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  1. Beacause were £130 Beta testers!
  2. Please can you make it clear in future that this is a third-party product,and not affiliated to Orbx! kindest regards.
  3. Did you ever put your settings up Ian for MSFS? Wishing everyone a very safe and fruitful 2021.
  4. If only i could connect too the msfs 2020 servers too download 42 gig of updates!(my life would be the same!)
  5. No,ran it after installing 5.1,will uninstall central and then reload it,and see if that does it!thanks for your time.
  6. Central not finding 5.1 after new install of windows 10 and pre 3d 5.1 but has found msfs 2020.
  7. in agreement,cut right back,was that a reality 750 or f1?thanks
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