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  1. Absolutely stunning!! As someone who lives in the PNW, just across from Washington State, this makes me very pleased :D
  2. I have the Victoria+ scenery along with a separate 2017 YYJ scenery. Reason I was curious about Victoria itself is because it is a beautiful city and lacks that in the sim. Victoria+ does an amazing job. Ogden point is very well done. The Johnson street bridge is accurate even though the other half no long exist. If you ever need photos of certain areas, please don't hesitate to ask me. I can get them all for you.
  3. Noticed that you have created both Nanaimo, Pender Island, and Ganges on Salt Spring. Have you ever considered making CYWH? For us Victorians, it's known as the Inner Harbour. Serves West Coast Air, Harbour Air and Kenmore Air. Some very important landmarks around that area are the BC parliament buildings at the Fairmont Empress. If desired, I can gather high quality photos for these areas.
  4. I installed the light configurator, but when I hit apply, it says all changes applied successfully! That is not the case... When I open the sim there are no street lights at night. When I go check the configurator, everything is blank again. I saved the profile and everything.
  5. I run P3D and that is one of the airports that NEVER gives me OOMs no matter what. I just flew into FSDT YVR with the PMDG 777, Goldstar textures, OLC Canada, Vector, ASN + ASCA and had no problems. Also I have found that ORBX airports are pretty good on VAS.
  6. I do use that and have been for several months. It is very good don't get me wrong lol. I spend a LOT of time up at YYJ and I can say it is VERY accurate. Even the new RCAF helo hanger complemented with the new Cyclones that we don't have yet lol (that I know of)
  7. I notice ORBX does a lot of small-big airports. I thought it would be awesome if you did CYYJ (Victoria International Airport) It's a small-medium airport. The tenth busiest airport in Canada. It would go really well the OLC Canada
  8. I have also noticed a significant FPS drop Just flew into FSDT DFW with the 777 and that scenery is usually quite FPS friendly, but instead of my manageable 20 or so FPS, I was getting 5-9 on short final. and 5 at the gate. Again I tried lowering the settings but nothing really helped. As I was turning into my gate, the textures were laggy and it was actually making me dizzy. I am done with OLC NA. I would like to uninstall it.
  9. Good to know I am not the only one... I flew into JFK with the T7 from Dubai last week. I had one ding when I was pulling into the gate, but really nothing major. Left the plane cold and dark, departed the next morning back to FlyTampa Dubai without a hitch lol
  10. I don't use any AI traffic. I fly on the VATSIM network...
  11. I was flying into FSDT JFK after a 15 hour flight from HKG and just passing over LGA, FSUIPC starting the OOM warning. I lowered all my settings to zero and I still OOMed. Given I was using the PMDG 777, but I can fly and have flown into JFK and much bigger VAS intensive airports before this. I've been doing some testing and I concluded OLC NA is just chowing down like it's Thanksgiving on my VAS. This is the 2nd OOM I have had a 3 days. First was with the Aerosoft 321 at FSDT LAX and I OOMed. Never OOMed at LAX in P3D let alone the 321 in FSX or P3D. I might aswell be just flying with FSX if I'm gonna OOM like that. I thought about uninstalling OLC NA and just using Canada and Alaska. FSS0506559
  12. Sorry about that. Here is my Registration Key for PSP from Flightsimstore.com [admin- reg key removed] Also I see you live in Sidney. I live in Fairfield. Always nice to meet a fellow islander
  13. I flew into LAX today and noticed something that just really irritated me as I was flying my approach. LAX is at the the edge of the land, just before the beach, but that is no longer the case. There is now SEVERAL miles of land, and sand and whatnot.
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