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  1. Thanks for the samples (and including an example of tennis courts) JV, I must say that these Z16s look far sharper than my own efforts at the same zoom level. Steve
  2. Having experienced both Orbx’s stunning color-matched and cloud-free TE GB and Washington and my own Z16 and Z17 Ortho4XP creations, my vote is to give consumers the option to download the Z17 offering for the entire state if they choose (perhaps for a few $$$ more if the bandwidth costs are a concern). That way, those with storage concerns can still enjoy the scenery then enhance the resolution as their capacity to store data increases. For me, having Z17 tennis courts and factories and everything else below look crisp and life like is well worth the extra size tradeoff - Z16 just looks too “soft” for my tastes, even with Orbx’s superior autogen and tree placement (though it’d be interesting to try this enhanced Z16). Steve
  3. Great trip shots Jack, I enjoyed these. Steve
  4. Looks great, great shot...and you inspired me to buy and install it as well (and I must say it works great)! Steve
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