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  1. I saw possible longer scenery load times. Any one tried it having ORBX Southern California around KLAX? Bill
  2. Scott, any new updates on your progress? I've moved to P3Dv4.1 and there seems to be a hole and no one has an airport enhancement ready at this point. You can make a killing...:) Thank you, Bill
  3. Hey, can't wait for HD Buildings to be released. If you need any FSX testers let me know.
  4. There was a lot of talk about the new release for enhancing FSX building etc. Is that still in the works? I forgot the name of the project
  5. GREEN GREEN GREEN..........................GO
  6. Thanks for the updates. Sorry I didn't see the previous question ask on the same topic.
  7. Anyone have an estimate on when the openLC NA update will be released? Thanks, Bill
  8. I read it differently? This was in the original post: From June 15th 2016 openLC EU and openLC NA will increase in price to AU$54.95. This means the 'sweet spot' to complete your openLC NA complete package is between now and 1st June when you spend $13.95 to get a $22.50 savings on $44.95, then buy the second part (openLC NA complete) before June 15th Did you see something different?
  9. I was thinking about getting this add-on, however, looking at the rock formations around Sedona they don't seem deep red in color like the real ones. Do they look like the real ones? They are so impressive in real life.
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