfer App again, but it no longer seems available within FTX Central 3. Any advice appreciated. Warren Dawes
  6. I live at Hervey Bay, and have flown in and out of the airport many times. The Orbx version of YHBA is brilliant, not only the airport accuracy, but the whole surrounding area of The Bay is impressively improved. Warren
  7. The 100 MB file was downloading at 280 kb/sec. Good ol' Aussie internet hey.
  8. Mine is Hervey Bay, but that is mainly because I live there too. If I want to fly large jetliners, I start mostly from Brisbane.
  9. I'm another who gave up on McAfee some time ago. Too much false intrusion on my software. Have been using Avast (free) ever since without problems.
  10. Absolutely brilliant job with this scenery. New Zealand has some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and ORBX have captured it very well. Thanks guys, top job. Now I can even simulate my own Warbirds Over Wanaka.
  11. Oh dear, this will be even more grounds for divorce to my wife. My favourite flight on FSX is YBBN to YBCS and back, so how can I resist. This will cost me extra for the flowers and chocolates, in addition to the Scenery. I've also been dropping hints galore for YMML for Christmas. Warren
  12. Great shots Frank. I picked up YHBA yesterday ('bout time hey, since I live at Hervey Bay), and went for a similar flight in the default Cessna. Orbx did a fantastic job on the scenery, but now I am keen on finding that Bonanza, I had one for FS2004 which I loved. I'll add it to my list behind some more regional sceneries by Orbx. Just don't tell my wife that the moths are escaping from the wallet again.
  13. Please keep us informed how this goes, I am seriously considering getting this one to make my FS2004 look better. I'm now spoiled by the look of FSX but I'm finding my PC struggles with some of my payware addon heavy aircraft, so I need to keep FS2004 running for them. I was just about to get REX but will wait for a bit to see your final reports. Warren
  14. Absolutely brilliant, can't wait for this one. Something really special for us Queenslanders.
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