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  1. Hello Does anyone know how to minimize those melting buildings I see when flying around? Thank you
  2. Does Orbx have any ETA of when we can expect an update on this? thank you
  3. Hello Having the same challenges, I made sure I restarted the PC after install, then made sure the graphic setting was at ultra and rendering was no more than 100. Went back to Kbur and everything was back to normal...... I have a AMD 3900, 2080ti, 32 ram.
  4. Hello, Do you install VAN3 with FTX Central directed to Orbx NA or default? Thank you! Paul
  5. Hi Iain, Why is the California Highway Patrol in Washington? Paul
  6. Hello, Yes, I set the sliders to zero....Still a ship. I would take a picture, but I don't know how....... Thank you, Paul
  7. Hello agian, I just wanted to let someone know that the ship is still in the middle of Boeing Field......Would anyone have a suggestion of how to remove it? Thank you, Paul
  8. Hello, All of a sudden, I have a cruise ship on Boeing Field in Wasington? Why and how do I remove it? Thank you for your assistance! Paul
  9. To all who are serving and have served, as well as those who gave their life...THANK YOU!!!!! Paul
  10. WOW is right! I wish I wasn't unemployed so I could go back to buying all this fantastic scenery!! Paul
  11. In Jesus Name, we pray for healing and comfort for the family! Amen
  12. Thank you Tim for getting back to me so quickly! I will patiently wait for the patch! Paul
  13. Hello, I seemed to have lost a bridge.....Just north of Seattle, Washington on the 5 Fwy when you are going over a lake, there is a bridge that takes you over the north part of the lake.....Why is it missing? I put all sliders to max...no bridge. I set the sliders to dense...no bridge...... Am I missing something? Thank you! (I would have sent you a picture, but I don't know how.... Paul
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