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  1. Will KMRY be compatible in v5 if I only have True Earth NorCal? I do not own NA Northern California. So I was wondering if only having True Earth NorCal will be fine. Thanks
  2. Not as bad as I thought, definitely not that noticeable
  3. I haven't noticed any pauses and the performance is fine for me
  4. I just read the owners manual and this is what we miss out on if we don't have those products: "What will you miss out on if you don’t have TrueEarth Northern California or NA Northern California? ● Blending of the airport photoreal into the surrounding terrain ● Additional POIs with TrueEarth Northern California" So with that being said, I will be purchasing and hoping for the best that the photoreal blending isn't that much of an eye sore...lol
  5. So does that just mean the surrounding airport area wont blend in that nicely with openLC? I wont have any performance issues using it with LC or any other anomalies?
  6. Do I really need to have either NA Northern California or True Earth Northern California for this to work? I only have OpenLC NA..and have no plans on buying either of those products...
  7. As a former Airline employee (GAT) at BUR for about 7 years, everything @shanevan mentioned is 100% correct, Gates A1-6 cant accommodate anything larger than a -700, SWA parks their -800s at gate A7-9 as well as the occasional JetBlue A321. As far as the SWA ground equipment that is also incorrect being at the Bravo Gates and scattered all over the airport, all of the Bravo gates are staffed by GAT Ground Support employees and equipment. The Alaska Gate B5 is also handled by GAT but have their own branded GSE equipment, As far as the rest of the scenery goes it is literally identical. I
  8. I’m on board with removing the fedex vehicles away from the passenger terminals as well as the pushback tugs too. Or you could even keep the pushback tugs not directly down the center of the spot and maybe offset them a bit that way we can fit the plane into the gate without the nose going through it. Thanks!
  9. Thanks buddy got it all sorted, I personally wasn’t having this issue I was helping a buddy of mine, all we did was run vector elevation tool and got it sorted. Great work on this fantastic scenery!
  10. Anyone know how to fix the elevation issue with BUR? I do not have Vector and the scenery seems to be elevated and no buildings or custom scenery is visible
  11. This needs to be released NOW!! Lol, my home airport looking FANTASTIC in v5
  12. From the days as a child with my mom taking me to the fence at the end of runway 15 watching the planes depart over heard to 18 years later down the road me working for the Airlines there for 7 years, BUR will always be my home airport and hold a special place and im absolutely thrilled we will finally have a FANTASTIC scenery for my little hometown in the sim. Thank you Orbx!
  13. How is the progress for Burbank coming along? Haven't seen or heard much about it since it was announced. My home airport and can not wait for this! Thanks Orbx
  14. Thank you for that clarification, that makes sense. Yeah I was zoomed in to show the effect. I guess I will have to live with it for now...
  15. I dont think that is it, im running a 4k monitor and my AA is 2xMSAA, I tried bumping it up and still got the same results.
  16. I've noticed this with my Trees lately and don't know why im getting these strange artifacts on them? Any idea?
  17. Still looking like nothing has changed in terms of the missing freeways again...
  18. Thanks for your help, I will report back if I notice anything...will be a couple of hours (work)
  19. Take a look at this cfg now, sorry to keep posting them but I have a feeling this one looks a lot better? scenery.cfg
  20. I dont know what i'm doing wrong, I literally deleted my entire ORBX products and re-installed them all through ORBX central. I never touched my scenery entries manually so idk why its doing that?
  21. Here is an updated scenery.cfg, you think it looks a little bit better? scenery.cfg
  22. Thank you for the help @Nick Cooper, Off the top of your head would you happen to know what scenery entries should be in the add-on.cfg?
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