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  1. Wonderful shots of the classic Vignelli-designed tri-colored and polished metal livery on the 727-100 Dario! I "think" that American will keep just one of their fleet (a 737-800) painted in this scheme, which is one of my favorites. Steve
  2. I've been reading a great book on the history of the DeHavilland Comet - I can't believe how well engineered that first jetliner was, despite the lessons learned and carried forward to future versions of the Comet and all airliners flying today. Lacking a Comet in P3Dv4 or XP11, here are some captures to celebrate the magnificent engineering that those of you in Great Britain put into your flying machines. Unlike the Comet I HAVE ridden in BAe-146s when they flew for Air Wisconsin (some flights were between Milwaukee and Chicago, a nearly walkable distance!) and loved every minute of every flight - and thanks to a $20 USD purchase and free prototype repaint I'm having great fun imagining that the original prototype 146 -100 was preserved in flying condition and making a tour of Great Britain (in reality it was literally chopped and stretched into the prototype -300 version, still flying under registration "G-LUXE" today (I think).) I'm flying test flights around TrueEarth Great Britain and am quite pleased with the smoothness and pure fun of this plane (a "QualityWings" P3D package) mixed with Orbx's airports and TrueEarth - for someone whose Great Britain experience thus far has been a few trips to London and the Pride of Paddington pub and a glorious trip to Edinburgh, I'm seeing and enjoying a lot more of it. What are your favourite British designed planes or G- registration repaints you enjoy touring TrueEarth Great Britain in? Some shots of an EGNX (Orbx) to Leeds (someday Orbx enhanced) quick flight.... Steve
  3. Great pics, and I've read somewhere that there is no such thing as an ugly airplane, this proves it! Steve
  4. Sharp images there, I like them!!! Steve
  5. Excellent shots of a nice looking plane!!! Steve
  6. Stunning captures - and I love the 1980s cool livery on this plane (I have it too, it's great!) Steve
  7. Great shot of a great new freeware plane! Steve
  8. Awesome shot of a favorite location! Steve
  9. Incredible shots of one of my favorite planes!!! Steve
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