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  1. Hello there - that is a known bug that has taken awhile to fix, but very good news - I’m beta testing the fix for this (and other Washington) issues now and this area looks fantastic again with the water mask issue gone. If we’re testing the patch it must be quite close to release to the public, perhaps a few weeks. Thanks for your patience - this area is my all time favorite to fly in so I, too, have been anxiously awaiting a fix. Steve
  2. Hi there John - Strangely, my Edinburgh EGPH has full Traffic Global Traffic? And the .apt file looks great for traffic - so perhaps do a fresh install of your EGPH, deleting both your current scenery folder AND your backup location (as defined in OC) files so you get the "freshest" installation? (Incidentally, testing for traffic resulted in my first ever successful Spitfire landing after many, many attempts, so thank you! ) Will check London City later but do believe there was an issue with that that I've seen the fix for somewhere on the Internet. Steve
  3. Oh no!?! Sorry to hear that from a customer perspective but also from a selfish perspective - I’m a beta tester but actually love flying to these for fun, ESPECIALLY Edinburgh which my wife and I got to visit last year! It has to be something with the ground routes or parking or both, all modifyable in WED that I’m not expert at. That same wife has a long list of chores for us planned outdoors but as soon as I can sit down I’ll work on these! Stand by... Steve
  4. Amazing shot and paint! As for ugliness, I read once that there are no ugly airplanes and sure enough I once thought Boeing Stratocruisers were ugly now I have books about their history and models!
  5. Thanks Jon. The good news is that I was indeed finally able to get Traffic Global to generate AI traffic for my installation by opening the "non-static" version of the apt.dat and changing each of the various gate attributes from "Tie Downs" (which sounds like Cessnas etc.) to "Gates" THEN select which type of aircraft I wanted via the click boxes (Heavy Jet, Jet, Turboprop and UNCHECK the "props") THEN for good measure change the type of "Ramp Operation" at the bottom to "Airline" - export the apt.dat file back into where I found it overwriting it and boom, problem solved! No idea which of these steps are the most critical, but it also appears that if some knowledgeable user knows which gates are used by which airlines you can put those IATA codes for them by the gates and they'd even park in the correct spots which would be swell. In any case, Traffic Global is generating AI at the outstanding Orbx EGNM Leeds - hopefully that helps @Celticboy2 Not sure why it works for yours and not mine as I did a clean install with no backups but mysteries abound in these sims of ours, perhaps the user and I both have a different version of Traffic Global or something - but this seemed to work OK (I'm going to take a peek at my EGNX to see why IT'S not generating traffic for me either) Steve
  6. Hmmm.....I can also confirm no Traffic Global traffic to speak of at all, and I get this error in my log. TGXP: Totally unable to read airport file P:\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\Orbx_A_EGNM_LeedsBradford\Earth nav data\apt.dat I shall mess with this apt.dat file a bit (there are actually 2 of them, one for "with statics" and one for without - I'm not an expert in using "WED" but there may be something amiss with the taxi routes or parking spaces Traffic Global doesn't like. If I try a freeware version of the airport Traffic Global does indeed generate aircraft for me. But the Orbx version looks incredible - certainly there is a fix...stand by. Steve
  7. Hmmm....tell you what, tomorrow I shall play with my EGNM and see if I can get my Traffic Global to generate traffic - I’m a beta tester but also very passionate about AI Traffic - especially Traffic Global as at least on my rig the frame rate impact is so light. I shall report back... Steve
  8. Just an observation - for some reason my Traffic Global installation sometimes takes a bit to "warm up" and start populating - par example I have departed an airport and been mystified by no traffic during takeoff only to glance behind me to see it once gaining altitude - sometimes re-starting the scenario can help as well. Try pressing the "Insert" key a few times whilst at the airport and if you see the little red plane labels above invisible planes at the gates a few more seconds will result in airplanes in most cases. Steve
  9. I've tested the DD "Seattle City" without any issue that I've noticed....the ortho coloring between the airports doesn't match Orbx's exactly of course, but not objectionable and I'll leave them installed. I find the Orbx POI to look great and better than the DD in my opinion and these also provide excellent performance so I haven't and won't install the "City" part even though I own it (it might work though). Steve
  10. My experience as a beta tester has been that P3DV5 (the latest version incorporating the "hotfix") works incredibly well with this scenery...and the others to come...vs. my experience with P3Dv4 - my specs are in my signature and for whatever reason my Dell stock non-gaming runabout that I added the GTX 1070 struggles with v4 (Orbx or not) but thanks to the new coding that uses the graphics card to share the load it's a smooth locked 31 FPS for me - your mileage may vary, of course. As for colors I don't recall but in my opinion it looks fabulous under the experimental advanced weather and with the latest version no running out of video memory, not even in downtown Seattle. Hope this helps... Steve
  11. If you have the storage space, you can also make certain that your own Ortho4XP creations are BELOW your Orbx content and then the Orbx scenery will be displayed in the sim until it ends at which point you’ll begin seeing and using your own scenery. Steve
  12. I use our family room’s normal $350 Samsung 50” 4K TV in the living room as my monitor - PC beside it, mouse and keyboard on a TV tray, Weight Watchers inflatable exercise ball as my chair. It works great, nice and crisp no lag etc. Steve
  13. Wow - great shots!!! Steve
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