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  1. Maybe the fact that there are 10 times as many sheep on the island as people? And that most of these sheep have suicidal pulsions, crossing the road just in front of your car?
  2. Пробовал ли ты скачать эти продукты напрямую с web-страницы https://orbxdirect.com/freeware или https://orbxdirect.com/product/ftxglights? Попробуй ссылку "Manual Download", она появляется, когда входишь в свой аккаунт.
  3. Those are wonderful news, JV! I, for one, would absolutely love to see a new Switzerland scenery! LOWI Innsbruck is not far, LSGK Saanen is there as well... Not to mention Frank Dainese's wonderful mountain peaks in the region. Especially if you're planning to do Italy: it would be a pity to have a gap between Germany and the Mediterranean.
  4. Great set of shots indeed! Are you quite sure you've landed in LSGR Reichenbach though? It looks like LSGK Saanen to me... Hence the detailed buildings.
  5. Oh boy, what have I done...
  6. Could it be the lovely SFS Airpark (80WA) that comes with Jefferson County?
  7. A great payware plane is SibWings' AN-2. Love that bird!
  8. Because 42 was already taken as the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Obviously.
  9. I am sorry to bump an old topic, but I believe I have something similar on my end. I downloaded YPMQ a veeeeery long time ago, when it was still an old freeware. Since then, the payware version has been released and the freeware one was removed from the ORBX website. However, FTXC3 seems to think that I have the payware version installed. How do we deal with this situation?
  10. Hi Nick, Thanks for the tip, I encountered the very same problem today. Just Fly
  11. Hi Daniel, Though I am no expert, this kind of situation might occur on systems with a highly tweaked FSX.cfg file. A common practice is to rename that file (for example to FSX_old.cfg) to back it up, then restart FSX and let it automatically re-build a new, clear one. Note that your settings will be changed and need to be readjusted. See if that helps! If it doesn't, you can always revert back to your original config file. It is very strange that you are experiencing this. My PC specs are far less impressive than yours, and I have no problem whatsoever running FTX regions. Sorry you didn't get any answer earlier. I guess the Freeware forums aren't as much monitored as the rest Cheers, Just Fly
  12. Most amazing scenery! I love it. I've got to ask though, John, what sky/cloud/water textures are you using? Is that a REX set?
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