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  1. Unless you qualify for the discounted academic edition of P3D I would hold my money for now as Lockheed Martin never gave any discounts or upgrade offers and v4 is around the corner. v3 has probably already reached the end of its life-cycle as a 3.5 release would be overdue by many months which is unusual for LM and indicates the release of 4.0 (still unannounced) to be next. As I said, I would stay with FSX for now. I'd also stop purchasing addons which are not indicating support of future P3D-releases. FSX has been dead for 10 years (with some smaller patches incorporated into FSX Steam edition). Dovetail is due to release their simulator most-likely this year which would be the successor to FSX. Apart from that, P3D has improved many things so far but until they release a 64 bit release you're still fine with FSX as P3D still goes OOM at 4GB.
  2. You can get the official charts from the real-world ATC operator's website: https://www.austrocontrol.at/en/pilots/pre-flight_preparation/aim_products/aip_and_sup
  3. I guess "modern cars" (rounded?) would eat up polygons real fast; aside from that I think I remember having seen quite a lot of trucks/jeeps in the Alps, so it's actually quite a good fit unless you take a really close look at the parking lots.
  4. That must be the most detail I've ever seen on any scenery. Simply amazing, I can't find any words...
  5. Sad to hear that... While airport scenery is nice, XP already has plenty of really good quality freeware airports and also meshes to improve terrain. What XP really needs is more variety in land class textures + seasons. I wasn't sure if that's even possible with the technical options XP currently offers to developers, I would have hoped that Orbx would find a way to release some sort of OpenLC products for XP. AFAIK seasons should be possible to implement since ~10.40 but without any default assets it's hard to start completely at zero. Orbx would have had all those textures required to start making such a product, so my hopes were high. Maybe another time, then... From a user's perspective, Laminar appears to be quite open to the community. But it's a small team. Maybe there would have been a possibility to sponsor development of some features required to get Orbx-quality scenery to work.
  6. Well, I think for most of us it's going to be a purchase on day one (just as I did with FlyTampa's EHAM this Sunday or FTX GEN which I got in the first hour). We know the high quality standards we can expect from Orbx and if Innsbruck already ranks high on your list of favourite airports then there's no sense in attempting to hold back until the next sale, right? When JustSim's LOWI released (on the same day as Orbx Innsbruck was announced) I was already on the brink of buying it but still held out to wait for Orbx's version. So regardless of being in a sale or not (only releases before November were included, if I'm not mistaken), Innsbruck would still make a great christmas present for me even if I have to pay the full price. But of course, everyone is free to decide to hold off for 5 month until the next sale starts.
  7. With all those releases happening right now, I wish LOWI would join in. I like to believe Orbx are testing how their servers can handle huge numbers of downloads with all those current releases, maybe to deliver us LOWI as a "small" Christmas present to spend time on it during our holidays? However, since this is the only thread so far, the chance to see it this year looks a bit weak but I would love to be wrong.
  8. Thanks for not including navaids - they are usually changing too rapidly (with each AIRAC cycle, meaning every 28 days) for scenery developers to keep up with which is a problem if you want to fly in online networks which provide ATC coverage based on real-world navigation data (= AIRAC). The updates provided by Hervé Sors on aero.sors.fr work great but, to my understanding, can only patch original sim files, not navaids (mostly ILS) spread over 3rd-party scenery files, so it's important to keep the amount of navaid-defining scenery as low as possible. Such navaids need to be manually changed using an editor which would be a catastrophe if it would have to be done for the extent of a full FTX region (speaking of large areas like whole countries). However, I would probably buy a commercial AIRAC product if there was any for P3D. (Obviously, up-to-date navaids were no concern when FSX - not even the professional version which became P3D - was developed a decade ago. X-Plane does it different and uses separate files which can easily be updated through Navigraph & Co. - a feature that's almost on top of my wishlist for future P3D releases, just after going 64 bit to finally get rid of OOMs.)
  9. First of all, thanks a lot for the detailed answers. This will definitely be a day-one-purchase for me, I just love Innsbruck and the Alps in general and this scenery looks so awesome that I'm at a loss for words. Concerning Austria HD West compatibility: Austria HD West was due to be released on August 29th but - again - postponed with Flugwerk saying that they wanted to take their time to ensure compatibility with JustSim's and Orbx' LOWI sceneries. Now, since Orbx LOWI hasn't got a release date yet, I'm not sure how long they want to postpone their photoscenery. I'm hoping they would attempt to get in touch with you to make sure both sceneries integrate well with each other or at least don't conflict (which would mean we'd have to choose one or the other) while both are still in development - it would be a waste of resources if they would wait until after release before they get to work... Since there has been at least one other cooperation (Orbx Cityscape Cote D'Azure and JustSim LFMN), I would hope there could also be a cooperation between Flugwerk and Orbx this time. Orbx doesn't do photo-scenery, "just" photo-real (which looks awesome nevertheless and in many ways superior, although slightly less accurate, when compared to actual photo-scenery), and there are a number of reasons to choose either type of scenery (at least the photo-scenery I've used so far usually is flat, has misplaced objects on top of it and looks either awesome or awful, depending on whether you meet the right viewing angle and time of day - photo-real scenery doesn't have any of these issues). I wouldn't expect a cooperation on this project right now to harm sales of a possible FTX Austria region if it would come available sometime (which I really hope for after FTX Germany North & South have been released). On the contrary, I would expect it to be very beneficial for sales on both sides. Maybe it's as easy as just supplying Flugwerk with access to a preview build of this upcoming release and they will do the rest.
  10. You know it's worth getting if you can easily recognize your whole neighborhood on a screenshot and make out all buildings. Absolutely stunning detail! I didn't check with a map but it looks like you even got the nearby park (Rehberge; south-east of EDDT) pretty accurate! Love all the detail; I'd say a Cityscape scenery wouldn't even be necessary at this level. Can't wait to buy... BTW, you don't plan to include avatar-rideable busses & trains as one of the next technologies to be developed by Orbx, do you? Would turn P3D into an awesome city/sight-seeing simulator as well.
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