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  1. Very cool - definitely my favorite Orbx airport and would love to see it in real life. Steve
  2. I, too, had given up on flight simming after ACES closure, but one day years later I decided to see if my FSX could be loaded on my $400 new PC used for everything but gaming. It worked, though at low settings, so I searched the Internet for the tree exclude file for the end of the default KORS I used to enjoy flying to that some nice fellow created for me. The file was gone, but a little blurb about Orbx KORS with photos came up. Needless to say I, too, have very happily spent time and hardware and software money ever since. And Orbx’s KORS Orcas is STILL my favorite field, and I look forward to visiting it in every sim that is developed. Steve
  3. As I considered both the “ideal” bandwidth needs of an upcoming new simulator as well as my painfully slow download speeds when pulling down new Orbx goodies from OC (which stopped all internet for other purposes, much to my wife’s chagrin quickly followed by “Are you downloading an entire STATE again!?”), I began researching the problem. An online speed test and my modem’s app’s speed test both showed 19-22 Mbps, which seemed strange as entry level Internet speeds in our area (Wisconsin, USA) are 200 Mbps. I called our provider “Spectrum” and the friendly tech person explained we had a “legacy” 11 year old package from predecessor provider Time Warner that was about 20 Mbps, and that I could probably get a new package with much faster speeds for the same or even less - I was probably paying more for less. The nice woman I spoke to next indeed was able to get me a new package with (cough - “ideal”) 200 Mbps speed for about $30-40 less PER MONTH base rate, not as a promotion. They just need to send me a new, more capable modem via FedEx along with postage to return the old one. I’ve successfully replaced one very overpriced Internet plan with a new very overpriced (but 10X faster and cheaper!) plan! Most of you probably upgraded your plans, modems, etc. years ago but this was a major “facepalm” moment for me...I just assumed that this was how Internet was until that little table with the new MSFS specs, and I’d already tripled my download speeds TO that 20 Mbps by buying a new modem last year. But maybe my epiphany and 15 minutes on the phone will help someone else speed up their digital aviation life a bit. Steve
  4. No idea how to fly helicopters, but glad to see some updates to this smooth running sim! Steve
  5. The Orbx TrueEarth product DOES spoil one for landclass, I’ll admit Carlos! The sensation of looking down and knowing that what you see is exactly what is there in reality (whether gorgeous natural beauty or anonymous industrial sprawl), especially with customized Orbx POIs added in, is amazing! It seems like only yesterday I was installing FS98 and just married - so much progress in flight simulation, but so much hair lost! Steve
  6. Hi Lars - I actually live in Wisconsin in the USA, but have been to Changzhou about 25 times for work and so am (somewhat) familiar with the area and have flown on China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines. RE: the scenery, I’d take the most accurate representation I can get...good landclass with select POIs perhaps - though I’ll admit that TrueEarth has made me addicted to photoscenery - it’s awfully fun to look down and see what is there reality, despite the high amount of file storage. Steve
  7. Very nice trip shots! Clear and colorful. I got to fly on a similar China Eastern A320 from Changzhou to Beijing this past January coming home from work there and interestingly they had all of us on just the left side of the plane shut our windowshades before takeoff!? Not sure what that was all about, but I believe the airport is shared with the military as I’ve seen an ancient Soviet jet bomber doing touch and gos and also spotted some big Soviet looking radial engined bush planes while taxiing. An interesting airline - I do like the registration painted on the wing! Steve
  8. Lovely shots...I love my Spitfire and have even landed it successfully at least once so far Steve
  9. Nice shots Adam...B13 is working well for me too. What is the first British fighter pictured please? Looks like fun! Steve
  10. Hi Edward - I’m one of the Beta Testers and am able to repeat what you’re seeing in terms of a VRAM CTD with HF1, Windows 2004 update....strange. Let me play with my own installation a bit....what are your current settings Please? Thanks, Steve OK...here's what I found... @Greg Jones, this DOES seem strange - compared to EGNX in the same area, for example, or other Orbx and non-Orbx complex airports (ex. Mr. Womack's KPDX), my VRAM is far higher at EGNM with the exact same settings. Is there perhaps a way to give some of the higher res textures lower res textures as a selectable option in OC, similar to KFHR - in my own P3Dv5 settings I've selected 2048 textures which works quite well? Thanks, Steve Much lower VRAM usage at EGNX Compared to the same aircraft at EGNM at the same settings and with the same aircraft - even Carenado "Lite" aircraft CTD due to VRAM here (even with the Windows 2004 update and P3Dv5 HF1) - something is using up a great deal of VRAM here at this lovely (but relatively small) airport? Thanks, Steve
  11. Hi Edward - I’m one of the Beta Testers and am able to repeat what you’re seeing in terms of a VRAM CTD with HF1, Windows 2004 update....strange. Let me play with my own installation a bit....what are your current settings Please? Thanks, Steve
  12. I'll admit I was a bit skeptical that Orbx Flyer's fine results would be replicated for Me - not because he didn't see an improvement, but because I have a trusty but cankerous ol' Dell 8900 non-gaming off the shelf runabout that I've wedged a series of GPUs into (a GTX 1070 8GB being the last) - and though my spouse has signed off on a new PC, I refuse to buy one - being a thrifty sort and knowing new GPUs are right around the corner. In any case, I did the 2004 upgrade and am running P3Dv5 HF1 and those PLUS setting my FPS to "unlimited" then hitting the "V-sync" button in the sim itself seems like they've led to very, very smooth results for me - I'd sworn off P3Dv5 for XP11 but not now - smooth as silk, only the occasional strange flashing - but that silly "rubber banding" is gone. Autogen trees and buildings set to "medium" and 2048 textures - FPS range between 28 and 35 but very, very smooth - much smoother than when locked to 30 FPS - no idea why. Good stuff thanks for the heads up Orbx Flyer and maybe (emphasis on the maybe) that combo of unlimited FPS and V-sync might help others who struggle for smoothness. Steve
  13. Hello there - that is a known bug that has taken awhile to fix, but very good news - I’m beta testing the fix for this (and other Washington) issues now and this area looks fantastic again with the water mask issue gone. If we’re testing the patch it must be quite close to release to the public, perhaps a few weeks. Thanks for your patience - this area is my all time favorite to fly in so I, too, have been anxiously awaiting a fix. Steve
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