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  1. Sea-Tac Airport

    I can vouch for how nice the Taxi2Gate KSEA is - plays well with PNW after making sure the scenery order and compatibility instructions are followed. FPS are excellent, considering the area it's in...
  2. How do you get time to fly Nick Cooper?

    I sure appreciate his help! Thanks Nick! Steve
  3. KSAN - Considering Purchase - Performance?

    Hi Glenn - I have a 1070 8GB and a i76700 @ 4.0 bursting to 4.2 GHZ and in a Carenado cockpit I'm getting about 23FPS in P3Dv4 but at times going up to 30FPS (smooth) in outside spot view or out by that mall on the north side of town near Old Town. That is with AI airliner traffic and Worldwide Ships AI. It's definitely flyable. I'm relatively pleased with this scenery, it includes a better Balboa Park to land over than the competition's, and the downtown is OK and is convincing. I'm biased and terribly picky though because in XP11 I painstakingly assembled a collection of available sceneries and my own Ortho scenery to create my own perfect scenery just the way I remember it from vacation this year with our Embassy Suites labeled as such etc. I might "tweak" my Orbx scenery to include this feature and others. Steve
  4. Thanks guys!!! At least in my case, P3Dv4 runs this previously very tough area FPS and texture loading wise like an absolute dream even with full Orbx airports as well as that competitor's nifty new KBLI installed. Steve
  5. Following the Mississippi River North

    Great shots Mike! I love that river that divides our states, so scenic! Steve
  6. Name That Tune 01

    Great shots, Jack! Steve
  7. Learjet at KTEX

    Looking good!!! Steve
  8. Thanks so much for the Beta program - I sure missed these airports!!! Love the new Turbo Commander too (can't figure out how to get the landing lights on though). Steve
  9. Karachi to Bombay

    Incredible story and screenshots! Well done! I've only been to Mumbai and Aurangabad for work but I found India fascinating...and it has the most delicious food I've ever experienced. Steve
  10. Powell River plant

    Michael - Victoria Plus is still available for now at least (and I own and love it), but Vancouver Plus I cannot find anywhere, sadly. Larry - glad to hear about your new creation! Steve
  11. Powell River plant

    I'll check when I'm back at my PC and report in if nobody gets to it before I do....but however I have it set up, it seems to work! I THINK the AI ships have their own traffic files and Larry's trafficboats.bgl replaces the default one, but we'll see. Thanks, Steve
  12. Powell River plant

    Michael - these are just my thoughts, but I have both the AI ships package and all of Larry's files installed and I have had no interference issues at all and must say that the combination of the two packages make it very hard for me to fly anywhere else BUT the PNW region. I cannot describe how wonderful it is to fly as a BC Ferries vessel or one of the Washington State Ferries go about their business with their gentle plumes of diesel smoke - Larry's creations just add so much realism! Perhaps give them a try sometime... Steve
  13. Brazil - 777

    Great shots, Jack! Glad to see that you're enjoying virtual Brazil. I just got back from 12 days in the real place (Sao Paulo, Brazil) for work (long time without my sim, or wife ) - Neat place and lots of interesting airline action down there, loved seeing Aerolineas Argentinias lovely blue 737s etc. Steve
  14. Hi Gang - As some of you know, I normally do my screenshots around PNW region etc but surprisingly I'm currently (in real life) sitting in a place called Embu, Brazil for work (near Sao Paulo). One thing that has stood out is how COLORFUL all of these steep hillside neighborhoods are! Some are nice, some are not as nice (favelas or slums), but all are a gorgeous rainbow of colors. Not sure about other South American countries but if Brazil has these neighborhoods in the sim I might just have to get this. Lots of aviation here - those lively orange and white GOL 737-800s are buzzing everywhere and in Sao Paulo I was in our skyscraper office when surprised by a LOW flying TV chopper scooting amongst the hi-rises - good stuff. Steve
  15. My first V4.

    Gorgeous shots, Iain! Steve