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  1. Got it working. I never had Objectflow installed. thanks
  2. Somehow my textures are missing at LOWI Not sure how resolve this. I have tried a reinstall also
  3. I also have missing runway textures at LOWI
  4. Yes, I totally agree 100% thats why I won’t purchase another scenery. I’ll be sticking close to home for scenery - Uk2000 and also buy Mk studios which are great. far too many errors and bugs during the initial release
  5. I just loaded up EDI at night and now i have very bright yellow lighting textures
  6. i done a reinstall and its still squint. I had UK2000 but thats all removed
  7. Here is my sim. I’m using Prosim737 and this is the latest EGPH airport by Orbx and update. The PAPI lights are in the wrong location compared to real life. Picture below. Also So in the last 200ft the PAPI show i’m high. But looking up PAPI location they should be at a position which give the pilot 3 reds on the last 200ft - explanation below I hope someone can help
  8. Yes i use Rex EF and SF. Funny you say that because i never ran the software as i was testing something without REX
  9. I started my sim at EDDN and have black textures across the land. I tried other parts of Europe still black textures covering the whole earth also when i zoom out. Using Orbx Vector, Europe and base I also tried Verify files but that didn’t work
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