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  1. Nick, I am open to all or any suggestions, as I get older I can't seem to remember the things that worked for me when things went previously awry, so his input will be very welcome to put me on the straight and narrow, so to speak, regards John MD
  2. To the team, I am assuming that this is the right place for this enquiry, I am currently having an issue with a reinstall of my Orbx FSX products into Windows 10, having just ditched Windows 7, and I have installed Global, Vector and the Sth American LC and the Sth American LC Mesh so far, and the problem that I have encountered is that the area around Rio de Janeiro airport seems in some places to have created a long line of elevated terrain across the scenery, which is annoying as you will see from the photo, so I did not want to install any thing else until I got this sorted. I di
  3. To the team, Thank you for that very quick response, all is now sorted, I have uninstalled Holgermesh as was suggested, Ayers Rock is behaving itself now...... regards John MD
  4. To the team, As you can see from the screenshot I am having an issue with Ayers Rock in the new AU V2 version, I am not sure what is causing this, The Olgas are displaying perfectly that I can see, everything else seems to be fine, I was doing a flight from Alice Springs out to Ayers Rock when I saw this, so by way of comment this is all on a fresh install of FSX and ORBX products, I wiped the drive, and reformatted it, so this is a completely new install in every sense, I have run the Configurator tool for any possible elevation issues. and defragged everything but to no avail, the reas
  5. It seems to be so good from what I can see from all the screen shots above , that it almost seems to be unbelievable, it is simply breathtaking, I think a big word of thanks is in order for the team that put it all together, and for all the hard work that obviously has gone into it, from a long time FSX Orbx Aviator, this is just simply the best. regards John MD
  6. I screwed up the posting of the screenshots with this new hosting site, I will post some more photos in another way shortly and see how that goes, but I am glad that you did like those shots regards John MD
  7. I haven't posted for quite some time but here are a few shots of the Saab 340 https://imgur.com/a/ZrvEVZB regards to all John MD
  8. Just getting some elevation to get some good shots John MD
  9. Some more shots from NZWR Whangarei. regards John MD
  10. I have just finished installing NZWR Whangarei and decided to take the Mustang out for a flight around the area, I have flown in and out of NZWR many times over the years in the Air Ambulance and was amazed at just how accurate this scenery package was, it is a beautiful piece of work, regards John MD
  11. Some early morning shots from different flights in various aircraft, I like the way the light highlights both the aircraft and the scenery. regards John MD
  12. Something a little bit different with lots of circular crop fields in view on the way to Salt Lake City from West Yellowstone. regards John MD
  13. I finally got everything up and running again after a full reinstall, it is now just pure FSX with Rex Weather and of course FTX Orbx scenery, I just thought I would throw in a few shots of a recent flight from Cordova Smith in Alaska heading down to Yakutat in the Cheyenne to celebrate.... regards John MD
  14. To the team, Just a note to update you on things regarding my problems with elevations and so on, I ended up doing a complete reinstall of everything from scratch, with a new hard drive and fresh install of FSX Acceleration and loaded everything manually from back up discs of FTX Global Base, Landclass and Vector products,and the various regions and did all the updates from FTX Central V3 as I progressed through the installation, I still have yet to install all the airports which is going to take some time. I have all your products so it is a bit of a mission to say the least, but it
  15. JJaycee, Thank you for that, I have uninstalled each ORBX product in turn to see if I could resolve the issue that way by process of elimination, but still no joy, I have decided to wipe the lot and start again and test each stage as I progress, and that way I work from a clean slate so to speak, regards John MD
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