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  1. Super video. What camera system did you use?
  2. Watch for the plane going wild near the end of the video. A wasp flew in from the patio and buzzed me when I was flying that slot. While swatting it away, I almost collided with lead. Ergo the sudden break from formation. I left it in as a reminder to always remain cool when hands and feet are on stick and rudder, especially at 250 mph. https://youtu.be/tmPPFucXLqw
  3. Using Central v4.1.1 the 74S Anacortes Configure tab has radio buttons instead of check boxes, so I cannot choose more than one option. In past versions of Central, we could choose multiple options. Why the change? Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: FSX and P3D v4 Screenshot: Issue: Cannot choose multiple configuration options. central.log
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