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  1. Thanks. The SE5 in this video is a free download from Fly Away Simulations (alpha_se5a_fsx.zip). It is a blast to fly and a beast to land. No brakes. Crab and slip all the way down and stall right at touchdown to shorten the landing runout. Taxiing is especially difficult. Use short throttle bursts and full rudder to nudge it around on the ground.
  2. https://youtu.be/I2rylZxrdCs
  3. Best flight video I've seen in a long while. Thank you!
  4. Watch for the plane going wild near the end of the video. A wasp flew in from the patio and buzzed me when I was flying that slot. While swatting it away, I almost collided with lead. Ergo the sudden break from formation. I left it in as a reminder to always remain cool when hands and feet are on stick and rudder, especially at 250 mph. https://youtu.be/tmPPFucXLqw
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